The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 – 8 PM – Special Guests Jacque Hollander, Dave and Robin Holloway, Jossy Mansur and Tim Miller

Please join us for The Dana Pretzer Show tonight, May 29th, 2007 at 8 PM Eastern.
Special Guests:

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    42 Responses to “The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 – 8 PM – Special Guests Jacque Hollander, Dave and Robin Holloway, Jossy Mansur and Tim Miller”

    1. Dana on May 29th, 2007 4:45 pm

      Jossy Mansur will join me too tonight with a report on the 2nd anniversary of this case. I hope you can all join me.

    2. Maggie on May 29th, 2007 7:03 pm

      ty Dana, I will be listening..

    3. Scared Monkeys on May 29th, 2007 8:35 pm

      Tim Miller will be discussing the case also and the deep water search.

    4. LilPuma on May 29th, 2007 9:24 pm

      Great show, Dana. When the Dutch searched the VDS home a few weeks ago, it was very aggravating to listen to the US attorneys and ex-law enforcement guests give their opinions on the “2 year suspect limit” as well as their insults for the Dutch investigative team. The fact that the search of the VDS home took place, the Justice Ministry released a statement saying that Joran and the Kalpoes will remain suspects, and the Kalpoe residence was looked at by the Dutch team, gives me reason to believe that we will see justice in this case.

      Excellent commentary from Red also.

    5. katablog on May 29th, 2007 9:36 pm

      Can’t figure out how to listen – use to be able to use Windows Media player.

    6. Maggie on May 29th, 2007 10:19 pm

      Good show,, I listened on MusicMatch..

    7. Dana on May 29th, 2007 10:33 pm

      Great guests without that not much of a show. :-)
      Seriously though Jacque Hollander has done great work for victims of rape and congrats for helping get that law passed.
      The Natalee case will never be forgotten until answers are obtained.


    8. Richard on May 29th, 2007 10:35 pm

      Any chance of a transcript, or of a summary of what was said? I couldn’t be here.

    9. disgustedmom on May 29th, 2007 11:04 pm

      I second that motion for a transcript or summary of highlights. I couldn’t get it to play.

    10. Richard on May 30th, 2007 5:20 am

      I’m on here early, after a restless night. I slept fitfully, with phantoms and phantasms racing through my mind.

      Now we’re into the third year that Natalee has been missing.

      Yesterday I got an e-mail from someone who has been active in the case since early days, and is close to the family. I was told something I hadn’t known; it appears that a systematic effort has been made to erase information from the Internet about the case. For example, a significant number of articles related to Paulus van der Sloot’s trip to Miami (something that’s gaining importance in my mind) have been altered, erased, or booby-trapped with viruses.

      No joke. Some people who did research have had their computers contaminated with viruses picked up from articles online. Anyone still think this case is simple?

      We continue to disagree about what happened on that fateful night (morning, actually) three years ago. This is only proper, since none of us knows.

      But we also see there are hate sites that champion the suspects and defame the family.

      We see trolls here … no need to talk of them!

      We are besieged with arguments about Dutch law that sometimes defy common sense, and ignore the obvious lesson that has been hammered into us over the last two years: where evil and amoral people hold power in an unstable regime, the laws are theirs to sway, defy, ignore and disregard. Who can doubt that the Aruba regime is in this category?

      All eyes now are on the Dutch. We know little or nothing of what they are doing: what we DO know is that so far, at any rate, their searches and their soil samples and whatever else they have done has given us … NOTHING.

      It took them some seven or eight months of re-reading documents before they even got to Aruba. The Holloway Twittys, once they heard that Natalee was missing, got on a plane and found out more than the Arubans or Dutch have.

      In the face of growing hostility from the Aruban ruling clique, volunteers, mostly Americans, scoured Aruban land and waters searching for evidence. In the filthiest of conditions, American groups did the job of the Arubans and Dutch, looking through garbage landfills, going diving, undertaking private searches.

      Remember, in Aruba, as in Saba (where Joel Gove vanished at the end of December, and where his body still remains, as far as I know, because the locals and the Dutch won’t be bothered to look) the Arubans and Dutch mostly stood by, scoffed and sneered (and charged high prices for what they could charge for) while our people gritted their teeth and did THEIR job.

