Senate Talk of De-Funding Iraq War is Hurting Soldiers Morale


But that is all part of the plan. The Democrats are committed to losing the war now. If the war was won it would be a boon for Republicans and President Bush and hurt the Democrats in the 2008 elections. We can’t have that now, can we.

Watch this video and see the reaction of the troops:

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    32 Responses to “Senate Talk of De-Funding Iraq War is Hurting Soldiers Morale”

    1. Patti on January 30th, 2007 5:17 pm


      Is this a war, really? Who exactly are the enemy in this war? I’m having a hard time even remembering why we sent our troups over there in the first place. Seems to me I remember there being a weapon embargo and weapon inspections that were or were not adhered to and the next thing I know, we’ve got war? If you ask me its’ more like an occupation!

      Just get our kids out of there and let Iraq deal with their own problems.

    2. Scared Monkeys on January 30th, 2007 5:47 pm


      Don’t think its that easy anymore. It is a war if you ask the troops. I wish everyone had an opportunity to talk to actual soldiers and not just listen to what the MSM has to say.

      War is never easy … things in life that are worth anything usually are not.

      Whether people want to believe it or not … we are fighting terrorism and will be most likely, forever.

      The bad guys were chanting “death to America” long before we ever went to Iraq. Everyone should remember that. If it is a matter of we should just not bother them and they will stay to themselves, then why were we attacked on 9-11?

    3. Scared Monkeys on January 30th, 2007 5:52 pm


      It is nice to say, lets get out of there. The worst atrocities is when the military “just gets out of there” ranging back to the earliest days of civilization.

      We have to get out of there so that the peace has a chance. That takes work and that is what Bush said when we went in. The media has taken a revisionist view of the Presidents words and expects us to cut and run, so that we have failure. That is the Democratic playbook and it illustrates how obtuse that party is, all politics all the time.


    4. dennisintn on January 30th, 2007 6:26 pm

      we “just got out of vietnam”. look what happened then. the liberals conveniently forget the hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children the communists killed after we left. give the military the materials, men, and time they need, get the hell out of second guessing and changing rules every other day, and let the soldiers do their work. let the soldiers make the decisions of how to progress and there will be fewer military casualties and fewer civilian casualties.

    5. Patti on January 30th, 2007 6:29 pm

      The troops are a bunch of sitting ducks that a few of the guys get together on the week-ends and use as target practice. Do you, honestly, think that we can win a war that is based on hatred and street violence? Besides, who are we to think that it is our job to keep their streets safe? We have terrorism in our own streets. Our cities are not safe from the terrorism that we have to contend with from our own people!

      It seems to me that we started a war, here, in the United States. A war that has, still yet, to be won. What happened to the war against drugs? Now that’s a war we could win, one that will do more for this country than sending our troops half way across the world to a foreign land to fight a foreign war against an unseen enemy for people that, honestly, couldn’t care less about us.

      People have been chanting “death to America” for more years than I can remember. Who cares? They have a right to hate us… not everyone has to like us. Is it worth the death of thousands of Americans because someone calls us names or wishes death upon us? Is it worth hundreds of billions of dollars because someone exercises their right to not like what America has come to represent? Besides, what do we represent, if we deny them their liberty to think and feel anyway they like?

      We left Iraq before and we can do it again. All it takes is just one call… a call of troops!

    6. chloe on January 30th, 2007 6:44 pm

      Iraq is not a threat to the U.S. and they have never been a legitimate threat to our country. We don’t belong over there. The “war” isn’t even a war. They don’t even have an army. Civilians are fighting with homemade roadside bombs and many, many innocent people are stuck in the middle. And we still are not winning. How can we? This whole thing is a waste- to put it plainly. The government is just closing it’s eyes to North Korea as they stockpile nuclear and chemical weapons in MASS quantity and then drops billions of dollars the Iraq war. Let’s keep our troops and money home until (God forbid) we really need them.

