Looks like Many Have Democratic 2006 Midterm Election Buyers Remorse … Who is the Big Winner? Fred Thompson.


After the sweeping victories by Democrats in the 2006 midterm election the Democrats Congress_democratsthought they had it made. They boasted that the election was a repudiation against conservatism and a swing toward democratic liberal ideals. Ahh, WRONG! 

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2008 elections … the Democrats lost their 24 point lead over GWB as the stronger leadership force in Washington, DC. The Democrats forgot the cardinal rule of putting politics ahead of government. Its not about the election and winning power. Its what you do with that power and the leadership one shows. Its about the leadership, stupid.

The Democrats in Congress have lost much of the leadership edge they carried out of the 2006 midterm election, with the lack of progress in Iraq being the leading cause. Their only solace: President Bush and the Republicans aren’t doing any better.

Six weeks ago the Democrats held a 24-point lead over Bush as the stronger leadership force in Washington; today that’s collapsed to a dead heat. The Democrats’ overall job approval rating likewise has dropped, from a 54 percent majority to 44 percent now — with the decline occurring almost exclusively among strong opponents of the Iraq War. (ABC News)

So much for those first 100 days Nancy, as its your own party who have turned on you.

Many Democratic activists have complained that the 2006 midterm election results represented a call for a course change in Iraq and that so far the Democratic-controlled Congress has failed to deliver. (Washington Post)

Is it buyers remorse? It sure seems to be as as the Democrats, as predicted in the run up to the midterms, were all talk and promises with no leadership. Out of the gate, Nancy Pelosi had many blunders HERE, HERE and HERE. So much for that “ethical” Democratic clean up of Washington.

Their decline in leadership ratings vs. Bush is more broadly based — that’s occurred among war opponents and supporters alike, apparently reflecting more an assessment of their performance than an expression of support or opposition.

Check out the Congressional job approval ratings vs. President George W. Bush at Real Clear Politics.  


One thing is for certain, the low approval ratings of GWB and the Congress play right into the hands of those Republican candidates that are not presently part of the “Inside the Beltway” crowd. The political climate is playing right into the hands of Fred Thompson. Is it any wonder why Fred Thompson is gaining traction? As Democrats fracture with the far left battling the center, Fred Thompson will unify Conservatives and Republicans over the immigration issue. People want strong leadership, they grow tired of idle promises.


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    8 Responses to “Looks like Many Have Democratic 2006 Midterm Election Buyers Remorse … Who is the Big Winner? Fred Thompson.”

    1. Richard on June 5th, 2007 6:14 am

      I don’t represent America, which is fortunate for Americans.

      But it’s puzzling that despite the strong economy (low unemployment, the stock market at record highs daily, etc.),
      the national mood appears to be anything but satisfied.

      I’m thinking that disgust with the political system, just the Washington system in general, must be very widespread. Not this party, that party, or the other party, but just the whole kit and kaboodle, so to speak.

      One gets the impression that Washington is like some giant fungus, that just keeps growing and growing, absorbing more and more power and money, and yielding less and less back in return. And with the problems that we face in the world seeming to be ever-more complicated (remember the days before suicide bombers?), can it be that we’re all apprehensive of the future?

      I take almost no interest in partisan politics these days … the partisanship is so intense that nothing said in Congress seems to mean anything … and am just bemused at the number of presidential candidates. Each of them represents how many millions of dollars in empty TV ads?

      It seems to me that the process is exploding … every presidential election the cycle begins earlier and absorbs more and more resources. I don’t have the answer, but the one hope lies in cutting back the role of the federal government and in trimming, not adding to, growth in government. Fat chance.

    2. Rammstein on June 5th, 2007 7:06 am

      but the so-called buyers remorse only happened under people who are very anti-war. Like it or not, those people will still massively vote democrat when the next election comes around.

      The article also says that the Democrats still are way up on both the republican party in congress and the president.

    3. Richard on June 5th, 2007 7:57 am

      Of course, as we know, there’s nothing new under the sun.

      Read Joseph Conrad’s novel “The Secret Agent” for a look at a 19th century “suicide bomber,” this one involving the Anarchist movement. Conrad is one of my favorite writers.

      It offers some surprisingly prescient ideas on the psychology of the idiocy, and the dilemmas involved in fighting it.

    4. Don on June 5th, 2007 10:29 am

      Of course, the Dems’ support has faded largely ’cause they haven’t stood up to Bush on the war, the issue that swept them into power. If they get that figured out, the GOP may be in trouble.

    5. jay k. on June 5th, 2007 10:29 am

      for all of those in washington…it’s about leadership…which is about actions, not words. bush is the leader when it comes to this disconnect. the congressional leadership is almost as bad, although i think to a certain extent political realities have tied their hands. as i look at the candidates of both parties i see no leaders…and that includes thompson in his rented pick-up truck. it’s a sad place that this pack of dunces has gotten us to. and the outlook for real change is just as sad.

    6. Scared Monkeys on June 5th, 2007 7:44 pm

      #2 Ramm … Of course it states that .. its pains the MSM to actually have to acknowledge that the Dems lead has actually evaperated.

      There is never a poll where there is positive news admitted by the media about Reps.

    7. Ames Tiedeman on June 6th, 2007 6:57 am

      The Republican debate of June 4th was superb. Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans actually speak their minds.
      Hillary, Edwards, and Obama look like children compared to the Republican field. From an intellectual standpoint, the
      Republicans far out do the “tripple failure” that is Hillary, Edwards, Obama.

    8. John Ryan on June 6th, 2007 11:22 am

      Americans are disappointed that Congress has not been able to end the war in Iraq.
      Perhaps when the Democrats win more seates in the senate and the White House in 2008 their poll numbers will go up.
      Please remeber that the Democrats have only the slimmest of margins in the SENATE, and know that they can not out vote a veto/

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