9 Month Pregnant Jessie Davis Still Missing in Ohio … “Mommy’s in the Rug”


According to authorities, the missing persons case of 26 year old Jessie Davis who is 9 months pregnant has no suspects or leads. However, from the mouth of her 2 year old who was found alone in the home … “Mommy’s in the rug”. This can’t be good.

UPDATE I: Day old baby found abandoned near where Jessie Davis went missing … DNA tests done.

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    35 Responses to “9 Month Pregnant Jessie Davis Still Missing in Ohio … “Mommy’s in the Rug””

    1. disgustedmom on June 19th, 2007 1:14 pm

      That poor little kid!

      I’d imagine the kid said a bit more than what was reported. If he saw, as they said, his mommy crying and falling on the nightstand he most likely saw a person doing something to his mommy too. Since the kid would know if that person was the father of Jesse’s baby, then perhaps he didn’t do this…but since the guy was married and seeking a divorce…well, hello jilted wife who probably just found out about the baby and ‘fixed that’.

      It’s facinating to me how when women are jilted they go after the home wrecker so they can have that ‘wonderful’ man back to themselves. I don’t get it. Who would want him if he’s a cheater? If a woman should feel like she had to take someone out it should be the man.

    2. Scared Monkeys on June 19th, 2007 1:35 pm

      Not sure if I heard right, but they just said on TV that Texas Equusearch was on it’s way to help search for her. (klaasend)

    3. Jerry from Ohio on June 19th, 2007 1:47 pm

      There is a lot more to the story !
      The woman lives
      less then three miles from me .
      The man that is involved is a police officer since 2000
      He has a less then steller record in the dept .
      a couple of years ago his service weapon was used in a shooting done by his cousin. he claims it was stolen but the word is that he gave it to the cousin to defend his self with .
      This man is married to a Black woman but he has fathered two other children by white girlfriends this baby would have been his third .
      His wife claims that she was aware of the white girlfriends but doesn’t seem particularly upset by this situation .
      The police and the FBI just called in today to help have already searched the officers home and did take several boxes from the home . ( CONTENTS UKNOWN )
      He is on a paid leave until this all gets sorted out and the Boy (2) is with his Grandmother for now.
      Not exactly father of the year material but who’s to say .
      general feelings around here are that the father or /and his wife could have something to do with all this .
      Just a sad thing to happen to any one let alone a pregnant woman in her 9th month .

      Jerry from Ohio

    4. mojo on June 19th, 2007 3:31 pm

      yes, texas equusearch has volunteered


      this is looking very bad, and cutts girlfriend who had a restraining order out on him (altho’ a “model” supposedly in beverly hills) has crawled out of the woodwork to get her 15 minutes.

    5. Joanie on June 19th, 2007 5:32 pm

      Didn’t we all just know or feel that Lacy would not be the last? I can hardly watch the news on TV about her because I just go to pieces – over someone I don’t even know. She is half my age and had a whole life ahead of her. Her little boy is cute and cheerful! Elizabeth Smart has left me with HOPE – but it might be fading fast. :(

    6. Carpe Noctem on June 19th, 2007 8:07 pm

      This interview ripped my heart out,

      and tossed it on the floor

      today. :(

      Jessie’s Momma Speaks


    7. Amy on June 19th, 2007 8:07 pm

      This is creepy as her residence is less than 3 miles from me also. Very scary. North Canton is not the type of town you think something like this would happen.

    8. Amy on June 19th, 2007 8:14 pm

      What is also scary is that the little boy has reportedly said mommy was crying, mommy knocked the table over, and mommy was in the rug. AND there was bleach poured all over the bedroom carpet. Most mothers of 2 year olds don’t keep bleach in the bedroom or even within arms reach. I’m so happy that the boy is ok at least. I couldn’t imagine him all alone all night long, scared. I’m happy he didn’t get hurt himself all alone, 2 is still very little. I was a single mother also, and always feared what would happen to my son if anything were to happen to me when he was little (medical emergency ect). She and her whole family will be in my prayers!