    7. Scared Monkeys on January 30th, 2007 6:45 pm

      Patti … every one likes to refer to Iraq as Vietnam … which is a misnomer.

      However, you do remember what happened after we pulled out of Vietnam, right?

      It was called The Killing Fields.

      This is not about politics, its about taking on people that wish to kill us. Every politician signed on to this war. It is disingenuous for them to claim differently now just because things are not perfect.

      This is the reason why our military no longer has a draft and only has volunteers who wish to be in the military.

      There are never easy answers … cut and run is not an option. We will be feeling the ramifications for decades to come.

      What is certain is that our military deserves our support and funding. The prospect of pulling the carpet out from underneath our military be defunding is sickening. The people that are presenting this theory are the same ones who complained that our troops did not have body armor. So now those same people wish to take away that as well?

      The sad reality is that politicians can only think of their own political aspirations. It is not about them. And those running for President in 2008 best not politicize the lives of our brave soldiers. Sadly enough ,,, that will not happen.

      Cut and run is not an option, so we best find another alternative.

    8. Carpe Noctem on January 30th, 2007 7:37 pm

      People have been chanting “death to America” for more years than I can remember. Who cares? They have a right to hate us… not everyone has to like us



      The have the right to hate us and do whatever they’d like
      in their own countries. When they start attacking us using
      secret terrorist bases in various unstable countries
      all over the globe, that is when it becomes an American issue & a greater global issue.

      When they start flying aircraft in to American buildings
      to show us just how much they hate us,
      I have a little problem with that.

    9. Patti on January 30th, 2007 8:35 pm

      I agree with you, Carpe, it is an issue. It is an issue that is fought through law and legislation. The Iraqies were not the ones that ran the planes into the World Trade Center. It was Bin Laden and his own personal military troops. I agree that something has to be done about them. But, I thought the reason for our being in Iraq, in the first place, was because of weapons of mass destrucion…. they still haven’t found any.

      While all of us are emotional over the terrorist attack against us, like an act of war on our own soil; we can’t let our politicians cloud up our thinking. We hear it all the time: They use our anger toward those responsible for 9-11 to bury us into a war that has little to do with it. Our efforts in Iraq is not going to bring an end to terrorism. (period)

      You ask me if I am aware of the “Killing Fields” and I can honestly say that I remember it quite well. It was a genecide that was inflicted upon Cambodia, not Viet Nam.

      It came as a result of secret operations. Our country sent their military into Cambodia against our own conventions, in search of the Viet Cong that would make an attack against our troops and then run and hide beyond their borders. The secret attacks carried out in the country of Cambodia were both unethical, immoral and illegal. We left a country that had nothing to do with the war in a state of destruction. There was only one person “brave” enough to stand up. Unfortunately, he was a tyrant that systematically killed the educated people of Cambodia, forcing the rest to leave their modern cities and slave in his fields. He destroyed everything… the people, their land, their technology and their culture. I think his name was Ko Pot or something like that. But, that was Cambodia, not Viet Nam.

      There were reports of some genecidal activities in Viet Nam, as well. But the fact, of Viet Nam, is that they had been fighting a civil war that had little to do with the French or anyone else, much less, Russia and the United States. And that war continued to be fought long after we left. The genecide was perpetrated against anyone living in Viet Nam of Chinese decent… and, yes, it is sad… but who are we to get involved in civil unrest. In my opinion, more people died in Viet Nam as a result of the world powers flexing their muscles than ever would have perished had they been left to fight things out on their own.

      Today, Viet Nam has recovered. They have built their own skycrapers and fancy hotels and are trying to build an economy based on foreign trade and tourism.

    10. tuyvnsurvivor on January 30th, 2007 9:33 pm

      #4, I think the count is more like 3 million died as the Kerry’s and Fonda’s won.

