Federal Prosecutors Preparing for Immanent indictments Against ex-CIA official & Defense contractor, Brent Wilkes


Federal prosecutors will be seeking in the very near future indictments against Brent Wilkes,Brent_Wilkes a defense contractor who started ADCS, Inc (Automated Document Conversion Systems) and other co-conspirators at the center of the U.S. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham bribery scandal. The indictments could come as early as this week, however, most likely within the next couple of weeks.

Two government officials familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on Wednesday that prosecutors plan to ask a San Diego grand jury to return charges of honest services fraud and conspiracy against Kyle “Dusty” Foggo and his close friend, Brent Wilkes, whose lawyers have said he is one of four unidentified co-conspirators described in the 2005 plea agreement for Cunningham, a San Diego Republican. (AP)


(Kyle “Dusty” Foggo)

According to sources a second indictment is also being prepared against Thomas KontoglannisKontogiannis and John T. Michael.

The officials said a second indictment is being prepared that would charge Wilkes and two of the other Cunningham co-conspirators New York businessman Thomas Kontogiannis and his nephew, John T. Michael with bribery and several conspiracy counts. (Article pg 1 … pg 2)

Wilkes’ attorney, Mark Geragos claims that he is anaware of any pending indictments against his client.

Mark Geragos, an attorney for Wilkes, said he had not been apprised of any imminent criminal charges. “I’ve reviewed this case and I don’t see anything that merits an indictment,” he said. (AP)

The Whistleblower “Qui Tam” law suit was filed by Richard A. Carden of Rolla Missouri which deals with a conspiracy to defraud the Government of funds through Department of Defense contracts.


“Qui tam” is a legal principle found in the Federal False Claims Act that allows any person, including corporations, known as whistleblowers, to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government against anyone who uses government funds in a fraudulent way.

See the Qui tam law suit below.

The lawsuit deals with the original conspiracy to defraud the Government of funds through DOD projects and contracts. The lawsuit further implicates Congressman Cunningham, Congressman Hunter, Brent Wilkes President of ADCS Inc., and several other participants in the conspiracy. Mr. Cunningham has already been sentenced to the Federal Penitentiary for a period of 100 months for a part of his role in the conspiracy. (PR Web)


(Whistleblowers Law Suit; “Qui Tam”, click on to enlarge)

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 Richard A. Carden whom Larry Garrison, “The Newsbreaker,” and President of SilverCreek Entertainment is the spokesperson for will be discussing the immanent indictments and his involvement in the Qui Tam law suit in the near future on Scared Monkeys and Scared Monkeys radio with Dana Pretzer.

The lawsuit was filed by Richard A. Carden of Rolla Missouri. During the Dot Com era Mr. Carden had invented and perfected a process that revolutionized data migration and archiving. As a result of Mr. Cardens’ involvement in this business he had specific knowledge of various schemes to defraud the Government. When the stories of the Congressional fraud began to break, Mr.Carden became aware that the Government was attempting to discover what had happened. After conferencing with the DOJ, Mr. Carden filed his Qui Tam lawsuit. It should be pointed out that Mr. Sharktank_bookCarden was not involved in any of the schemes to defraud the Government. He was aware of them as attempts to lure him and his companies into the conspiracy had been offered previously. (PR Web)

Mr. Carden has also written and published several books under the Pen Name of Dick C. One of those books, The Shark Tank, by Dick C. that deals specifically with many of the matters covered within the Qui Tam lawsuit.

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    2 Responses to “Federal Prosecutors Preparing for Immanent indictments Against ex-CIA official & Defense contractor, Brent Wilkes”

    1. Miss-Underestimated on February 1st, 2007 9:28 am

      Who can we trust anymore? It always seems these contracts with the goverment we have the wolf guarding the hen house.

      Good for Mr. Carden, I wonder how long this would have gone on, had he not blew the whistle?

      Do the bad guys go to a Federal Pen, the country club type and will Randy be able to still collect his pension?

    2. Jamie on February 1st, 2007 10:39 am

      Looks like another great story from Larry Garrison! Leave it to him to tell us what’s really going on!

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