    9. Maggie on June 19th, 2007 9:18 pm

      I don’t look for a good outcome on this. I have also considered the possibility that maybe it was a woman wanting a child. We’ve seen that in the past.

      The story about this cop and a weapon.. I heard on Fox that, the weapons charge was later dropped. The father of the baby, the married cop, also said he has a lawsuit against the police for racial discrimination and he felt like he was being railroaded because of that impending lawsuit. Haven’t seen enough on this one yet to really know who might have did it.

    10. LilPuma on June 19th, 2007 9:57 pm

      I also find it odd that the little boy didn’t say anything about Daddy, if Daddy was there. I’d be looking at the wife.

    11. Kate on June 19th, 2007 10:27 pm

      I’m thinking I’d be looking at the wife, too. She’s been steaming for the last several months, or since she found out about the second pregnancy. And, as delivery approached, she couldn’t stand it, and lost it. However, she’s a mother herself, who couldn’t stand to harm the 2-year old, or a newborn. So, now that Jessie is out of the picture, she and her estranged hubby will be free to raise these two babies, along with the children that they have together.

      They’re gonna figure this one out. Time will tell. In the meantime, my prayers are going up for these babies and the rest of Jessie’s family.

    12. Carpe Noctem on June 20th, 2007 2:31 am

      Hey Man…

      If Bobby Cutts, Jessie Davis’

      ‘bay-bay daddy’ gets remarried to

      the lady who was busted last week

      for stealing toilet paper from

      an Iowa Courthouse.

      (Sue Butts)

      Will she become Mrs. Sue Butts Cutts? :)

      >nerd laugh

      (isn’t courthouse TP like sandpaper?
      ‘What up’ with Butts?)

    13. Richard on June 20th, 2007 5:53 am

      Judging from the little boy’s comments, it seems that she was wrapped up in the rug and carried out. The question is whether she was dead or still alive, at least at that point.

      He said she was crying, which suggests alive, but we don’t know in what order things happened.

      Let’s hope for the best.

      I think Texas Equusearch ought to be setting up branch units in other states … the demand on them is astronomical.

    14. Jerry from Ohio on June 20th, 2007 10:44 am

      you said ” # 7 AND 8

      This is creepy as her residence is less than 3 miles from me also. Very scary. North Canton is not the type of town you think something like this would happen.

      Comment by Amy | June 19, 2007, 8:07 pm ”
      I didn’t know there were any SM near me here :+)
      you can E Mail me if ya like and we can share comments or opinions if you like.
      Your Ohio friend Jerry from Ohio
      E-Mail – aniceguyfromohio@gmail.com

    15. Drinkwater on June 20th, 2007 3:28 pm

      Jerry from OHIO, what relevancy does race have to your additional details…are you trying to make a point? If so, what is your point, and how is related to the race of the wife, or the race of the girlfriends?

    16. Jerry from Ohio on June 20th, 2007 5:17 pm

      Drinkwater, I stated that because Mr Cutts has a case now pending before the courts and has also had race issues before against the Police dept .
      It just seems sort of strange to folks around here that he seems to prefer Caucasian woman as his girlfriends and as the mothers of his children but yet he is legally wed to a woman of his own race . Yet it is reported that he pays no child support.
      But the aera people here are now asking how he was hired on the local police force with his record of violent behavior towards woman in the past anyways he served his probation and paid his fines but still what is going to be looked at is the hireing qualifications in the future .
      So far the police union is standing behind him as this terrible incident unfolds and there will be much yet to learn about all involved .Remember that there is a two year old that does not know where his mother is also this is who I feel sorry for .

      If you are asking if I am a racist ? The answer is no. and I do not play the race card or the game .
      But thank you for asking . :+)

    17. Skyboxx on June 20th, 2007 8:20 pm

      The issued a warrant and are searching his home. Something doesn’t smell right here. There maybe something to the scored wife angle.