      Real world is we are in Iraq, destroyed their military and dictator gov. If we leave we then have two VN’s, two killing fields in our media ability. Any future time we must ask others to trust our commitment, they know better, because actors and media will without a doubt bring the war to our own week of hearts. It is easy to protest war and look good, the supporting side of a war cannot look nice saying they like war. War hurts like everything– first hand knowledge, it is really hard work — heavy there on “hard work”, you constantly question your nano second decissions, your bravery, your qualifications. You fear when you will eventually screw-up, something, what, how big. The screems of the injured and the sound barrier of very near bullets never become acceptable…you’re not a robot, but work through it as one.

      I am reminded to back when still a kid killing game we needed on the table. Often a guest or maybe a cousin, perhaps a neighbor buying my extras, they could not possibly help dress the game, they were just too kind and loving. Once cleaned and cooked, back in the woods they sure did sit down with an appetite. Most of these exact same persons were vocal decenters of the war I was in. My Dad was one during WWII, refused to go overseas…I was ashamed of him for that all my knowing of him. With all these types, had they been fully respectfull of folks of my service sort, my Mom’s brothers, real warriors anywhere, then I would not be so bothered by them. And I do feel the me’s earned the right to be bothered by them.

      As a former person involved in both recieving and giving war related counsiling for about 17 yrs, though no longer part of that sceen, I can gaurantee the need for counsiling to hardcore war vets is up. For me, I can feel it. I need to watch the news much less often. I find I hate the name brand decenters more than terrorists.

      In person and to my family I am some influencial. When I talk to other vets I do temper my thoughts some. But to those I am close I discourage ever serving in our military as long as treason, treasonist statements, treasonist media cannot be rigorously defined. Times of war should bring times of restraint manditorily. Mocking a sitting pres by those sitting at the table for already dressed game should suffer some penalty progressively…the bar ditch out here by my place needs some picking up.

      This war is indeed now a lot about oil. We leave things a mess, bad guys take the oil, it is revenue to weapon up against us. We can limit the size of our enemies to the fightable range if we stay. There is now no wishing we were not there, we must be real. Yet things rolling as they are, decenters have lost another war for us. I feel they are mass murders of our own servers, responsible for mass terrible injuries to our own troops and those who trusted us enough to pitch in. Decenters and media which would have to be restrained before this old fighter would battle again, have themselves, as mass murders lost the war by embolding our foe.

    11. Miss-Underestimated on January 30th, 2007 10:12 pm

      Please visit

      help our brothers and sisters who defend us

    12. Patti on January 30th, 2007 10:31 pm

      Tuy Viet Nam Survivor:

      My brother served in Viet Nam. For two years, he was a river rat in the navy. From what I understand, although he never spoke about it, he saw a lot of action.

      He joined the service, voluntarily, and he served his country proud. He never became a drug addict, he didn’t drink and was never known to smoke anything, including cigarettes. He loved to play baseball and football; and he loved his country. He survived the war but lost his own personal battle with depression, like many did. Twice the number that were killed in the battlefields of Viet Nam have died in untimely deaths from the emotional and psychological scars that were left unhealed.

      Is it unreasonable that those that love you want, more than anything, for you to be home? Is it being selfish to think that no Vietnamese or Iraqi is worth the death of our own sons, brothers, nephews and cousins? I would rather die impoverished from their oil than to suffer the pain that comes from losing the one that I loved.

      God Bless our Troops, with peace.

    13. tuyvnsurvivor on January 31st, 2007 1:58 am

      Patti, I would be better off if you left off the “God Bless our Troops, with peace.” Those types of conflicting messages are precisely what fueled depression, guilt and confussion amoung many vets. Seems your overall does not match the signoff. Typically troops want to be supported or not, if not they know who to discount, if you do, then you support them as an extenssion of yourself, our tribe…their sins be yours all shared. Most valuable.

      I have seen more damage done hardcore vets by decentors and almighty thous than the afflections of war itself. I do not plan this by being mean spirited towards you, but this is a message I need to tell.

      If we do not get by this obstacle of freewill decent in times of war, our nations future is questionable. Communication is too great; media has too much access; celebrties of no expertice have unrealistic influence; cheap politicians are eager to make hey off being against war…everyone is against war. Those constructively serving our country at any level…school board, soldier, to pres cannot keep up the pace over the rampant negative, as in only tearing up things, criticisum that plagues us.

