Video Tape of Edwin R. Hall Arraignment … Charged with Murder of Kelsey Smith

 Fox News: Arraignment of Edwin R. Hall in murder of Kelsey Smith

Interview with Hall neighbor and boy friend of Kelsey Smith

 Video, Edwin Hall Arraigned In Smith Murder

Edwin R. Hall Seemed Dazed and Confused during arraignment.

It may not have been so much confused but more the sense of the reality of just what will happen to him.

Kelsey Smith Case – Edwin R. Hall, 26, from Olathe, Kansas was arrested Wednesday for the murder of 18-year-old Kelsey Smith and formally charged with first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping on Thursday. Hall’s arraignment was scheduled for Thursday afternoon and lasted all of 3 minutes.

A reporter for FOX News said that Hall appeared to be confused and had trouble answering simple yes or no questions during the arraignment, which he attended via video phone . Hall also said that he has no attorney, though earlier reports claimed he did, and waived his right to read the charges against him.

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Aruban Justice Minister, “he is ashamed of having a Dutch passport”

Duel passports being the next step toward independence, so says Justice Minister Rudy Croes. If it were only that simple. It takes a lot more than a symbolic gesture to be independent. If one wished to be independent wouldn’t they first have to stop relying on others when tasks become to difficult? Wouldn’t that mean that one would be self-sufficient? Independence comes at a greater price than stating one has an Aruban passport.

Amigoe: June 7, 2007; Croes: ‘Aruban passport next to the Dutch one’    

ORANJESTAD – Justice-minister and second vie-Prime Minister Rudy Croes (MEP) is of the opinion that Aruban citizens must have dual passports: an Aruban and a Dutch one.   He calls this the next step in the phase for an independent Aruba .    

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Edwin R. Hall Charged With 1st Degree Murder and Aggavated Kidnapping in Murder of Kelsey Smith

Edwin-Hall-Kelsey-SmithEdiwn Hall has been formally charged with the 1st degree murder and aggravated kidnapping of Kelsey Smith by the Overland Park District Attorney today. Edwin R. Hall was also given the opportunity to post a 5 million dollar bond for his release.

Other information in the case is that his truck was impounded and was found in his possession.

Prosecutors charged Edwin R. Hall, 26 from Olathe, on Thursday with first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping for the murder of Kelsey Smith, 18 from Overland Park. He was given a $5 million bond. He’s expected to make a court appearance Thursday afternoon. More charges could still be added at a later date.

Police arrested Hall on Wednesday evening. Chief John Douglass with Overland Park Police said that Hall was believed to be the person of interest that followed Smith into the Target on 96th and Quivira on Saturday. Douglass also said that the truck of interest was found in Hall’s possession.The murder charge Hall faces has a minimum sentence of 25 years to life. via MyFox Kansas City

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UPDATE I: (2015) ‘See No Evil’ … Investigation Discovery Channel Premieres Tonight with Episode on the 2007 Abduction & Murder of Overland Park Teenager Kelsey Smith (VIDEO)

Here’s an Article you will not find on the Caribbean at your Travel Agency

When people think of the Caribbean they think of white sandy beaches, warm  blue water and rum. What they usually so not even consider is the following real problems  that exist, drugs, money laundering, human trafficking and the latest, terrorism. The article, “Caribbean has greater dangers than radical Islam”, will certainly open one’s eyes.

“The main cross border concerns continue to be drug running, financial crime and people trafficking,” said Chris Zambelis, Caribbean expert at the Jamestown Foundation in Washington.

“We are dealing with small cells without a track record. This is not just a threat in the Caribbean, but part of a great decentralized effort, untraditional in nature,” said Stephen Sloan of the University of Central Florida. “In the Caribbean we find confusing linkages with organized crime.”

Several Caribbean Muslims said the alleged involvement of Jamaat Al Muslimeen showed radicalism was less likely among Muslims of Asian descent, by far the Islamic majority in the former British colonies of Guyana and Trinidad.

The United States has at times identified the Lebanese Muslim community on Venezuela’s Caribbean island of Margarita as a danger, saying funds were raised there for the Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah group. (Yahoo News)

What a far different image than the brochures handed out by the tourism industry. Granted there is crime everywhere; however, there is usually never such a concerted effort to hide the dark underbelly. A subtle reminder to people, just because you are on vacation in a tropical paradise  does not make it safe.

Daily Commentary – Thursday June 7th, 2007 – Stop The Presses – Staph Infections With Paris and Beth Twitty’s Relationships

Dana is frustrated by the media’s coverage of:

  • Staph Infections With Paris and Beth Twitty’s Relationships

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