4 Year Old Hero Saves Mother’s Life


A 4 year old boy saved his mother’s life when she collapsed from heart issues she was suffering from. The boy dialed 0–0–0 (Australia’s 911), told the operator his name, address, and telephone number, and then conveyed the urgency of her situation.

What a hero!

“When he was about three, we taught him how to call triple-0 for the fire brigade, ambulance or police,” his proud mum said.
“When I collapsed from my heart condition he did exactly what he had been taught and said his whole name, his address, gave his telephone number and said: `My mum has a heart problem and she’s sick and she needs the doctors really quickly’.
“You can tell them what to do but, obviously, you don’t know what’s going to happen until the day … We thought he might panic or forget or cry but he didn’t do any of that.”
Ms Hartmann said Sasha also used his quick thinking to let the ambulance officers into the house after he couldn’t get the front door open.
“They couldn’t get through the front door because the lock was too high so he went through the garage and opened it with the remote to let them in because he knew he had to get them in some way,” she said.
“He’s definitely my hero.” via NEWS.com.au.

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