      Thanks for sharing about your brother. Bet I know him, because I liked guys that served proudly. Wish I had known him personally.

      If ever I did not write so blamed long I might mention some things I was in, but this is so not about me. It is for one thing, service people being close to my heart, about servers doing their best, risking things of body and physcic and they are aware they are not getting the support from home they need to stay well of mind. Over which there will be far greater numbers of disturbed minds when they do come home. Yes, depression…soon enough a guilt leader Kerrylike falsecrist, will rise out of the wrong doing accusations, and many a good vet not even weak of the intellect will side up — taking on the false guilt. Movies, songs of….And so it goes.

      No war can be won by this country if it goes long enough for the media to stir the weakest of our public. Not with current tolerances of treason.

      True short story. Last month a war protester, moderately so, neighbor who lives down our road, called me crying her eyes out to come get a baby squirrel who fell out of a tree right near her home. I got it and took it away. There you go, that takes the story far enough. None of her freedoms she enjoys came to her by way of people like herself, that is obvious. They came to her by way of people just exactly like your brother. Sometimes the ‘I just can’t's need to take the more silent, more respectfull path.

    14. Patti on January 31st, 2007 3:31 am

      The things you talk about is what killed my brother. The guilt that comes from thinking that you had to be the biggest fool in town to lay your life on the line, day in and day out, for a nation that didn’t appreciate it. A New York taxi driver said something to my brother when he returned from Viet Nam. I’m not going to share with everybody, but, it was something that he could never get over.

      I loved my brother and the things that he did for his country. I just don’t want to see anyone go through the same things that he did. I don’t want another family to go along for twelve years after, thinking that they are one of the lucky ones to have not been effected by post-traumatic syndrome… only to find one day that he is gone… a life cut way too short… from a family that did more than love him.

      We worshipped him. We supported him in everything he did. As an adult, he continued to play baseball and football on city leagues, and we all, as a family, would go and watch him play. We teased him about growing up to be a “big, little-leaguer”. My aunt used to love to see him and I together because I could say things that would make my brother’s eyes dance with a grin on his face. And yet, he chose to leave us.

      I pray for peace, because that is the only thing that can stop this sort of thing from happening again. You said that you would never recommend military service for anyone with the current affairs… my brother said the same thing… and I believe him. I am not a protestor. I wanted the war over so my brother could come home… that’s all. But, even after he came home, the war killed him, anyway.

      Salute to you and all the other soldiers that risk their precious lives for our freedom… and let it ring from every mountain so the whole world will know that we love all our brave men… the ones before and the ones after.


    15. SUPER DAVE on January 31st, 2007 9:40 am

      MSN today : tens of billions of dollars wasted in Iraq on shoddy construction projects, fraud and waste. to date has costed the taxpayers ( this means us) over 300 billion dollars. this money could be used here for our own needs but i have yet to see any politician, Democrat or Repiblican put any effort into the United States. Junior Bush is four years too late in actually trying to win this war. He might have had a chance if he had gone for the right target (Osama Bin Laden) instead of a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein. Saddam needed what he got but, there was a more important target that needed to be taken care of first. Now we will be at war with Iran before this year gets started good !

    16. Miss-Underestimated on January 31st, 2007 9:56 am


      I am sorry for your loss, your brother is a hero. I too had an older brother in Nam, he came back different. The ones that I blame are the ones who cornered him in a bathroom at a fancy restuarant and called him a baby killer, those who, when he was dressed in his uniform at O’Hare airport who spit at him. This left such a vile impression on me as a child, I chose to show my support to our troops, regardless of how I feel about what ever conflict, war etc. we are involved in.

      Patti, like I said your brother is a hero to me.

