Tainted Chinese Imported Foods Aimed At Humans Too


We have covered the Menu Foods problem of tainted dog food that killed many of our pets, but the problem does not stop at pet food entering the country from China. The concept of a safe food supply differs greatly in China compared to the United States. Some example of foods that were detained by customs and the Food and Drug Administration at the border in the past month coming from China.

  • Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
  • Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics.
  • Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria.
  • Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.

If we are going to trade food products with China we need to make sure that the supply is safe for consumption.

… along with more than 1,000 shipments of tainted Chinese dietary supplements, toxic Chinese cosmetics and counterfeit Chinese medicines.
For years, U.S. inspection records show, China has flooded the United States with foods unfit for human consumption. And for years, FDA inspectors have simply returned to Chinese importers the small portion of those products they caught — many of which turned up at U.S. borders again, making a second or third attempt at entry.
Now the confluence of two events — the highly publicized contamination of U.S. chicken, pork and fish with tainted Chinese pet food ingredients and this week’s resumption of high-level economic and trade talks with China — has activists and members of Congress demanding that the United States tell China it is fed up. via the washingtonpost.com.

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    21 Responses to “Tainted Chinese Imported Foods Aimed At Humans Too”

    1. Kat_Gram on May 20th, 2007 6:07 pm

      Buy local when you can.
      Stay away from processed foods where you do not know what the heck is in that can or that box. I watched a thing on CNN hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and 10 % of the arable land in China is polluted, yet it is still being farmed and food for human consumption is produced. And exported to you right where you live. Tasty, eh ?

    2. Miss-Underestimated on May 20th, 2007 8:42 pm


      I agree, also consumers check the labels on the fresh produce, alot of the stuff is from Mehico and Chili, not grown under the same standards as in the USA. Buy local and try to grow you own. Another reason to buy the products produced in the USA.

    3. Allan K on May 20th, 2007 8:54 pm

      Also watch out in Taco Bell!

    4. kitty on May 20th, 2007 10:06 pm

      We as a Country need to stop outsourcing our food supply and stop the importation of certain foods from China, if not all food from China ~ especially. We are at the mercy of many countries ~ talk about being vulnerable!

      In China, there is little to no regulation of what is put on produce/vegetables… they are very competitive and have flooded the world market with fruit driving prices down for many farmers here in America ~ what a farmer is banned from usage here is allowed here.. we are at their mercy ~ are we nuts!!!

      As a grower, we have very strict and specific standards we must follow and be licensed even… other countries do not ~ why such strict standards in America and not in other countries… South of the Border, many rivers are polluted or tainted with chemicals used for irrigation ~ the standards of growing are very different than here and it’s frightening that it’s allowed ~ There are other countries that have similar standards as America and follow very careful measures to provide safe food…

      I could see this coming many years ago and even mentioned it to a Farm Bureau Journalist from D.C. about 15 years ago and it’s come to fruition…Buying local is absolutely the BEST ~ not only for the consumer getting the highest nutrients from fresh food, but also, you have a direct relationship with the farmers whom you can trust.

      We care about what we do ~ until the average American wants to pay what food’s worth, then perhaps we can realize not only the importance of saving the family farms from large Co-0perate farms and urban sprawl, developement that has taken over… the American Farmer is highly educated, cares about what we provide on the table for families and take care in what we do.

      Making a living as a farmer in the United States is very difficult and almost impossible as we have to compete with Real Estate values, the weather, the consumer ~ not wanting to pay what it’s worth to grow and compete with prices from the massive grocery stores … It’s the grocery stores who still pay 15 cents a head of lettuce for the last 15 years and the cost of living has increased for the farmer, the gas prices, land taxes and the farmer still can not raise the price as the grocery stores have the upper hand ~

      One thing, I’ve always said… food is a necessity. If you don’t eat, you die. Most folks make a big stink if the price of apples, berries and vegetables go up ~ most milk prices have not gone up in years and years and the dairy industry in this country is very bad… (our friends that are dairy farmers are going bankrupt because of the poor payment they get for milk)… the next time you go to the stupid market, ask the produce manager, where the food is coming from… most of it is being imported ~ that is very scarey!!!

