Terrorism Strikes at Glasgow, Scotland Airport … SUV crashes into Airport … Suspects Arrested

A day after two terrorists bombs in London, England … terrorism strikes Glasgow as anGlasgow_Terror1 SUV on fires drives into the Glasgow Airport. Two men have been arrested after their Jeep Cherokee rammed the airport.

Two men rammed a flaming Jeep Cherokee into the main terminal of Glasgow airport Saturday, crashing into the glass doors at the entrance in what police are treating as a potential terror attack linked to the two car bombs found in London, Scottish Police Chief Constable Willie Rae said.

Hours after the Glasgow attack, Britain raised its security alert to “critical” — the highest level possible and an indication that terrorist attacks are imminent. U.S. airports increased safety precautions. (Fox News)

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One the eve of the 4th of July holiday in the United States following the terrorism attempts in London and Glasgow, there will be tighter security at US Airports.

BBC: Blazing car crashes into airport Glasgow_arrest

CNN: U.K. terror alert level ‘critical’

Prime Minister Brown: ‘Be United, Resolute And Strong’

Gordon Brown has warned the British people to be vigilant and told them to remain “united, resolute and strong”.

The UK is now at its highest threat level – meaning further attacks are expected “imminently”. (SKY News)

Bloggers covering the terrorism taking place across The Pond:

  • The Gateway Pundit: The travelers shouted, “Let him burn!” as one of the flaming terrorists tried to flee from the scene of the blast.
  • Hot Air: Scottish cops believe incident is linked to car bomb plot
  • Jawa Report: Must be those damn rightwing Christians again.
  • Black Five: England … Yesterday was interesting, today just upped the ante. Be careful out there
  • Blogs of War: it’s obvious that people are still shocked by this. As if it’s truly unexpected when it most certainly shouldn’t be.
  • Little Green Footballs: Attack on Glasgow Airport

UPDATE I: U.K. Police Make 5th Terror Arrest

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) – Police searched several houses near Glasgow’s airport and made a fifth arrest Sunday in connection with a fiery attack on its main terminal and foiled car bombings in London, which the prime minister suggested were carried out by terrorists linked to al-Qaida.

The terrorist threat that Britain faces is “long-term and sustained,” Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a nationally televised interview. It is clear, he said, “that we are dealing, in general terms, with people who are associated with al-Qaida.”

New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway, Part I

The New Orleans Travel Show is the latest effort by concerned individuals who want to remind those in NO - Aruba_traadeshowthe travel and vacation booking business that people have not forgotten Natalee Holloway nor what happened in Aruba and continues to this day with regards to a cover up and lack of justice.

Let the following efforts by those that wish to remind the travel industry that it is unacceptable for a tourist to go missing and have their investigation covered up. Aruba, is not a vacation option. There are far too many other places for people to spend their hard earned money on a vacation. Promote travel to New Orleans and help revitalize their economy following Hurricane Katrina.

Lowering a price for a ticket or a package deal is not an option … Tourism industry, the only option when dealing with Aruba is … JUSTICE FOR NATALEE!

The following are the personal accounts of those on the ground including Scared Monkeys members from New Orleans: (Hat Tip: Karo)

There was good exposure for the cause today in New Orleans! Although some protesters were unable to come, last minute, and there are just 3 of us, the banners and signs are being noticed and are as well placed as possible. (Some of them are shown on the photos below.) We can only place signs on public property and Hilton Hotel security made us take down a banner they thought was too close to their property. The World Trade Center made us move signs in their lawn, near the sidewalk. Otherwise, there were no problems.


(Click on brochure to enlarge)

People were walking up to us and talking about the case, asking questions. Some were arrogant or rude and refused to take the nice brochures we were passing out. Others seemed extremely interested in the case and very sympathetic to Natalee’s family. Several even made it a point to tell us THEY are not going to Aruba!

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Another Jet Blue Nightmare Adventure …25 Hour Disaster … No Ice Storm to Blame This Time

What was supposed to be a 2 1/2 hour JetBlue plane flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Jetblue_tailsNew York City became a 25 hour adventure from hell. The 150 unlucky passengers aboard JetBlue’s Flight 62 were diverted by bad weather to Atlantic City, NJ, where passengers sat on the tarmac for four hours. That was just the beginning of the disastrous flight. JetBlue does not have any ice storms this time to blame the delays on. Instead they have many disgruntled passengers who were less than happy or inspired by the actions of JetBlue and their agents.

The airline paid $20 million to $30 million in compensation under a “bill of rights” unveiled in March, but it wasn’t enough to save founder David Neeleman from being replaced in May as chief executive officer. Since then, the airline’s performance has been mixed. (Sun Sentinel)

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Interview with Clint Van Zandt … Dana Pretzer Scared Monkeys radio

If you missed Dana Pretzer’s interview last night with Clint Van Zandt discussing the Jessie Davis murder case, missing Stepha Henry and much more … LISTEN HERE.

Raymond Harper Brooks Arrested by FBI on Child Pornography Charges

Round them up, one predator at a time … 45 year old computer technician was arrested by FBI agents in Florida and faces one count of possession of child pornography and one count of production of child pornography.


(Raymond Brooks: Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words)

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