    17. pdh3 on January 31st, 2007 11:46 am

      Whether or not we agree with the reasons we went to Iraq, or why we are there now, one thing remains clear…..we have troops on the ground who need our support. Let’s do what we need to do to win, stabalize Iraq, and come home. Then we can pick apart what went wrong, and take measures to make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes later on. That was never done with Viet Nam. There is a time and place for that, but not while we have troops deployed in a dangerous situation.
      Right now, our military needs our support 100%. They are there and under stress that we can only imagine. Do we need to add more to their burden? If we care so much about our military, then we need to make sure we aren’t making their situation worse.
      We can’t change what’s already happened, and we can’t just pull up and leave a mess behind, so obviously we have to finish what we started. How can we expect these fine young people to do that if we are not behind them with all our resources and support?
      I also had an older brother in Viet Nam, and he has suffered temendously. Part of his suffering is from guilt. His own country forced him to go fight, then disowned him when he did, and acted like he was scum for having been drafted and sent to Viet Nam. We as a country failed those men, and it is shameful. We have the chance to do it differently this time. These young men and women deserve so much more than what they are getting from their homeland at the moment. We asked them to go do a job, and they are trying to do it. Just because things have veered off course a little doesn’t mean we need to over-react. War is truly hell on Earth, and no one wants it if there are other alternatives. But we made the decision to go, so let our military do what they need to do with a united effort behind them.

    18. tuyvnsurvivor on January 31st, 2007 12:59 pm

      Patti, my guess is you are a wonderful woman and were a great sister. And I do not recall sisters having a type relationship with a brother/vet to be adding depression to war related things. No guilt to you. But I think you miss what I say about false guilt getting tossed on warriors, and I see it coming down the pike for our current vets.

      One I will tell you, is while in country our eating habits were quite rank, I did massive patrols and long times of no resupply. Not long after I was back I discovered the bigger shock is *coming back* not the going in the first place. Going off to war there was training for it, in my case extenssively so, the mind was prepared, uniforms clean and the unit ensignias proud, a small crowd waves goodbye, best wishes all around, a general tells us how we are going to kick butt, rationally it is told to us how valueable we are to our country and this war, no screems have been heard yet, the confusement of war not yet accepted, not having learned dreams are real and reality the dreams — denial of normal ranges of emmotion. But anyway on to the story conclussion: I was with a couple of guys at a drive-in burger joint after my return, they gave the car hop a hard time over what they got wrong on their burger…I whopped them good for complaining about something so good to eat, we would have loved a burger off the ground. I did not fix there, though knew there I had my pendilum stuck to the wrong side…fist on a burger complaint ain’t good. I began working to come back closer to where I once began. Was a long road and worth it. Wish I could talk to many troops just as they return…a statement possibly based in arrogance and ignorance.

      I was hit several different times. Lot to do with my Dad’s lack of service I was determined to fully serve when I could opt out. Finally I did serve more than a tour even counting having to come back. Some of the times I came back I would not have been fit for enlistment or reenlistment. Most of my injuries were minor and not worth note, then a bullet through about an inch and a half of my right calf held me up some, a bullet to my right buttox seems to have caused the longest running impairment, and an injury that served me a 7 day comma…on the 8th day in a daze tottaly against orders I ripped out the tubes and made my journey back to my unit and served 3 more months. Not so much as pointman after that, which I had done so much of.

      Eventually discharged, big story to me how that came about, weighing only 109 lbs at 6’1″, granted 100% disabilty which I refused. Stayed a couple weeks in the woods near my old home, then got a job unloading boxcars…very slowly. I became a naturals and supplement nut, went on to become fairly successfull in business and played many sports. Still play compition disk golf, and have my own 27 hole course. My hands shake wildly and have for all these decades…embarrassing and I go few places any longer, I think protestors in the news might complicate in that area.

      But with this I do not serve your point of view. I was a soldier, witnessed others equally committed, who on their watch they will give up everything to serve well.