      When will America wake up?? When all the farms are real-estate developements? Once the houses are built on the land, you can not reverse it. If you contact Farm Aid headquarters, ask what the number one thing they do to support the American farmer with their AID… you know what it is?? to help support the small family farmer from committing suicide as he’s forclosing on his farm, or not being able to pay the bills as the price of grain is too high ~ the price of corn is high now in this country, due to Biodiesel ~ the cost of feedcorn for animals has increased ~ fertilizer costs are higher this year due to this too… our costs increase, yet, we do not get paid what the true value of food is worth … it’s a shame… we’re all suffering because of it and this story, is one darn good reason to support your local farmer…

      You are in direct relationship with your farmer/grower… you are helping to maintain open space in your communities… you are helping a family farm stay viable… you are getting better nutrition by having had that produce picked that morning and getting more vitimans, antioxidents… even fresh meats from the family farm are better than the mass production…

      We truly care about what we do ~ it’s a hard way to make a living, we are at the mercy of many things and it’s a calling for sure ~ you do not farm in this country to make money, that’s for sure .. you do it because you love to grow, you love the relationships developed with your customer and it gives real meaning to the cycle of life and nothing is taken for granted ~ that direct relationship with you reap what you sow is very real in more ways than one.

      Time to support your local farmer, thank him/her next time you buy food they grew for you and perhaps, you’d even offer them extra money to keep them viable and surviving in an environment where people want cheap prices…

      This is a pure example of you get what you pay for .

      think about that the next time you buy a gallon of milk ~ or buy your groceries…

      Buying local preserves your health ~ for sure and preserves open space and a way of life for a very dedicated family ~ now you’ll look at a farmer differently after reading this. Thank you for supporting the American Farmer.. we need you to support us.

      love, kitty

    5. kitty on May 20th, 2007 10:38 pm

      Another reason to begin to support your local farmer is Bio-terrorism.

      China or other countries could easily wipe us out with bad food… duh, wake up America!

      Until the mindset of the American consumer changes ~ the American consumer and citizen will continue to get what they pay for.

      Cheap prices, is a direct result for the necissity of the importation of food from countries, such as China.. it causes foreclosure(s) of American farms ~ sometimes, generational family farms are shut down… it’s not because they are not highly educated and good businessmen… We are very highly educated, excellent businessmen.

      In most cases we need to be so highly diverse to survive, as if one crop fails, you have something to fall back on and I know what I’m talking about…we are basically running a corporation.. we are the CEO/CFO,President, V.President, Chairman, director, co-director, partner,human resource department,janitor, secretary,taxman,weatheman,marketing,advertising,farmer,community leader,environmentalist,renewable energy advocate,involved in Farm Bureau, local government, your neighbor, your friend…

      Where I live, our farm is worth more for the land, than we’ll ever make in a lifetime ~ we deal with urban sprawl.. the pressure is so great… thank God, our community supports us…

      This is a BIG wake up call. Paying a little more for your food to support an American family Farmer would insure your health, and a way of life for us. The American family farmer are caretakers of the earth and care deeply about what we do… we should be charging triple the amount of money for the food we grow, but we don’t because, we can’t…because the consumer would rather put that money into other things… hey, look at our society… we pay baseball players millions of dollars to play a sport that means nothing to nourish our bodies ~ or our minds for that matter… our educators are paid next to nothing for educating our children… our entire society has it’s priorities mixed up… we’ve outsourced our manufacturing, our food ~ we’re giving control to countries that hold our very health and well being, literally in their hands… and we put up with it… wow…(sigh)…

      You get what you pay for and many have recently experienced that recently with the loss of pets and that was so incredibly sad… that was a wake up call, my friend… do you value your life enough??? you don’t eat you die… in this case, you may die because of what you’re eating…bioterrorism is real ~

      Support your local farmer ~ your life may depend on it and our way of living definately depends on it. We need one another. Have you hugged your local farmer today?

      Consider yourself hugged and loved by this farmer.

    6. sparrow on May 20th, 2007 10:40 pm

      Thank you Kitty

    7. R-squared on May 20th, 2007 10:53 pm

      It’s all about $$$$$MONEY$$$$$ folks.
      The manufacturers, wholsalers, distributors, etc. don’t care about anything but making a profit.
      Food is not even required to be labeled with country of origin as I understand the laws today.
      The ASPCA recommends that pet owners contact the company that makes their pet food and ask for the countries of origin of the ingredients. Yea. Sure. These companies will gladly tell you exactly where their ingredients come from – NOT.
      It’s all about $$$$$MONEY$$$$$ folks.
      What’s a few thousand dead pets and maybe dead people when there is $$$$$MONEY$$$$$ to be made.

    8. joe bear on May 20th, 2007 11:24 pm

      Support the LOCAL FARMERS FIRST

    9. kitty on May 20th, 2007 11:38 pm

      Dahlin’ I’ll tell you, it’s not us, the American family farmer who’s making the money ~ that’s a true and very real fact. Corporate farms, that’s a different story that I’d have to look into that more, before commenting.