      Amidst all the tragedy, heartbreak and bewilderment, the tone of the Arubans remained constant. Give us your money, Americans! You can be prey to our people, you can go missing and we won’t care, you can be thrown in jail for any pretext … but we will whine and chatter, beg and grovel for your dollars, because your money is what we want.

      We the people ignore this lesson at our peril. Beth Twitty asked us, early on, to consider boycotting all the Netherlands Antilles islands. Whatever the pettifoggers may say about separate status, these include the ABCs: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao. Also Saba, and some others.

      It is the boycott, and ONLY the boycott, that caused the Aruban merchants to turn to their government in desperation, seeking some answers in Natalee’s case.

      We can’t say what will come of all this.

      But always, remember Natalee. Remember Amy Bradley. Remember Joel Gove. Remember Tracy Allen of Boston, raped on Aruba only to see the police do nothing. Remember the woman kidnapped from the Carlos ‘n’ Charlies parking lot in 2001. Remember the American couple drugged in one of the casinos … the husband was left unconscious in a back room, while the wife was taken to the desert and raped.

      Remember all of these, and resolve to observe the boycott, and promote it. That is the ONE tool we have.

      Let our resolution never fail:

      No justice for Natalee … no tourists for Aruba.

    11. Robert on May 30th, 2007 5:40 am

      Great service the DPS-mp3-posting; very informative show again.
      I think justice will be done; this is far from a “perfect crime”. Sympathy to the family and friends at this sad anniversary. Lots of succes to TES: hope they’ll find some more answers.

    12. Waterboy (Jerry) on May 30th, 2007 8:47 am


      I guess our government will not get involved.
      It would help if they would. It seems akin to terrorism-the things that happen to Natalee. Heads need to roll.


    13. Vicki on May 30th, 2007 10:00 am

      Richard, very well said…I for one am sick and tired of this 3rd world nonsense..We, the people need to march in Washington about the horrors that go on on these stinking hellholes. We need to be made aware of all the CRIME that takes place,of which we can expect no help at all from the police while abroard. If LIERUBA had not proclaimed to be a happy place,Natalee would have been more aware of the EVIL that lurked there.Maybe not have even gone…Natalee, we love you and will never give up or quit until you come home to your Mom and Dad and family. No Justice for Natalee no tourists for Lieruba.

    14. 10061906 on May 30th, 2007 10:19 am

      Here are a few pix I don’t remeber seeing before.

      Any news on further translations of Joran’s book?

    15. LilPuma on May 30th, 2007 10:24 am

      Richard, I want to add the name Bud Larsen to the list. Like with Natalee his family got the run around.

      Re: Getting Dana’s show. I’m not a computer whiz, but when I switched from my system’s default media player to RealPlayer to listen to Dana, I had to manually type in the

    16. Dan in Tx on May 30th, 2007 11:44 am

      Richard and others, it seems to me that the boycott has done far more to pressure resolution than the many lawyers, PIs, and numerous searches (which anyone at TES will tell you were deliberately hindered by ALE. Being a member of TES that lives very near Houston, I’ve spoken to a good number of the Aruba searchers). Many people (on Aruba and not) ask why the Aruban people should suffer for what a few individuals did. The answer is quite simple: you made your bed, Aruba, you sleep in it. You elected the MEP and crow about how Oduber stands up to the Dutch, when the sad truth is the Dutch will give you a much more stable, secure, and honest government than any regime since status aparte! If you were really, truly sorry for how this has all gone, you’d have dragged Oduber, Rudy Croes, Dompig, and all the other corrupt politicians out by force long ago. We all know about R. Croes’ corruption charges, we all know about the drugs that pas through Aruba and other smuggling that follows the same routes, we all know about the anti-money laundering, offshore banking treaty that Aruba did not agree to during Clinton’s administration. More and more Americans are realizing that there’s many more reasons to stay away than Natalee. Too bad you all have your heads firmly buried in the sand.

      Folks, there’s a lot that us everyday people can do to push this boycott, and I am being perfectly honest when I say that neither Dave nor Beth understand what potential us everyday Joes have if we get together and organize a meaningful boycott effort- a real one. That reminds me: has anyone else noted that everytime the family relies on someone who has something personal to gain it blows up in their faces? Joe Mammana comes to mind!