      A protester, a Penn, Fonda, Robins, Kerry or an aunt with patronizing remarks inflames me (only inside) and buddies I still talk to by phone. If in this country we can restrict the use of the ‘N’ word, which in a different story I am opposed to, but if it can be restricted or accepted the thrashing of the user, then by all means and more inclussive of the desrving we can limit treasonist remarks in times of war or this extreme time of national stress.

      I am of a kind…a good warrior, limited is the respect and empty jaw the at-a-boys, until ya’s feel safer with us around.

      A hug to you Patti, cheers to your honorable brother.

    19. tuyvnsurvivor on January 31st, 2007 1:02 pm

      17, thanks, wish I could compose like you. Very good.

    20. Maggie on January 31st, 2007 5:06 pm

      I had 3 brothers who served in the military and a nephew who has served in Iraq. I stay torn about this war, but I’ve never been torn about the need to support the men and women fighting it. They are only doing what their country has sent them to do. I watched a show on 60 minutes one night about millions and millions of dollar missing from Iraq and some of the people who were in charge are now building villas in other countries. Who investigates that and gets the money back? That money was to help rebuild Iraq and get them back on their feet. Wasted. We can’t just walk out and leave a country in total chaos. My mother had a saying always leave something better than you found it. I pray something better happens there and they find stability and get on their own feet. The troops should have whatever they need to make it a success, including the support of the country who sent them. I’ve sent cards to Walter Reed Army Hospital before and gotten letters back of thanks.

    21. Mortella on January 31st, 2007 8:56 pm

      We used to be a country with principles. We did not start this war and we do not have the ability to stop it. Radical Muslim fanatics are staging what is known as The Third Great Jihad against this country and the rest of the non-Muslim world. They seek nothing short of global domination.

      We can fight them there or we can fight them here.

      Because the war is morphing into something very difficult to control is no reason to cut and run. And these jihadists are global, they go where the fighting is. They can fight us as easily in Afghanistan or NYC as Iraq. I trust our military to make these decisions.

      President Kennedy’s inaugural address best expressed the American outlook.

      “We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

      I actually remember an America that was really like that. It sure has slid down the slime pole since that time, too, but at least not as far as some of our spineless allies who should be helping us in this but are not.

      They will be the first lining up to be slaughtered as they pray toward Mecca five times a day, too.

      What part of there is a global move to take over the world by radical Islam do people not understand? Or do they just like to keep nice and ignorant and not learn anything about it so they can make political hay?

      Read sites like and educate yourselves so you at least know what is going on in the world before you make such blundering statements.

    22. Patti on February 1st, 2007 12:05 am

      Radical Muslims are taking over the world!

      Boy, did you ever swallow that one; hook, line and sinker!

      Do you honestly think that America is sending our boys half
      way across the world to kill Muslims?

      I can just picture that:

      “Are you Muslim?”


      “Okay, just asking”

      “Are you Muslim?”



      Don’t forget, someone tried that in Yugoslavia
      and it was America that stopped the onslaught.

    23. Patti on February 1st, 2007 1:10 am

      I’m sorry for making a joke.

      But to think that Iran, who couldn’t even win a war against Iraq could beat us and take over the world is absurd. You’re giving these guys too much credit. Iran has been battleing it out with their neighbors for years and haven’t been able to expand their borders. They have been calling to their neighbors for the eviction of Israel and their cries have fallen on deaf ears. How do you think they are going to, suddenly, expand on a global crusade?

      I think that if there is a motive in staying in Iraq, it is to safeguard Israel. Stablize a new government in Iraq and protect it from it’s neighbors long enough to assure its continued existence. Sure, Iran wants us out and they are going to threaten us with all sorts of stuff but they haven’t made as much as a dent in our efforts. The Iranian way is to look mean and talk strong in hopes that they don’t fall under attack. Sure, they’ll toss their anti-American slogans at us and try to impress their neighbors, but the last thing any of them want is a war that would be destined to become World War III.

    24. SUPER DAVE on February 1st, 2007 9:51 am

      I support our troops all the way. I do not support anything George Bush has to say. After hundreds of billions of dollars wasted in Iraq, New Orleans is still a huge mess ! Bush is like a spoiled child. If he can’t get his way in Iraq, he will just start a war with Iran.

