Once In A Blue Moon is Tonight, Live it Up

Blue_moonIf there is something that you do “Once in a Blue Moon” tonight is the night to do so. The phrase traditionally means that there has been a full moon twice in a month, which is what is occurring tonight.

So let your hair down and enjoy the “Blue Moon” tonight.

The phrase “Once in a blue Moon” was first noted in 1824 and refers to occurrences that are uncommon, though not truly rare. Yet, to have two full Moons in the same month is not as uncommon as one might think. In fact, it occurs, on average, about every 32 months. And in the year 1999, it occurred twice in a span of just three months!
For the longest time no one seemed to have a clue as to where the “Blue Moon Rule” originated. Many years ago in the pages of Natural History magazine, I speculated that the rule might have evolved out of the fact that the word “belewe” came from the Old English, meaning, “to betray.” “Perhaps,” I suggested, “the second full Moon is ‘belewe’ because it betrays the usual perception of one full moon per month.” via  Yahoo! News.

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Aruba, Too Many Hotels … endangering nature and a Disappointment for the tourists that come to Aruba to rest and expect good service.

Hey Aruba … Its not easy being green.Aruba clean up day

Well here is a completely different take on Aruba and how the developers are in the process of ruining the once, “One Happy Island”. Sometimes its not about how many hotels, restaurants or condos one can build in a vacation spot that makes it a viable location. Sometimes its about the ambiance and the purpose as to what brings people to a particular location over another. With Aruba struggling with “post-Natalee Holloway” syndrome otherwise known as “cover up a crime,” Aruba looks to the answer as being … if you build it they will forget and come. They could not bee more wrong, in so many ways.

Stimaruba says that the unspoiled nature of Aruba is going to be endangered by the construction plans for a hotel near Arashi.Aruba_hotel-map

Stimaruba, the organization that devotes herself to nature conservation and nature protection, reacted very concerned on the reports about the plans for the build of a hotel near Arashi.   The organization points out a publication in February 2006 of Coastal Zone Management, in which is clearly indicated that the area is reserved for recreation.   Stimaruba is of the opinion that there are too many hotels in Aruba already.    

From the plans it appears that there is no end to the build of hotels and condominiums and that is according to Stimaruba, a disappointment for the tourists that come to Aruba to rest and expect good service.   That’s what they pay for.   “They are our guests and they have to feel welcome here.”  


Just because one builds more does not necessarily correlate into more tourism. Especially when Aruba does not address the number one PR nightmare they they have in not properly investigating or prosecuting the crimes against Natalee Holloway. Beyond the PR issue, Aruba faces another tourism problem. Many people cane to Aruba and purchased time sharing and return vacations because of its quaint culture and hospitable people. Much of that is all gone and continues to erode as more hotels are built, more workers are imported and Aruba grows farther and farther away from the island in the Caribbean that everyone once wanted to vacation on.

Amigoe, May 30, 2007: Stimaruba is up in arms against hotel construction    

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Daily Commentary – Thursday May 31st, 2007 – Thoughts on the Dutch Kidney Reality TV

Dana Remarks:

  • on the Dutch Kidney Reality TV Show and It’s Impact

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Beth Twitty, On The Record, 5-30-07 … 2 Years Since Natalee Holloway Went Missing

 Two years since Natalee Holloway went Missing

Beth Twitty talks about hope, the recent searches and the lawsuits against the Kalpoes.

(Hat Tip: Carpe-Vision)
“I don’t give up hope that I will get an answer one day. I still am hopeful about that Greta”.
“I still remain hopeful that I will get an answer”.

 Full transcript of Beth Twitty, “On the Record”.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, you might get some information out of the lawsuit that you and Dave have filed against the Kalpoe brothers. I know that John Q. Kelly is out in California to argue at least part of it on Friday. But if you’re able to proceed, you’re going to get the Kalpoe brothers under oath at a deposition and ask them lots of questions, so maybe you’ll get information then.

HOLLOWAY: Oh, absolutely. And I mean, that’s something that is still very much viable, and you know, we hope that that will happen.

Fred Thompson Will Run For President, 4th of July Announcement Expected

Fred_ThompsonFred Thompson, the former Tennessee Senator and well know actor, has decided to enter the Presidential campaign on the 4th of July according to those close to his campaign. All I can say is WOO HOO!

Face it folks, the group that is running for President is a weak group. Giuliani is the best of the bunch and he fights to have any gravitas. McCain and Romney are nice guys, but would only get my votes after holding my nose.

But Fred Thompson has the right stuff. He walked away from the Senate and all its sycophantic garbage that McCain thinks of as the be all and end all. He can express in very simple and concise terms complicated ideas, something that Giuliani and Romney are far from able to do. And when it is time to face Hillary or Obama, he carries himself so well that they will look shrill and lightweight compared to him.

Of course, Thompson does not walk on water, he has had a long and illustrious career as a ladies man, has been seen to take a softer approach on the opposition than I would like, and is know to be a bit relaxed in his work ethic.

However, to see his instinctual reactions to Micheal Moore and the garbage he spews, that Paul Harvey would choose him to be his fill in, and his strong stances on immigration while others wilt in the fear of not being politically correct have earned my support for the man.

We had a President that folks mocked as being only an actor and prone to taking naps, but when Ronald Reagan was laid to rest America rose and recognized that he was a great leader. May Fred Thompson have the same mettle.

Thompson, the “Law and Order” star and former U.S. senator from Tennessee, has been publicly coy, even as people close to him have been furiously preparing for a late entry into the wide-open contest. But the advisers said Thompson dropped all pretenses on Tuesday afternoon during a conference call with more than 100 potential donors, each of whom was urged to raise about $50,000.

Thompson’s formal announcement is planned for Nashville. Organizers say the red pickup truck that was a hallmark of Thompson’s first Senate race will begin showing up in Iowa and New Hampshire as an emblem of what they consider his folksy, populist appeal. via Politico.com

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