      All the more reason to talk to your legislator(s) and all the MORE reason, to change the mindset to take the extra drive to your local farmstand, rather than get your produce, etc., at the stupid markets ~ demand that the large food chains pay their supplier/grower what their product is worth (like my farming friend who sells his heads of lettuce wholesale for 15 cents a head for the last 15 years.. the stores do not pay what it’s worth and basically have the wholesaler farmer by the balls.. if my friend said I’ll take 25 cents, they’d say shove it and move on to some other guy that’ll take it)… going to your farmstand and paying a little more money for your food, would be well worth it ~ the stupid markets want what we have and offer ~ and even now are beginning to advertise as locally grown… perhaps, that can mean most anything ~ I’m not sure, if there are laws for such… would local be considered imported?? If the consumer demands fact and it’s not supplied, all the more reason not to support them…

      now, for organic, that’s another story… there are very strict guidelines that we must follow. And that too, has been controversial as many growers were getting away with calling product organic when it wasn’t… until the Government came up with standards for everyone to follow and be on the same page… so ~ I’m hearing what your saying…as you’re very frustrated with knowledge being with-held… isn’t there the right to know laws???

      As for purchasing wheat/grains/flour there are reliable companies in our country ~ search on the internet for them and buy directly from them.

      For your pet, I’m not sure what you can do about this, other than stop buying from companies that are not co-operative in releasing that information… that’ll change em quick and make them comply… mmm in that case Money would talk ~ huh?

      Scarey stuff, isn’t it R-squared … this is just the beginning. Our pets are family ~ it’s outrageous that the big conglomorates get awaay with this and it is somehow seemingly allowed ~

      What I shared 15 some years ago, to that farm bureau journalist is coming to fruition… being closely related to growing food, it was so clearly obvious to me and I could see it coming ~ consider yourselves warned by someone who cares about what they do and could easily have sold our farm and retired on some obscure island in the S. Pacific… it’s still looking inviting, believe me ~ our taxes have gone up, our cost of living has gone up and our prices for the most part have not ~ only due to folks not willing to pay what it’s truly worth ~ would those reading this, be willing to pay the family farmer more for what they produce? What will it take ~ are we all willing to contact our legislators and notify them of the importation of food must comply with the U.S.A.’s standards that we must follow??? This is a very complex issue with many layers…

      just curious in asking this ~ for the recent events with China ~ our beloved pets were the canaries in the mines ~ are we next?? from the above statement, seems to be true.

      My condolences & sympathy to all those who lost their dear beloved pets … that was so sad.

    10. kitty on May 21st, 2007 12:00 am

      bless you Sparrow and Joe bear & those of you who care enough to support the local farmer ~ you get it…bless you for saying such and those farmers nearby or even in your local community will be very blessed by your support… get your friends enthusiastic about it too… some folks, just don’t care, they like the convenience and cheap price from the stupid market’s (forgive me for saying that) and they will pay dearly later down the road ~ in more ways than one…

      We all need one another ~ truly, we do. Again, it’s about that direct relationship with the grower/farmer & we the farmer to consumer ~ that’s what makes our lives so, so fullfilling ~ and validates what we do.. when we’re so exhausted and depending on so much to survive…we’re very blessed by what we do and care deeply ~ begin a farmers market in your community, an agricultural commission within your town/city…a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program with your local farmer… go volunteer at your local farm, (help em pull the weeds)… or help them at their farmstand or just stop by & give that farmer a hug ~ send em a note of encouragement when it’s rained and rained and washed out all their crop(s)… or just because…Thank you for saying Support the LOCAL FARMER FIRST ~ that is the BEST!! ~ when you take home the bounty of the fruits of our labor, there’s a lot more going into it than realized… you take home a part of our hearts ~ and the love ~ good nutrition ~ food for your body, soul mind and spirit ~ God Bless you ~ all…

    11. Kat_Gram on May 21st, 2007 10:47 am

      Kitty, you know of what you speak.. and with passion. I have always earned my living in agriculture in various organizations. I do not farm, but over the years, some of the finest people in the world I ever met were ( trying ) to earn their living from farming. Met people from United Farm Workers of America. Never met Cesar Chavez to my regret, but things they were taking about 20 years ago with the pesticides, over farming the land, corporate farms, etc are now coming into the forefront. We have the same issues here in Canada where I am from.
      I make the effort and go to a farmers market to buy my food and in the winter, I support local producers. It isn’t much of an effort either, just a change in consuming and eating habits. I cook more and eat better as a result.
      And I stay away from those big box stores that are trying to take over the world.
      God Bless You Kitty ! !