    25. tuyvnsurvivor on February 1st, 2007 7:05 pm

      #24 Got to tell you of all the real warriors I have known and do know, your message is a show product of non support to the troops, typically in their eyes. You cannot have the whole cake, patronizing to support the troops and diss off the commander in chief while near the same line praising troops — passing by way of saying what they have been doing is a waste. Then signing off with childish remarks, which is the complaint, too many of our public childish and light tummy criticising without producing alternatives.

      I think you are speeking out of the false guilt I have been mentioning…the public gets it also. A nice weapon that can easily be used against our ability to sustain in any conflict. Works on our weakest, then the less weakest, the weak and so on until there is a crowd.

      I find a nice ploy starts off with media wanting loss for their political difference, taking polls of people ‘do you support the way the war is run?’ Do you think we should do this or that, do you support the pres in this war? No whole brain likes war, and none privalaged to the total informations to answer the questions correctly.

      There are those enemies who want us to lose in Iraq. We won the war easily, but opportunity exists for ‘thems’ to call the entirity a loss. The weak yes, those with an domestic axe to grind, the taking of political positioning, many that feel the need to oppose establishment for any found reason, and as well our enemy. Playing with danger. Nukes will sooner fly the poorer condition we leave Iraq. And you ‘support the troops? Naugh. Get a date with Fonda.

      –We leave Irag a mess, the wrong people are sure to be adding power to their doctrine with the force that can be used with Iraqs oil wealth. Like weapons, big ones, and one day instead of having a Dr Pepper at 10, 2 and 4, it will be madantory for butts up at that time.

      New Orleans is going to be a bigger mess…we have known that for a very long time. Suggest you sell and move. I am generous but will not contribute a cent to rebuilding New Orleans…sinks in corruption and Earth.

    26. SUPER DAVE on February 2nd, 2007 12:02 pm

      # 25: nice try at propaganda but you need more lessons. I don’t live in New Orleans but i guess to you that is not important. read the news all time low for Bush 28%. no nukes found in Iraq . as for Fonda, i don’t think i’ve dated her yet but evidently you’ve been in bed with Bush .

    27. tuyvnsurvivor on February 2nd, 2007 1:29 pm

      Still waiting positive novel ideas and approach from you there SUPER. Complaining and patronizing support for our troops does not make you a server. What have you done? You. What do you do, aside from complain and participate as a faint? Where do you serve mankind or our country to green our planet, fight your share, carry more than your proportion, offer contributions of material substance? Complaining, wishing you had served and trying to off set your weakness by tearing down the establishment does not put your dna into that which has been or will be constructed.

      If you cannot be respectfull of former troops, current troops and ‘do’ers’, my best views of you would be in your self imposed silence.

    28. super dave on February 3rd, 2007 6:58 pm

      27: now just exactly have you done except to attack me personally ? this is a forum and different opinions are to be expected. i have never called you out personally but you seem to have very little self control. you don’t know me, you have no idea what i’ve done. same goes for me i don’t know you but i can say right now that i don’t like you , and since you have a problem with respect, i don’t respect you. there was a character on this forum ( jonh m, kelmal, or whatever) that you remind me of. take a break man, you’re going to blow a heart valve. maybe you need to talk to a psychiatrist. you can’t have your cake and eat it too !

    29. tuyvnsurvivor on February 4th, 2007 3:05 am

      Super, the topic was supposed to be over defunding issues causing decline in moral of the troops. I have done a lot of things in life, a charm life, but first and foremost I am a vet, protective of current servers to boot. You set yourself up as what I categorize the model lebral with counterfit praise for the troops — when joined with you diss of their wasting thier time and attacking the commander in chief sitting pres during a time of war. My points have been that I would not let my off spring serve in the military, with my approval, off my own service record as an influence to them. Not until those such as yourself who soak up freedoms earned by others while saying treason like statements which embolden our enenmy. Until treason is more regorously defined, media does not have free roaming during time of war or national foriegn crisses, I will not encourage anyone to serve. If you and Fonda can speek like you do, I feel the troops are only naturally going to be depressed. Something I know about first hand.

