Celebrities and Court Rooms on Display Today … Anna Nicole Smith in FL & Bahamas, Britney/K-FED


The Britney Spears/K-Fed custody court date today. Kevin Federline has requested an emergency request. Who is the lesser of the two evils to take care of the children? Its hard to believe that a CA court will take custody away from Britney. After all, Michael Jackson still has his kids.

Federline’s emergency request comes amid increasingly bizarre behavior by Spears, which culminated with her reportedly checking into and out of two rehab centers in a week and shaving her head bald last Friday.


(Rehab Revolving Door)

UPDATE I: From TMZ Court date cancelledBritney back in rehab … Is this strike 3 or third time will be the charm?

TMZ has just confirmed Spears’ inpatient rehab program is supposed to last between 30 and 45 days.

Battle Over Anna Nicole’s Baby Begins Thursday

(CBS4) NASSAU, BAHAMAS The on-again, off-again legal battle for Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter Dannielynn, is apparently on-again in a Bahamas courtroom Thursday afternoon.

Late Wednesday night, CBS4’S Brian Andrews who is in Nassau to cover the hearing, reported the hearing was going to be delayed until possibly Monday but that has changed again.

According to the law firm of Hallsbury Chambers, which is handling legal matters for Anna Nicole’s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, the hearing has not been rescheduled and will take place Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. even if the key players involved in the case aren’t there to attend the hearing.

The battle (circus) continues in the custody hearing in FL for Anna Nicole Smith’s remains. Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin has set a self-imposed Friday morning deadline to issue a decision in the case.

Anna Nicole Smith Hearing: Larry Birkhead vs. Howard K Stern

Birkhead: Anna Detoxed While Pregnant

The biggest bombshell of yesterday’s hearing was the statement that Larry Birkhead made regarding Howard K. Smith’s actions when Anna Nicole Smith was detoxing. For the record, no attorney objected to Birkhead’s statement.

“She was taking medications before and during pregnancy. I was concerned about that, because we already had one miscarriage and every time she put something in her mouth it would affect her and the child,” said Birkhead. “So we had a couple clashes in the hospital room. Because she and Mr. Stern brought in a duffel bag with drugs.” (Show Buzz)


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    7 Responses to “Celebrities and Court Rooms on Display Today … Anna Nicole Smith in FL & Bahamas, Britney/K-FED”

    1. Richard on February 22nd, 2007 11:38 am

      Given recent events, would ANY court allow Britney Spears custodial rights to a pet hamster, let alone a child?

    2. Freebrid on February 22nd, 2007 12:01 pm

      The courts should have told her the first time in rehab she had to stay or lose her kids. I think they should not be with K-Fed either. Lynn Spears step up take control of this problem! Brit needs you and so does her kids! May God help you though this trying time in your life Britney!!

    3. Freebrid on February 22nd, 2007 12:11 pm

      Someone Please let them put Anna in the ground! This should be a no brainer! She left Texas because she hated it their, her son was her life let her be with him. As for the child Birkhead seems to be the only one with any sense, Stern was in it for the free ride and money he could make off Anna, and her mom she is there after money to! Can’t no one be that dum when ask 1 simple question as to have you made money from your daughter’s deaf? I don’t understand the question, oh Howard did! How dum can you be Yes you have made money or your ass would not still be there trying to get more, you & Stern just are after all you can get and that’s why you don’t like each other!!! I feel Anna really loved Birkhead but Howard knew that would throw him out of the picture for good!!!!!!!

    4. Miss-Underestimated on February 22nd, 2007 12:59 pm

      Hey Howard “Papa gotta pair of brand new shoes”

      What a mess. This whole scheme reminds me of a game
      Which liar you gonna believe….

    5. strayze on February 22nd, 2007 2:22 pm

      What a sad state of affairs, and all caused by drug addiction. Anna rejected previous friends when they became concerned over her drug use. She tried the geographic cure to feel good and elude those who really cared for her. Her companion Stern kept her in good supply, always. She really needed him. Even the judge has only a passing knowledge of the dynamics of addiction. People with good intentions thought it was OK to “cut down”, when they hadn’t a clue that total abstinence for life is required. It’s unfortunate that Anna did not get detoxed and then rehab treatment for at least 60 d, where visitors are searched for drugs. (Well wishers often bring gifts of drugs for those in rehab) This saga ends the way so many end: death (2) at a young age, self-inflicted by feel good drugs. Unfortunately the party-goers soon forget the departed and fail to get the message. Who would when they are protecting their own addiction?

      The judge had a passing knowledge of addiction, but truly was ill-informed.

    6. JusticeforNatalee on February 22nd, 2007 2:34 pm

      Britney and K-Fed: Proof that you should need a license to reproduce.

      It’s pretty bad when K-Fed starts to look like the “better” parent.

    7. oneyka on February 24th, 2007 10:20 am

      I think Stern has been demonized way tooo much! Ms. Smith was a grown adult, she took her own decisions, just like Britney is doing now. I believe he really truly loved and loves Anna to put up with all her whims, her lovers, her acts, but he was always by her side, she holding his shoulder, Stern protecting her. And if Larry Birkheart or whatever his name is, loved her so much, and she was having miscarriages and kids with him, why could not he make her stop? It the testimony it was clear that Anna did not want Larry by her side anymore, she fled to North Carolina and then to the Bahamas to get away from him. He is just as greedy as the rest of them, but the worse is that narcissistic mother, why Anna left home at 17 because of drugs? This old bitch blames it on bad companion, but where was she? She was a cop (suppossedely, maybe a meter maid mostly) and she could not stop her minor daughter?
      Come on, people! The fact that Anna gave her baby Stern’s last name naming him the father in the birth certificate, isn’t that telling us something? She wanted no part of this Larry in her baby’s life, period! Stern loves that baby, his or not, he said he would give up the executor’s role, the so called biological father is so sure he is the Dad, with all those boyfriends Anna had? I really hope he is not the Dad, I hope Anna’s mother does not get anything, all she wants is the money, people! Why is she traveling around with this reporter from Splash? and she blames her sister in law of taking videos and selling them? and poor little fat tub does not get a penny? How is she financing her flights, trips and new clothes she wears in the Court?
      Cleary she was very jealous of her daughter’s fame and she could not have a piece of the cake, and that is why she hates Stern. Anna chose who to run around with all over the courts and trips, and it was Stern!

      As that attorney Debra Opri, she is an agressive bitch, no one likes her, she wants to speak over everyone’s voices including the judge sitting at the bench, is she working for free?? Of Course NOT! She is also a predator of the baby’s inheritance, which she might not even get, not less than ever before. The Smith family is going to fight and fight and fight for many years to come, and the baby is not going to get anything. In the meantime, this so called “mother” should let her daughter be buried next to her son, she did not love her in life, why now? all she wants is to to the gravesite and get filmed and get payment for videos taken at the site “grieving”?

      I just feel bad for Howard K. Stern, some woman calls him all kind of names including a “gorilla” in the Beck’s show, the one right before Nancy Grace, well, she looks like Chita with black hair, anyway, let Stern grive over her partner, bury her with her son, he was with them for ten yeas, and he has feelings! Larry? all you want is the money, with your angelical face and messed up dirty hair trying to soften everyone in Court???? And you Virgie! I am at loss of words to describe you!

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