    12. sparrow on May 21st, 2007 4:14 pm

      The best vegtables and fruits I’ve bought have been from a farmers market not from where I live. They had everything grown from our region. The flower and shrubs they had were beautiful too. The building is beyond clean. We need to pray for rain in my part of the state. Poor farmers they’ve had special on the local t.v. stations about the drought. I cook more because I detest eating out. At least at home you know how clean you are, and fast food forget it. Anyway, Kitty, hope all is well in your world, and I will make a promise to shop with my local farmers. They’ve always been the good guys.

    13. sparrow on May 21st, 2007 4:19 pm

      p. s. people excuse my spelling and typing. I could blame it on my eyesight, come to think of it, I think I will. Please, overlook my typing.

    14. kitty on May 22nd, 2007 8:01 pm

      Bless you all and lets pray the American Farmers have a great growing season ~

      and that imported foods are inspected more carefully and thorougly after this horriffic tradgedy with pets dying from wheat that was tainted from China… that’s so awful and again, my condolences to all who lost their beloved pet. ~

      May I say, thank all of you for supporting your local agriculture and farmstands, CSA’S and farmers markets… we need folks like you supporting us and it’s heart felt ~ a mutual love fest at best…

      hugs and God Bless

    15. Jerryfromohio on May 23rd, 2007 10:06 am

      Beware of produce that is marketed as organic !
      I lived on a family farm the majority of my 56 years and have seen first hand what the competition has done to the agriculture market place .
      Many many of farmers that i have known for years do sell products that are TOTALLY organic But sad to say they are few and far between in todays market place .
      The Large cooperate farms that are run strictly on a for profit basis are often fertilized and treated with all sorts of chemicals that are never reported to the buyer but yet are placed in the all organic section of the supermarket at greatly inflated prices and the consumer never suspects a thing and YES they are supposed to keep signed documents about what ever has been used to grow these crops and livestock for a much more healthy yield .
      BUT HOW do you know ? ORGANIC GROWN VEGETABLES OFTEN HAVE A LOT LESS DESIRABLE COLOR then produce that has chemically enhanced products .
      and the only way to tell is having it tested and an analysis done and HOW many of you would do that Expense and time constraints will stop the American consumer in their tracks every time and these Large corporations ( NOT the small farmer that they would like you to believe that they are ) count on this.
      Ihave even seen large septic tank trucks going thru some fields at nite under cover of darkness spreading their waste products in farm fields still think the Chinese are the only ones doing this kind of pollution WRONG nope right here in the good ol USA it is being done also .
      I a sorry if I have made anyone Ill but this is the truth and someone who HAS seen it happen told you this for what ever that is worth .
      My self I buy produce also because i am not able to garden any longer and not one of my young neighbors will take me up on a FREE offer of land to grown on a share basis
      because as they say it is too much work in exchange for their time .
      Buy as for my meat It is from birth to death on my place and I always have a beef and two pigs in my freezer every year and I know what I have fed and seen them eat and I have yet to ever see a family turn down a ham or a ring of sausage from me . YUP I am not a rich man any longer but if I see a family that IS really trying to make it I give them a hand up not a hand out It is just a small way of myself giving back a little for what the Great Spirit has allowed me to harvest from the land .

    16. kitty on May 23rd, 2007 11:44 am

      What an offer to give a young neighbor some land to grow on a share basis… I’d help you in a heartbeat!! and my young strapping boys would too! Sadly, Jerryfromohio, some kids don’t want to do that kind of physical labor ~ they’d rather shell out hamburgers for the money ~ this generation of kids don’t know what my Dad had to do as a young man during the just prewar in the 40′s picking green beans in PA for a few pennies with his Momma and 7 brothers and sisters to make money ~ if you didn’t work, HARD labor, you went without… our society today is so removed from it’s food, the earth’s warmth of it’s soil and missing so much ~ that connection that others are longing for when they visit our farms..it’s when the family farms are all gone, chewed up by realestate developements and urban sprawl that they’ll look back and say, mmm.. maybe I should have helped my neighbor ~

      For Organic labeling… it’s cleaned up in the State of Mass… I think, it’s changed throughout the country in the last few years… there was much confusion until recently where the Government set clearer standards for everyone to be on the same page ~ because, folks were saying it’s organic and many of the produce, was not… “natural”, is not organic and such.. so, another reason, to get to support your local farmer, you can ask what practices they use on their farms… Intergrated Pest Management, you have to be certified in my State for that and it’s all good…as well as organic farming ~ to lable your product as such, you have to be certified.. not just say so… our customers know our practices and love what we do ~ so we’re blessed by that.. we are a big family of sorts…

      Best to you and it’s very rewarding to work the land ~ we’re just the caretakers of the land… It’s all His… and it’s lovely to share the fruits of our labor.