      I have toyed with the idea of organizing a non-profit political organization specifically dedicated to pressuring any government that fails to provide justice to Americans who are victimized overseas. I think Aruba would be a great test subject and logical starting point. The question I have always had is, how many people would like to be involved in that? Don’t say the boycott isn’t working: Aruba still hasn’t released tourism figures and thus cannot prove it isn’t working. Aruba is a perfect target for a boycott; don’t compare it to past failed boycott efforts before you compare all the factors. Don’t think a boycott can’t work before we do everything we can to make it work (and trust me, as a tourism analyst we’ve only scraped the surface of possible ways to wreck Aruba), and don’t think the people of Aruba are blameless. As long as the MEP is in power they are guilty of letting the foxes run the henhouse.

      Anyone who is interested please leave me a message on my blog.

    17. 10061906 on May 30th, 2007 12:36 pm

      Dan in TX:
      What would be the mission and objective?

    18. Richard on May 30th, 2007 1:05 pm

      Dan in Texas, you didn’t give the url for your blog, hence we can’t contact you.

      I think the mission is clear: to exert pressure on Aruba, and to let it know that we will continue to do so unless and until we have answers in Natalee’s case and have seen EVERYONE involved, not just a sacrificial goat, tried, convicted and sentenced.

      And frankly, I agree with Dan in Texas. Why should we wring our hands over the people of Aruba? It’s our money that is keeping that island going … and look at what we get for it. We owe Aruba nothing. Let’s see them take a stance for Natalee, rather than demonstrate against Beth.

    19. Dan in Tx on May 30th, 2007 1:07 pm

      Thanks for putting me on the right track- I should’ve remembered from my RPTS classes that every organization needs a mission and objective. The objective would be simple: use any legal tool necessary to ‘persuade’ foriegn governments to fully cooperate and include U.S. law enforcement to provide justice to Americans who are victims of crime overseas. The mission statement will require a little thought.

      Natalee’s disappearance would just be the first thing we’d tackle. As Richard points out there’s been many Americans victims who never got justice in the Netherland Antilles over the last decade or so…and you can pet there’s plenty in other parts of the world too.

    20. 10061906 on May 30th, 2007 1:09 pm

      After two years I’m still trying to resolve in my mind what may have happened to Natalee Ann Holloway.
      There are numerous scenarios that surface.
      One would be…..
      There would be no reason to eliminate a victim of kidnapping and other offenses especially when scores of witness can identify that you were the last to be with the victim. You already have been identified. I don’t think Joran is that stupid to think he would not get fingered for the victim’s disappearance?
      If the victim died accidentally via fall or drugs why would an assailant have to dispose of a body under those circumstances?
      In this case where the victim could identify the assailant(s) it would serve no purpose to murder the victim. She left C and C’s with Joran and the K2′s and witness saw them leave together.
      Another would be….
      Why would it be necessary to murder the victim and then hide the body?
      If the victim were murdered; then who did it and why?
      If there were other attackers that the victim could identify and they were all juveniles like Joran why would that matter?
      The other attackers were prominent officials and the victim were conscious enough to identify the assailants.
      The victim could identify her surroundings and they must remain unknown;
      Such as the PVDS property, the Holiday Inn, the Lion’s Den or the Grand Victoria; just to name a few.
      The victim was kidnapped to be part of a snuff film then that would be self explanatory.

      Even if the victim left the last place that she was seen willingly; and even if she thought she was going to another club; and even if she died there; still why hid her body?
      The only explanation would be some kind of body trauma occurred that if the body were discovered, then accidental death would have been ruled out.
      News of a murder with trauma would have a serious impact on tourism: however IMO, tourism has been harder hit by avoiding the truth.
      Or::: was the whole episode merely a game among the pimps that escalated to the next level to commit the perfect crime and murder was the ending?
      Feedback is appreciated.

