Air America Bankrupcy Sale … $4.25 Million and its Yours


Air America … going … going … gone! Sold to the man for $4.25 million. Who could have seen this coming from the inception of the liberal talk radio network? Air America was conceived as a “for-profit” liberal operation to respond to conservative talk radio like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest. Just another example of some things should be left to professionals. Air America has been nothing more than a liberal money pit disguised as a radio medium to attempt to get a liberal message out on the radio air-waves. A business model would have been a proper thought as well.

One cannot just sink money into a failed program year after year and get no results. That sounds more like a liberal government entitlement program. Alas, the reality is that was all Air America ever was.

Bankrupt and about to lose Al Franken, its marquee star, Air America Radio is set to change hands for the bargain price of $4.25 million, according to new court documents. The sales figure was disclosed in a purchase agreement filed yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York. According to the agreement, the deal between Air America’s owner, Piquant LLC, and a firm controlled by Stephen L. Green, a New York realtor, calls for Green’s firm to repay up to $3.25 million in loans provided to Air America after the liberal radio network filed for Chapter 11 protection last October (the company listed debts of $20.2 million).

Read the full story at The Smoking Gun.

Let’s check back on Wizbang’s “Air America” Dead pool

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    5 Responses to “Air America Bankrupcy Sale … $4.25 Million and its Yours”

    1. robots on February 7th, 2007 2:05 pm

      shocking ……hehhahahaahha

      LIBERAL RADIO was a tremendous FAILURE

    2. Brenda on February 7th, 2007 2:36 pm

      Oh dear! How ever will I survive?

      Air-head America is the best station to tune your alarm clock to. Why? Because when that station comes on at 5:30am, you wake up immediately and move quickly as possible just to TURN IT BACK OFF!!!

      (hehehe…just kidding. I use classical music on my alarm clock. That way it’s not such a “rude” awakening.)


    3. gregrocker on February 7th, 2007 11:43 pm

      Sorry to interrupt the morbidly obese pasty waddling rightist stuffing the dozenth donut in his mouth in order to be so fat to dodge another draft….but Fox News was in even worse financial shape loss-wise at this point in its life and it was only after sinking $300 million into it that it turned a profit. Air America is guilty only of a bad business plan in its hurry to get stood up a counter to the rightist radio juggernaut which has taken over and destroyed the reputation of the US government everywhere in the world.

      And sure enough, rather than take the credit for himself, the first credit doled out for kicking your flabby pasty butts in November by DNC chair Howard Dean was to Air America for mobilizing Dem voters in a dozen districts. And this was by a FAILING NETWORK! Imagine how your house of lies is going to collapse with a fully funded radio voice of the opposition.

      Or are you afraid of competition and the opposition having a voice. Oh, of course, you are the guys who shut out the other party’s even having a say when they had more actual votes than your turkey-necked obese former Amway salesmen. You guys have hung a revolution on yourselves, and we are coming after you!

      US Viet Vet, Silver Star

    4. Skyboxx on February 8th, 2007 1:08 am

      uh, Greg wasn’t Air American fully funded the first time around? In radio its all about sponsors. Air America launche itself with money hoping to bring sponsors, when it didn’t, the originall investors footed the bill for so long and then defaulted.

      Forget political views for a moment, if they (rigth wing talk, or left wing talk, or sports or whatever the format) cannot get sponsors to support it, it won’t fly for long. That’s just the way it is in radio/televison. You are as good as your last broadcast in most cases. True Fox launched the cable news version of CNN to astounding losses, but overtime, sponsors have come around and funding it. CNN when Turner launched itself back in the day bled red for years. He had enough deep pockets to make it work. Then came the first Iraq conflict and CNN was practically the only TV live on the war. For a moment they even beat network coverage. But now CNN is full fledged. The joing venture of Microsoft and NBC; MSNBC was also a bleeder, but considered a viable news cable outlet. Radio is no different.

      Sat Radio like Sirius and XM are also bleeding while trying to sustain themselves on subscriber rates. Like Cable, before it, it will turn to sponsors as well as subscriber rtes to support itself. Its just a matter of time as the backers cannot conintue to pour money into it. Radio and Television exists on sponsors.

    5. Anonymous on November 18th, 2011 6:53 am

      America dont have to scare ;P afterall ” GREED IS GOOD” cuz HOLLYWOOD SAYS SO. HAHAHAHA

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