      As far as you do not like me. Too bad.

      I did serve. Refused 100% disability, from a very poor family and got no help there. I worked and made my way.

      So you need 6 different heart medications and you are telling me I am going to blow a gasket? There are ways for you to get those meds free or nearly so, but I have now already written this long note about dealings of other kinds with you. How did you acquire the SUPER part of your name, as if I didn’t know.

      I think most SM posters, of which I am not an official one so perhaps you can get me ran off, but I think they are mostly appreciative types of those who serve our society. Those might be many different servers, to name one is to sight too many others. I think you need to gain respect and undent your life.

      However if you do have the heart trouble, Do your own research into only using olive oil for cooking, salads and anywhere you can, look into the benifits of cayenne and potencial emergency use, research well cinnamon, and check out thourougly CoQ 10. Speek to your doctor prior and clearly about any intended uses of such items .

    30. super dave on February 4th, 2007 11:18 am

      29: even though you threw the first punch, and called me out personally, i have already forgiven you. there’s nothing you can throw at me that a short harley ride won’t cure. i aquired my name from a battle of a different sort. i did not choose this name it was given to me and it stuck.
      i already know how to take care of myself as far as cooking and the heart problems. i do not need free medicine, i work for a living and am well capable of taking care of myself. i don’t see the need for the elementary name calling from you. i do not have the need to argue as some do.
      and yes i know what the topic is supposed to be. i have family in Iraq and i hope i get to see him again. i have no need to undent my life as you say. i can get the real story from my relative any time i want and believe me he wants to win this war but, he has not been given any indication of how, any plans, they are being set up by the very country that they are there to help. Iraqi intel usually has them in a situation where the insurgents and everyone in this area already knows when they are coming and what they will be looking for. as far as i’m concerned, you and i can be civil toward each other or we can’t. you make the call. as i said earlier, i have already forgiven you and anyway this is Superbowl Sunday let’s not spoil it.

    31. tuyvnsurvivor on February 4th, 2007 12:06 pm

      Good for you SUPER.

      Try to learn something from me as we pass by. When giving a acculaid to a trooper, do not give it the patronizing way. You want that family member of yours to have the slightest better head, let it be he/she meets predominantly folks who say “way to go”. That is it, cut it there. None of the but you should not have been there biz. Might try to think of something positive to add, though I find that most impossible for whinners and complainers to do, and yes they make great lebs…would make good daredevils, because they too do not like the world as it is, but daredeviling requires doing something.

      I am a Harley rider myself, lots of vets are. 2000 FatBoy coustom. Carefull how you mulligrub around riders. The kind I pull up next to so often are successfull at business, and creative, having been vets, at life…then there are the wish they were’s, who are easy to notice by eye and nose.

      But sorry, I see you so patronizingly (can’t see you getting away from it) wished me forgiveness and a good SUPER bowl. Thanks.

      Think of the troops while watching the game. Quite a number have cush jobs, some are not in a lot of harms way. Others are. At risk of screwing up, making a wrong decission on a seconds notice. They are hot. Tired at times so badly, little sleep day after day like a football game per hour. Normal ranges of emmotion in check, trying to do as directed, and directed is not clear…this the nature of the type crisses they are in. We won the war fellow in an instant, a cake walk. What the troops are being asked to do now is another thing altogether, far more a humanity thing, and “respect” is not getting there.

      Once more and I am done SUPER. Worst possible incounter of a citizen to a troop who has given his leg or whatever, is the sorry person who praises the troops and says but you wasted your time in the same sit on the butt position. Do something worthwhile today SUPER.

    32. bungi on June 7th, 2007 2:36 am

      would the have deplomatic relations with vietnam noww if the government of vietnam killed hundreds of thousands of its people? get your lies stright

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