    21. Richard on May 30th, 2007 1:47 pm

      1006, this is what we have been debating over the last two years. In the final analysis, we can’t achieve truth by scrutinizing Internet postings. I remember the intense interest given to the Chandra Levy case … and yet, while it remains unsolved, we got what we do know (Chandra is dead, and almost certainly murdered) by the accidental discovery of someone who was out looking for turtles under rocks.

      I’m still not prepared to write off a scenario in which she was sold into captivity … not likely as a deliberate plan with that in mind, but far more likely as part of an ad hoc, after-the-fact solution.

      Few people are prepared to believe it, and I have no evidence. All that I have is that with two years gone, her disappearance, which at least initially must have taken place in the space of a few hours, remains unexplained after two years.

      It certainly is not the simplest answer. But I think more is at work in this case than meets the eye.

      For all of PvdS’s vaunted connections, we know that, even before Natalee arrived on the island, he was not to receive the judgeship he wanted. What does that say about his power?

      I too have many, many ideas floating around. But let me, as a good Vermonter should, quote Robert Frost here:

      “We dance round in a ring and suppose,
      But the secret sits in the middle and knows.”

      I hope that we, too, will know soon.

    22. Richard on May 30th, 2007 1:49 pm

      The sooner that we get answers, the less need there will be for an effort such as Dan suggests. Unfortunately for its own good, it seems that Aruba doesn’t, or won’t, understand.

    23. Libby on May 30th, 2007 2:21 pm

      #16 Dan in Texas…how do you get it started? I am interested.

    24. Dan in Tx on May 30th, 2007 3:03 pm

      I didn’t post my blog because I didn’t know if SM would appreciate it, and I thought maybe people could find it with a Web search. I’ll post it here with the hopes that it is easier to gain forgiveness than permission:

      you may leave me a message and e-mail; I screen all entries before I post them so you can leave me contact info safely without everyone else seeing it.

      1006, I personally agree with Richard. My reasons are simple: first, I know how little the family really knows about what happened to Natalee even to date from the Dutch investigators- it ain’t much. Second, Uncle Jossy and Uncle Art both claim there is a lot of evidence to prove murder yet when pressed theycannot prove that any of it really exists or is more than circumstantial. Third, as you suggested yourself, if the truth is more than a simple rape and murder, that would be far more destructive to Aruba’s economy. Just think about it…a murder and rape or what 1006 said: which would horrify YOU more?

      Libby, I’m not sure how we do this! The many ways we can fight Aruba and implement ideas is the easy part; organizing the group to being with is going to be hard.

    25. Richard on May 30th, 2007 3:18 pm

      Even worse would be human trafficking … because anyone could (can) be the victim of that.

      Remember, too, the night before Amy Bradley disappeared … members of the crew specifically wanted her to go with them to Carlos ‘n’ Charlies on Aruba.

      That, of course, was a coincidence.

      We know that Jan van der Straaten went around claiming he knew Natalee was dead because he’d seen the evidence. Yet months later, Aruba was asking its neighbors to keep an eye open for Natalee … and two years later, whatever this evidence is (I don’t consider Internet postings evidence), it hasn’t gotten action from Aruba.

    26. katablog on May 30th, 2007 3:56 pm

      There is no question that Scared Monkeys efforts affect Aruba. If it were not true, stories would not be disappearing, people would not be getting viruses and the trolls would not be showing up on a very regular basis. Oh, and Aruba’s tourism numbers would not be in the toliet.

      I think that it might be wrong to condemn the US government at this time. I’m really not sure that they can do anything until the case is closed. For all we know, the FBI may be sitting with search or arrest warrants in hand. Though search warrants probably aren’t going to do that much good after 2 years.

      I also think we have to give the Dutch investigators a chance. I certainly get discouraged when I hear they didn’t dig up the van der snoot cement, but we do have to wait for their result. I rather suspect that officials in Aruba were pretty certain they’d cleaned things up before they called the Dutch. Now we have to wait and see if they did.

      We also need to wait for the Dr.Phil thing to play out because once the Kalpoe’s come to understand they ain’t getting any money from Dr. Phil and Anita and Joran have made a few bucks – they may still turn on Joran.

      Last I knew, there was suppose to be a ruling in the Dr. Phil case on May 25th, 2007, but I’ve heard no more. Has anyone else?

