Toronto Woman Googles Fiance, Finds Out He Is Most Wanted (in a bad way)


Drachev_mikYou have to love the internet. A woman who was engaged to a young man in Toronto had a heart to heart with him. He told her that he was using a different name and his real name was Mikhail Drachev.

In the internet era she did want most people should do and did a Google seach on him. What she came up with was this, a profile of him on America’s Most Wanted and his picture. Thank God she had the moral and ethical backbone to turn him in to the police for extradition in the murder of Konstantin Simberg.

Mikhail Drachev, 24, who has been on the run since the “horrific” slaying of Konstantin Simberg in December 2001, was arrested by police Friday in the Rexdale apartment the pair had been sharing for more than five years.
“About a week ago, he decided to come clean and give her his real name because they were thinking about marriage,” Staff-Sgt. Paul MacIntyre said yesterday. “She Googled his name and learned he was in fact on America’s Most Wanted.”
The fugitive’s girlfriend, whose name was not released, was initially “conflicted,” MacIntyre said. Although it took her a week to tell police, she eventually “did the right thing” and should be commended, he said.  via CANOE

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    3 Responses to “Toronto Woman Googles Fiance, Finds Out He Is Most Wanted (in a bad way)”

    1. Houston on April 24th, 2007 8:43 pm

      Yikes! This woman could have been six under!

    2. december_star on April 24th, 2007 11:05 pm

      Good for her, the world could use a few more like her….It takes a lot of guts and deep heartache to do what she did.

    3. Skyboxx on April 25th, 2007 7:30 am

      If I said it once, I have said it a thousand times “Always, always get to know the other person…..”

      There is a reason George Strait sang the song “You know me better than that……”

      Won’t be seeing these two on a E-Harmony dot com commercial.


      Key goofy music

      Guy” “Yep I was using this alias and she found out, turns out AMW was after me. After my arrest and subsequent trial I ended up in Folsum, but this little lady would ignore the 43 point profile that brought our hearts together.”

      Lady: “I just love his smile”

      Guy: “So she visits twice a month, cause that’s all I’m allowed and in 23 years we plan on gettin’ hitched”

      Smile, she smiles back

      Goofy announcer and E-Harmony theme…fade to black

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