This is the reason why going to the Super Bowl is an utter waste of time and money. Super TailgatedolphansBowl parties with your friends and a wide screen plasma is the answer. One does not have to listen to the announcers and one does not have to put up with the foolishness of the NFL suits.

No tailgating parties allowed for Super Bowl XLI within one mile of the stadium, you’ve come a long way baby. What is the NFL thinking? However, I am sure the NFL is not banning the corporate tents and ultra-elite parties that will go on during the run up to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is now only a limo event.

Bill Krawiec, a Cooper City resident and lifelong Chicago Bears fan. “I mean, there aren’t that many people who follow the teams that can afford tickets. I guess they just want it to be a corporate event where people drive up in their limos, go to the game and go home.”

The NFL has successfully made the Super Bowl fan-unfriendly. The NFL should just admit they care nothing about the common fan and only want corporate sponsors and high rollers. Of course would would have to be in order to afford ticket prices these days.

How convenient, short sighted and ignorant on the part of the NFL to ban what is a pre-Tailgatinggame ritual for football fans. Maybe the NFL would like to explain why tailgating is ok during the regular season and playoff, but not the Super Bowl?

“There is no tailgating allowed in the Dolphin Stadium parking lots,” Sue Jaquez, a member of the Super Bowl XLI Host Committee, confirmed on Tuesday. “And there is no tailgating anywhere within a one-mile radius of the stadium.” “And there are no RVs allowed.”

Tailgating is permitted during regular- and post-season games for Dolphins fans, a team official on Tuesday said it would indeed be allowed at the Super Bowl. According to Jaquez, however, the official has been seriously misinformed.

NO RV’s either? Are you people insane? No, the NFL is just a bunch of money grubbers who have obviously received some nice fees from vendors to provide over-priced food and drinks. They claim its for security reasons? Huh?  Have terrorists invented the new grill and rocket launcher than we are unaware of? Rest assured, there will be plenty of food vendors there posing a security risk.


That’s not tailgating; that’s corporate sales,” said Ray Bridges, a Colts fan with tickets to the game.

“I understand they want to get their concession sales, but…when you are paying two, three, $4,000 for a ticket, for them to say you can’t bring in a grill, I just don’t understand the thinking,” he said.

What a shame that the NFL feels the need to ruin what is a tradition before all football games in the name of corporate sponsors and blame it on security. Its OK to do before ever other NFL game, except the Super Bowl.

And because of security reasons, no pre-game partying on (or very near) the premises will take place. Fans spotted tailgating could face charges, Jaquez said.

So what are you saying, that the NFL is putting its patrons at risk prior to other football games? Security is security and should occur all the time.

No wonder the NFL’s final game of the season is usually a bust and always lacking both on the field and in the stands. The stands are filled with corporate types who sit on their hands and are more concerned about being seen than having a concept of who is even playing. Long gone are the days where rabid fans can actually watch and celebrate their team in the ultimate game. The NFL has successfully gutted a once great game and reduced it to a generic commercial product. Shame on you. Shame on you all.

How do you spend watching the game?

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    13 Responses to “NO TAILGATING PARTIES AT SUPERBOWL!!! NFL = No Fun League”

    1. jerry from ohio on January 26th, 2007 12:18 pm

      WOW Man am I out of my element here talking football but there is a huge reason that I feel the need to comment about this NFL tailgateing rule.
      First off let me say that I live about 12 miles from the Football HOFin Canton Ohio.
      I have seen the NFL now for years push the average football fans face in the dirt unless the NFL NEEDED something from these Fans and it was /is usually $$ .
      Every year since the football HOF game is played here at Canton and the enshrinement is held it is the largest boost for our economy in a year parades fashion shows dinners all honoring the enshrinees as it shoould be but also the powers that be both Local and the NFL who when they come into town you would thing it was the second comeing of Christ . Every one bows down and concedes to the folks from the NFL and the reason being that they are afraid that the NFL will sooner or later move the HOF to another larger and more economicaly suited city which sooner or later they just might do Just because It was in Canton ohio that a group of men met late one nite in an auto dealership garage and discussed about makeing the National football league is
      so we have history so what ?
      The thing that angers me is that as tickets rise is almost a Hundred to go to a Game any more and im told that is a conservative figure . Almost All the events that are held with the NFL’s blessing have been priced so high or the Majiority of tickets are dolled out to dignatarys that are attending the event .
      So A group of men save up and travel to the Super Bowlin an RV to save a few bucks they spend a lot on jersys footballs and of course souvinors for the kids back home and the NFL who can go really anywhere in the US and be as powerful as they want and CALL THE SHOTS ?? I just think that is so wrong and if these guys that want to grill a few Hamburgers and throw a football around for a few hours befor the Game then why is theNFL going to take that away ?
      Personally the NFL and their owners need to be taught a
      lssion in good manners and a financial lesson will be the only one thay would understand in my opinion .
      I would love to see a camera shot of the owners box if the season opened and there were only a handful of these poor ol Tailgating guys sitting in the stands and the rest were at home enjoying the Game in confort and haveing the best seats in the house .
      If NO one came to football all year then you’d hear theowners and the NFL cry poor mouth all over the US but wouldn’t it be a great lession for the powers that be NEVER NEVER to take the Average sports fan that basically keeps them getting richer and richer and then get’s dumped on in the end .
      NOW that would be Poetic Justice IMO .