      If Scared Monkeys radio plays over RealAudio – that’s why I can’t get it any more. I won’t download that player. When I do go to it offers to download a file – but nothing happens.

      I’d also be interested in a recap.

    27. katablog on May 30th, 2007 3:59 pm

      interesting, I can play the MP3 just not listen live.

    28. Dan in Tx on May 30th, 2007 4:42 pm

      Katablog, I feel that we need not wait for things to wrap up in Aruba; from what I have seen over the past two years, it was this ‘wait and see’ approach that let Aruba cover up, stall, make excuses, and get us to the place we are today! There is not anything or anyone who can decide when we start any effort to find answers or when we stop. That is something that Aruba doesn’t understand- they think they can wait this out and in time Natalee will be forgotten. We haven’t yet- and Beth has a new book coming out.

      We’ve waited for others to do nothing productive enough! It’s time to go on the offensive for once. As for our government- a few terse words from the State Department and a vague threat to stop issuing passports to Aruba would do a lot to help force real answers and real resolution (as I understand it, COngress has the power to ban Americans from traveling to other countries). What does Aruba have that we need? Why is our government coddling them?

    29. Brie on May 30th, 2007 4:48 pm

      The people of Aruba said they have done all they do. Well, that’s not enough…where’s Natalee…do you not see Joran for what he is…do you serve him in your restaurant’s, do you wait on him in the grocery store, do you help him shop in retail stores, is he allowed in your bars, is he allowed in your casino’s, does he get a ticket for running a red light, do you even speak to him, does he roam freely on your beaches, if you don’t have any laws supporting any of this….then just make one up!!!!!!

    30. 10061906 on May 30th, 2007 4:56 pm

      As I had mentioned before about Kennedy’s nephew. He was found quilty of murder and was sentenced. Arrest, convict and sentence; end of story.
      But;;;;; other senators were there the night she was raped and killed. Maybe even some senators were involved.
      Now you get arrests; lies; cover up, cover up ,release from custody, lies, cover up etc.
      Same analogy for Aruba.

    31. katablog on May 30th, 2007 5:41 pm

      Dan in TX: I wasn’t suggesting that we take the heat off Aruba or stop the boycott. No way! I was only suggesting that we not condemn the Dutch until we hear what they do/don’t do.

    32. Brie on May 30th, 2007 7:08 pm

      I read an article on the internet that referred to different bloggers and sites. One was Scared Monkeys posted on June 17,2006 at 4:43 PM. It said that this persons brother worked for US law enforcement ,the FBI in the Carribean Islands . She referred to Natalee Holloway and stated that what happened to Natalee isn’t what everyone thinks and prayers are being answered. And that is all I can say.

      Wish we knew what that meant! I have a thought! Any ideas!!


      SM:   Probably means nothing.   There are alot of nuts out there saying whatever comes to mind.   (klaasend)

    33. Richard on May 30th, 2007 7:43 pm

      My own feeling is that we don’t know what the Dutch are doing, and they won’t tell us. So why spend time here blasting them? I don’t think they will be listening to us.

      We can organize our own activities.

      We can resolve to speak out for Natalee, speak up for Natalee, and point out Aruba’s behavior over the last two years.

      I think that’s the most useful thing we can do, honestly.

      Aruba Tourism Authority will be in New Orleans at the end of June. Does anyone live within driving range?

      The more we stand up and let them know that we will not allow this case to be forgotten, the stronger our hand is.

    34. viet vet on May 30th, 2007 8:01 pm

      I went to Aruba 3 times in 2005, talked with 3 different FBI agents. They would not comment further than saying , J2K are the most interesting people in the case, closely followed by Paulus of course, Mr. Cover-up. I agree with Klaasend, probably means nothing Number 32. I also agree, we as Americans really need to rethink where we want to go for vacations. Keep our rears and hearts at home(Dan in Texas has a good idea). And yes I do think the boycott and Scared Monkeys is hurting Aruba as well as other third world resorts we ONCE visited.

    35. disgustedmom on May 30th, 2007 8:18 pm

      Just a thought….