      But something definately ominous here. Its almost as if he the father/cop knows something, but can’t say.

      Anyway they don’t issue search warrants for nothing.

      Guess we will know soon.

    18. Jerry from Ohio on June 21st, 2007 6:17 am

      Skyboxx #17
      There is NO second wife, he is still married but supposedly estranged, which some of his neighbors are disagreeing with as he has been known to tell a fib or two from what is being reported .
      He has children with two other women including the missing woman . No other marriages are recorded in the records .
      Another search is beginning today.
      This is all so unusual for a smaller community such as ours .

    19. Brenda on June 21st, 2007 11:02 am

      Thx Jerry from Ohio. I was curious of the wife’s feelings. Some truly don’t care if their men run around, other (most) do. Probably she’s to the point she doesn’t care, and that is why he was outta there. Makes more sense to me if he’d moved in with the girlfriend, but he did not which is another oddity in my opinion. Anyone else wonder or know why?


    20. Brenda on June 21st, 2007 11:14 am

      I see Drinkwater has an attitude with race! How sad.

      The fact BC is witness to a fed lawsuit over racial issues kinda already says why our friend in Ohio mentioned it at all…because it’s is OBVIOUS to those who think that race relations are ALREADY a problem up there. Enough so that there is a fed lawsuit is over racial discrimination.

      Man..some people.


    21. keitha on June 21st, 2007 11:49 am


    22. Brenda on June 21st, 2007 12:04 pm

      Keitha, you may want to ask God for common sense as well because God ain’t the only one who knows besides the baby. The one who committed the crimes knows too…

      I’m a preacher’s kid and you need to get over the “praises go up for blessings to come down” crap. Makes me wonder if the only reason folks with that attitude “praise” is to get something in return…not much praise in that attitude.

      IMO the Lord “leads and guides” those who know how to listen to their inner-voice…not someone begging for answers rather than doing for themselves. God’s not a socialist. He expects us to do most things ourselves…kinda the point of being here.

      If we live our lives in a rightly fashion, the “blessings” happen for many reasons not supernatural in nature..such as the fact those people:

      1. work hard

      2. don’t spend money unwisely

      3. don’t place themselves in bad situation knowingly

      4. take care of themselves physically

      5. take care of themselves emotionally

      6. take care of themselves spiritually

      7. have a clue that God put us here to “make it or not”…NOT to give us a free ride on a majic carpet.



    23. Drinkwater on June 21st, 2007 4:01 pm


      I was simply asking for clarification and received it, even though I still fail to see the connection. Color me stupid, I must be, because you seem to think that I am a sad individual because I asked for an explanation. How does asking for clarification imply an “attitude with race” as you so eloquently put? I understand that he is a witness to a racial discrimination case, not a plaintiff or defendant, but still fail to see the relevancy to mentioning the race of his girlfriends or wife, or as Jerry stated “it just seems sort of strange to people around here that he seems to prefer…” Some people don’t “see color” when picking potential mates. It’s “strange to me” that people are wondering about his racial “preferences” at all. So if my asking for clarification, which Jerry was nice enough to respond to, makes me a “sad individual” then I will gladly wear that hat. Thanks for making my day!

    24. Jerry from Ohio on June 21st, 2007 4:19 pm

      After the dogs alerted on the grave site the police asked all the volunteer’s to vacate the area and at 5:00 PM the local sheriff has called a news conference .
      I will try to keep you all posted as to any news from the area Darn this is too close but this was all farm land at one time .
      Jerry from Ohio

    25. Jess on June 21st, 2007 5:07 pm

      Thanks for keeping us updated, Jerry. We’re all really interested and you’re a faster/better source than the media.

      As for those making racial or religious comments, would you mind taking your discussions offline and keeping this space to relevant facts? Much appreciated.

