Daily Commentary – Tuesday June 5th, 2007 – Principal Overreacts At High School Graduation


Dana discusses:

  • How a Principal Overreacts At High School Graduation

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    2 Responses to “Daily Commentary – Tuesday June 5th, 2007 – Principal Overreacts At High School Graduation”

    1. driving miss daisy on June 7th, 2007 5:57 am

      Oh, Dana, I so often agree with all your commentary but have you ever attended one of these ceremonies which can be long and drawn-out, and some graduates whose family members number in the dozens,who cheer, whistle and do cat calls, disrupting what should be a dignified ceremony. I promised myself I would not do that when mine graduated, all of whom graduated with honors and two of whom graduated with >4.0 GPAs.

      I held my congratulations for the end, for the whole class, all of whom deserve the same amount of applause regardless of the GPA, for they all accomplished much.

      I feel bsad for the student in this case because she has raised “unruly parents”. Perhaps some fine can be levied on parents and fans at these ceremonies who behave in what many of us consider an uncivilized manner with all the cat calls, yelling, whistling, which insulting me, is similar to how I would feel with the same type of yelling, whistling, cat calling in a church ceremony, also something I would find equally offensive.

    2. janice on June 10th, 2007 12:47 pm

      Fred Thompson is the type of candidate and president we need for the next 4 years. The others either have been there and lost or been there and left bitter reminders or we are scared silly that someone like that could actually win a desperation vote,some have been too self centered and as we speak are plotting to kill each other politically -do we really need this? no , we need a breath of fresh air and in my opinion Fred Thompson fills the bill. We need a patient person and one who will listen to reason without compromising the safety of the United States to staighten out global warming problems. I really wish I knew more about what he believes in and what he would stand for besides the sketchy glimpses we have had. A lot of the previous candidates looked good until they started to talk they were for one thing and against another and when they saw it was an unpopular stance changed their view. Let’s hear more from Fred Thompson I am sick of listening to those other stale candidates.

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