      We have Lindsay Lohan and just about any other underage celebrity who wants to going to well known bars and drinking till they sprew. Everyone knows these kids are underage and that they are not just drinking, but getting bombed. The bar owners know it too. Even the Feds who keep watch on establishments selling to minors know it goes on…and all they’d have to do is go sit in one of those bars any night and see it and then take the liquor license from that bar, yet they stay away and let the underage drinking go on -even as so many of them end up in car accidents from all this drinking. So why is it allowed to happen? The answer to that question might be the same answer to why Joran was allowed to gamble and drink underage. Here’s my thoughts….

      People who are charged not to, turn a blind eye anyhow because there’s something in it for them. With our celebs these bar get attention, become more and more popular with tourists and normal locals who come there to see these celebs and party with them. Maybe the Feds get a little kickback for not showing up to check for minors being served. So why was Joran allowed to drink and gamble underage? He wasn’t bringing in business…not to the bars and casinos anyhow. So what could be the point in turning a blind eye to Joran? What was he able to bring them that bar and casino owners were not afraid to serve him? Who was NOT watching the bars and casinos when they should have been?

      With our bars here in the USA, the Feds have to catch the bar breaking the law serving to minors. And like I said, they could do this just about any day they want to since the patterns of these underage celebs are well known. But they don’t. With the bars and casinos in Aruba, as Joran says – many dealers know him well- and he’s a VIP at some bars all while knowing he is underage. So the flavor is the same as I see it with regard to what is going on in our country with the celebs and with what goes on in Aruba with Joran….the laws are disregarded because celebs/Joran bring something someone wants. What could Joran bring? How about Young Attractive Female Tourists?

      So you find who gets kickbacks of some sort for letting Joran lure tourist girls away and it starts to look more and more like Rave Partying where if there are not a good number of fresh females the party gets boring.

      I wonder if Joran did drop Natalee off at some party…and he himself did not even go inside. He just delivered. Think about when he was telling Greta how he and Natalee walked to the beach…he said SHE walked as if he watched her. And then he says she wanted him to stay with her and not leave her….was this him dropping her off and saying he couldn’t go in because he had school the next day?

      I’m not suggesting human trafficking but it could be just a party gone wrong and those who should be watching bars and casinos from known underage gamblers and drinkers like Joran, don’t because they want him to bring the girls. And maybe that is how PVDS ended up with Natalee at his house (if she was there, which I think she was)…P’s buds called him when Nat passed out? Afterall, it was P’s son who brought her there so if anything were to go wrong, who would be the cleanup man? They’d throw it back on P.

    36. Miss-Underestimated on May 30th, 2007 9:02 pm

      Hannity….someone who said he knows where Natalee’s body is and there will be a new search. Keepin my prayers going here.

    37. Allan K on May 30th, 2007 9:06 pm

      This has gone on a long time now. I really feel sorry for Natalee’s family. It is no revelation that Joran, Paulus, are some of the main characters in the disappearance or murder of Natalee Holloway.

      Is their no one to call for help? Is our government inept too?
      Is their no one in politics to lift a helping hand for some one other than self? Please don’t talk legality of law enforcement with Aruba only. We have the FBI on the island as an FOL. We have the CIA all over the world illegally spying.
      Not one person in government here in the states can tell me their hands are tied. We do have political pressure.
      Absolutely nothing is going to happen in this case until government is involved. What does it take in government to help someone, must we wait until it is their daughter?

      I don’t ask for all cases to be checked by government officials but when you allow a cover-up on TV to come into our homes and sit idly by and do nothing. That I find real hard to tolerate. Our men in politics sit idly by and some go to church but its not working. What person in politics would have sat by and put up with Aruba’s farce if had been their daughter.

      I would be better off voting for Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse they probably would help more.

    38. Carpe Noctem on May 31st, 2007 12:36 am
    39. Vicki on May 31st, 2007 7:27 am

      Carpe, everythng Okay?? Havent seen you in awhile…

    40. Richard on May 31st, 2007 8:12 am

      DisgustedMom (#35), here’s a story from this morning’s news.
      It surprises me, actually, that in many states there seem to have been (and in some there still aren’t) laws against human trafficking.

      Anyway, this guy was the first in this California county to be convicted of kidnapping/trafficking. He apparently dyed the girl’s hair a different color and posted her photo on craigslist. There was a similar case in Arizona last year; the victim was confined to an apartment. Luckily, the police somehow heard about what was going on and saved her.