    26. Jerry from Ohio on June 21st, 2007 5:52 pm

      Update on Jessie Davis search 5:40 pm 6/21/07
      Greentown Ohio.
      authorities are reporting that the freshly dug ground that was a possible grave site, only a dog was found buried at the site . The search has been called off for today but will resume Fri AM at 8:30AM .
      Jerry from Ohio

    27. Eve on June 21st, 2007 7:42 pm

      WHY!!!! Is all i can to myself. My prayers are with her and her family. I recently listen to an interview with bobby cutts and he wasnt very distrauted or even crying all he kept saying is that ” I would be stupid if I think I wasnt under investigation” You would think if someone just kidnapped your pregnant girlfriend about ready to give birth to your child he would have some emotions. He is a very sneaky person. I pray the lil baby that was found is Jessie daughter. I hope the sorry son of a bYatch that did this pays for this the end. Her son Blake is a fighter!!! Thank God he is ok

    28. Eve on June 21st, 2007 7:43 pm

      sorry i didnt proof read lol

    29. Stacy on June 21st, 2007 8:16 pm

      Has anyone thought about that maybe the little boy didn’t mention seeing his Daddy that day/night because maybe his daddy was wearing a mask of some sort??

    30. Lisa on June 22nd, 2007 10:21 am

      The whole situation is terrible. I, too, am a single mother. I just wish I could help. I’m praying, but still feel as though there’s more I could be doing.

    31. Jerry from Ohio on June 22nd, 2007 11:06 am

      UH OH !!!
      Some thing is up here I believe , Cutts has hired one of the most notable Criminal Attys to help him in the case .
      That I can understand BUT ?
      Now they are already arguing about when Cutts received his Miranda rights read to him .
      police claim they read them to him before any of the searches began at his home but now here comes his mother saying that she thinks it wasn’t until Wednesday that he was read them .
      I am betting that they are going to try to get any evidence
      that was collected thrown out if this ever gets to a court .
      This is all starting to come together and IMO people are starting to get scared .
      Jerry from Ohio

    32. dee on June 22nd, 2007 8:40 pm

      Did authorities check Jessie’s car for evidence? Maybe the person drove her away in her own car, and then returned to get his, so any evidence would be in Jessie’s car, not someone else’s.

    33. Catlady on June 23rd, 2007 11:18 am

      1. Did police check out Bobby’s body for scratches or bruises? There was probably a struggle and if he was involved, this may provide some evidence.
      2. Heard a profiler say that sociopaths would take the body farther away. They need to search out a farther distance from Jessie’s home. If Bobby is the one that did something to Jessie, think of how long a time he had — from late Wednesday and all day Thursday to hide Jessie.
      3. Where was Bobby on Thursday?
      4. Jessie’s 2-year old may have said more and the police are not saying yet. They want enough evidence to charge Bobby and they don’t want him to flee or disappear some place.
      5. This case is a classic sociopath scenario.
      6. A witness has said they saw headlights on a high profile vehicle parked in Jessie’s driveway leave with radio on loud.
      7. Wednesday evening Bobby was at a game and then later at a bar. Perhaps he was drunk when he went to Jessie’s or he went to get drunk after he did something to her.
      8. Bleach is to clean up a crime scene.
      9. All Bobby could talk about in interview was how he was feeling, not much said about Jessie, the 2-year old and nothing about Chloe.
      10. Cell phone records will help definitively establish a time line.
      11. Police are definitely not telling all they know. All they need is a body and then they will charge Bobby.
      12. Psychics out there. We need you to help us find the body. I doubt he buried her. He would probably look for the easiest way to dispose of the body, especially if he was intoxicated.
      13. Jessies was about 170 pounds. Who could have moved her? Look at athletic, strong male to be the one to have moved her.
      14. How did he dispose of Jessie.. bury, water, throw her down a clift, not bury her?

    34. donna kinison on June 24th, 2007 2:12 am

      why is this woman being canonized? not saying she deserved to die but why was she conceiving children with a married man?

    35. grits on June 24th, 2007 6:21 pm

      Daddy probably disguised himself so the little boy wouldn’t recognize him……duhh…..this is awful and I pray for the family….

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