Rasmussen Poll: Rudy Giuliani (R) leads New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) 52% to 43%.


There are very few polls that I   would  follow this far ahead of the 2008  Presidential election; however, Rasmussen is the most credible. Rudy leads Hillary 52-43 in the latest polling. That’s up considerably from December. What is remarkable is the favorable rating that Rudy Giuliani gets as compared to the rest of the Republican candidates.

The Democratic Presidential primary candidates are still a three horse race, Clinton 28% Obama 24% Edwards 11%. However, as Rudy’s favorable/unfavorable (70/27)  are off the charts, Hillary is mired with a 48% unfavorable rating. The question is will the baggage that Hillary carries be too much and turn off Democratic primary voters? Is it as David Geffen stated Hillary is too divisive to be elected, “I don’t think that another incredibly polarizing figure, no matter how smart she is and no matter how ambitious she is – and God knows, is there anybody more ambitious than Hillary Clinton?

Rudy is in the lead of a race that should have occurred during Hillary’s first NY Senate run. A race that Giuliani would have won then. Since that race that Rudy bowed out of he has become, “America’s Mayor“. The question is how does Rudy win over conservatives and the South? The answer is yet  to be seen.

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    3 Responses to “Rasmussen Poll: Rudy Giuliani (R) leads New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) 52% to 43%.”

    1. Minor Ripper on February 24th, 2007 11:27 am

      here’s a video I can guarantee you Rudy would prefer you didn’t see. Not exactly presidential:


      SM: Why wouldn’t Rudy want to see it … its FUNNY!!! Earth to electorate … RUDY is a personable character with a sense of humor … thats why people like him. It makes him real.

      What part about having a sense of humor is not Presidential? Showing that one can laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously, (HILLARY), makes them more human and likable. This is exactly the reason why Rudy is likable.

      Can laugh at himself and bring NYC back from a 9-11 ruin, wipe out the mob and reduce crime. Yes, nothing Presidential about that.

      I guess you would consider getting BJ’s in the Oval Office as Presidential? Not reacting to the first World Trade Center bombing, the African Embassy’s or the Cole as Presidential?

      It was a roast … meant to by funny … frankly it was.

      Try as the LEFT might … Rudy will bring down Hillary and anything else the LEFT has to offer.



    2. Miss-Underestimated on February 24th, 2007 4:38 pm

      Run Rudy Run, if any person showed the ability to lead it has been Rudy, he just enforced his leadership, when the terrorist hit the Towers. Hey does anyone else remember 9/11.

      I have a memo to Hollywood, you are actors, stop trying to act like leaders ..you can’t. You all harp on the LITTLE PEOPLE, hang out your clothes to dry, and Babs they checked your maid does not hang you clothes out. You all hoot and holler about global warming and you all poke up to you big limos and private jets, what do they run on water? We have named you the “do as I say not as I do group” Your transparent

      Run Rudy Run

    3. Joe on December 4th, 2007 9:04 pm

      Hillary is cold and impersonable. Rudy has a record of fighting crime and corruption. While he is moderate on social issues, so is most of the voting electorate. Christian Conservatives need to get behind Rudy force him to choose a hard-core conservative running mate and help him finish the race or they will see their worse nightmare sitting in the president’s chair.

      The idea of Hillary Clinton being president makes me want to vomit… as it should any true American patriot. Rudy is the closest thing we have to Reagan at this time. With Rudy, we can win the War on Terror, get energy independence, and make America a safer, better nation for generations to come!

      Go Rudy, you’ve got my vote!

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