      Aren’t we glad this couldn’t happen in Latin America….

      Valley man guilty of human trafficking; girl pimped here

      A Lathrop resident is believed to be the first person convicted of human trafficking in San Joaquin County.
      Lorenzo Calvin, 30, accepted a plea deal last week on charges that also include pandering, criminal threats, kidnapping and assault by means of force to produce great bodily harm.
      He was sentenced to six years in prison.
      According to court documents, Calvin forced a 17-year-old girl to prostitute herself in motels in Milpitas and Fresno. Calvin and the girl, along with three other women who were working as prostitutes, lived in a home in Lathrop for about a month beginning in mid-October 2006.

      Human trafficking has only recently become a crime in California. The California Trafficking Victims Protection Act went into effect in January.

      Trafficking means either forcing someone to pimp or pander themselves or falsely imprisoning them to pimp or pander them.

      In this case, the victim struck up a conversation with Calvin at the Circle K store. The girl’s hair was dyed blonde to avoid detection, and her pictures were posted on craigslist,org, according to court transcripts.

      She tried to escape but was caught and brought back to the house. There she was threatened with a knife, Brooks said.

    41. Brie on May 31st, 2007 11:29 pm

      For beginners, Natalee was kidnapped. Anita said Natalee got into the car voluntarily, and she did, but why? Where did she think they were taking her? She told her friends they would bring her back to the hotel. But that didn’t happen. Joran and Kalpoes knew they were responsible for her safe return so they made up a lie and blamed two innocent security guards. That in itself is a crime, but not punishable under Aruban law? Scratches on Joran’s face the next day. That is something a women does trying to protect herself.

      It’s also been said that before leaving Carlos & Charlie’s, Natalee asked 2 of her friends to go along and they said no. We have never known where she told her friends they were going.(Could of resulted in 3 missing) Natalee and her friends stayed together the entire time they were in Aruba. I think they figured Natalee wouldn’t leave without them until they saw her in car and yelled for her to get out of the car. I’m sure they sensed danger.

      Paulus visit’s the ATM machine at 4 in the morning.

      Deepak cleans his car professionally in the wee hours of the morning.

      They were all arrested and released, law in it’s proper form, arrested, convicted and sentenced. Amen!!!!

    42. disgustedmom on May 31st, 2007 11:54 pm

      I just wonder sometimes if this problem with finding Natalee rests in first finding out who’s lying…such that if they could prove PVDS was lying about Natalee being at his house, well, still they’d just have him lying right? They still would not have him on any crime committed against her. And then he’d just play Joran’s hand and say he was scared to say she was there but he didn’t do anything and she left on her own or something like that. So still no crime, hence we have Paulus’ famous apparent truth-”no body, no crime”….so the next step then is slipping some truth serum into his/the liar’s drink and then asking questions. :) Anyone want to befriend Paulus over cocktails?

      Seriously though, it seems as long as there is no body or even an alive Natalee and all involved can lie and lie and lie some more every time their lie is exposed, Paulus was right in what he said about no body no crime. And that’s always been the real point in this case. He would not know to say that if he did not know there would not be a body found. How could he be so sure?

      He could not be so sure if others were involved other than his lonely self. He would have to be afraid someone would tell sooner or later. And if any of those mysteriously murdered folks had known something, then that’s not enough to insure no body would ever be found because that victim may have already told it before being murdered.

      Seems more and more to me like P is the only one who knows what became of Natalee.

      Side note: I know people frown on Mediums and Pyschics and none moreso than the most avid of Joran supporters who do more than just frown upon it. Could this really be the only way to find Natalee? And the culprits’ greatest fear? I bring this up because on Hannity last night this guy was on who wrote a book about using the subconsious mind of the suspects to decipher truth from what they say. It’s all psychology of course, but Tim Miller was on too and he was asked what he thought about the guy’s method and Tim just brushed it off. Nothing against Tim here, but my thoughts were that different persons of different talents might should get their heads together to solve this thing. There’s probably a bit of truth in many things, but certainly so far there hasn’t been all the truth in any one thing.

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