    17. sparrow on May 24th, 2007 3:50 pm

      Kitty, just wanted you to know I went to my local Farmers Market today. Everything looked so good, and I bought fresh vegetables, and of course could not resist a beautiful hanging basket of flowers. Thanks again for reminding me of a favorite place to shop

    18. kitty on May 28th, 2007 2:24 pm

      Bless you Sparrow ~ how lovely… I enjoy the farmers markets and participate in 3 … it’s very hard work to do to bring our produce, fruits, flowers and baked goods to the markets ~ along with our farmstore at home… We bring a little bit of our farm to other communities that no longer have farms ~ you know, it’s the hugs and kisses I get and seeing folks who love me as I love them and their encouragement and validation that keep us all growing!!

      I’m so blessed by being able to bring the fruits of our labor, so to speak…and one farmers market in particular, we’ve participated in for 9 years now ~ I can’t wait to see those folks in a few weeks ~ it’s the 10th Anniversary of this one market and they are so incredibly supportive of agriculture and what we all do ~ bless them and all their volunteers who come every week to set up and take down the market… we’ve become a family and part of the fabric of their community. There are no farmers or farmland left in this particular community and they absolutely are so grateful and appreciative for what we do ~ and it’s mutual… with their dedication, love and support we’re able to stay farming in a State where real estate values are some of the highest in the country…

      This sweet elderly couple knicknamed me “sweet pea” and gave me beautiful “pea” earrings, another woman, saw the earrings and gave me a beautiful pea pin to match (from France) ~

      This year, our sons will come with us along with our international agricultural exchange students we’ve hosted from all over the world ~ they’ve worked alongside us learning American Farming & Marketing practices to take back to their countries (University students who have either completed their Univ., or about to) ~(we’ve hosted over 55 men/women representing over 15 different countries in the last 21 years) I’ve a very blessed life and am so grateful to God for what we do.

      It’s all about the love; food for the mind, soul, body and spirit ~ and definately, about the love. Gal 5:22-23

    19. sparrow on May 29th, 2007 9:15 am

      Kitty, you always have the best posts. You are blessed, and you know and live the life of a true christian. You always say the right things about life, and I want to thank you for that. You are an inspiration.

    20. kitty on May 29th, 2007 12:22 pm

      When I read your post, it moved me to tears ~ bless you Sparrow ~
      My favorite hymn is “His eye is on the Sparrow” and when I first read your many postings, I thought of that hymn, seeing your pen name… I too, have appreciated your heart & others hearts presented here and we will all continue to pray ~ We all have so much to be thankful for~ I’m thankful for your kind words and encouragement.

      It’s all about the love ~ truly, it is ~ and as a farmer, you truly see and experience the cycle of life every year ~ you learn about provision ~ His provision. I’ve always said that He always meets and gives us what we need and not necessarily what we want ~ I want nothing more, than to serve Him and I’ve been blessed with a farm that many come to enjoy and experience love & the beauty of open land & the fruits born from it ~ it has not come easy and without a lot of heartache ~ however, I’ve grown much because of it… and am very grateful.

      May I close with saying, Thank you and God Bless you too ~

      It’s the little things that I appreciate most ~ the bloom of a flower, the apple blossoms in Springtime, seeing a child pick a strawberry for the first time, families experiencing time with one another, folks of all ages are drawn to the simplicity and beauty of a farm ~ I pray, in America that farms remain viable and sustainable ~ we’re a rare bunch, for sure! (smile) ~ It is folks like yourself, that farmers appreciate your support & patronage ~ it makes it all worthwhile. We all need one another ~
      hugs and love,

    21. Margaret on September 21st, 2010 5:15 am

      Remember- some farmers were paid not to grow food here, for cheap labor foods. There could be many other things done to the food we have not seen. I agree we should grow our own food and meats(example) 7 cows from 7 countries are used to make your hamburger for here- not good. Let’s get our farmers back now ! having our farmers will bring some jobs back to america. let us slowly take back our home.

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