    2. joe bear on January 26th, 2007 12:35 pm

      And Emerial just gave me some great ideas.This Alabama and we tailgate.

    3. tuyvnsurvivor on January 26th, 2007 1:41 pm

      How can the NFL control the ‘one mile from the stadium’? I hope this does not stand. I use the same beaf heard so often, ‘pro sports show more all the time that they think they own the game based on their profit’. A good lawyer wanting a name made will no doubt get in this, sad it comes to that. I have never tailgated and it is not something I would do, but by all means I see it as a right of the game by now, it is interesting, and adds to the overall flare of a sporting event. What would the billionare’s rules be if they never made the billion, and no one cared. Could they be so creative as to dream up the good natured fun loving tailgaters.

      John Madden always seems to have an appreciatioin of tailgaters…wonder what he will have to say? SM, try for that interview?

    4. windy city on January 26th, 2007 2:29 pm

      Football is no longer the working mans game. Parking at old Soldier Field-$15. New Soldier Field $45-$100. Tickets for games at old Soldier Field $28-$45. New Soldier Field $60(after an initial $1500 seat licensing fee). It is now all about the benjamins. Just ask T.O.

    5. Richard on January 26th, 2007 3:31 pm

      Was the guy who was quoted serious? Are there people who would pay $4,000 to see some football game that they could more comfortably, and for free, see on TV?

      Methinks only the corporations that get a tax writeoff would spend that kind of money.

    6. Scared Monkeys on January 26th, 2007 3:45 pm

      It is a shame what the NFL has done to the Super Bowl.

      It has become nothing more than a corporate driven vehicle. Has nothing to do with the fans of the teams.

      That is why over the years the AFC and NFC Championship games have been better than the Super Bowls. There is passion, suspense and intrigue. True fans are at these events, not the suits who get tickets to the Super Bowl.


    7. Big Lou on January 26th, 2007 10:29 pm

      What can they do if you sit on the ground drinking your beer and eating a sub?

    8. windy city on January 26th, 2007 11:36 pm

      They might take your samich and write you a ticket for open conrainer in public, lou.

    9. Big Lou on January 27th, 2007 10:22 am

      windy city: I thought we lived in the USA. What about our freedom? I can see this going on in China, but the NOT the USA.

    10. Maggie on January 27th, 2007 5:10 pm

      Go on ebay and look what they are selling SuperBowl tickets etc for now. It’s all about the rich guy and big money, all pro sports is now.

    11. Sam Lingle on January 27th, 2007 5:43 pm

      I had it with the NFL, no team unity, over priced tickets, rigged games, etc. etc. and now this garbage. Send a message to the NFL and do as I do support the college football.

    12. Skyboxx on January 27th, 2007 10:46 pm

      Money, money, money. During the regular season, every stadium in the league has tail gaters, it have become an event in which a game is part of that event. But the NFL now thinks they can “collect” more of tha money. Tsk, tsk,

    13. Evan on February 2nd, 2007 8:41 am

      Tis true tis true. This is truley a first. A local radio show here (105.9FM) in south florida had a tailgate party planned for today – 2 days PRIOR – and had to move the party to their own parking lot under pressure from the city of Miami Gardens. The morning show was informed at 1am that arrests would be made and fines would be levied if they went along with the planned “illegal” event.
      This is purely a corporate driven ban. I have the solution, I like the “econominc sanction” of no one going to any stadiums, but here is one better – NASCAR – The true fan friendly event. reasonable prices, fun atmosphere, hot hot hot chics. I will go to my grave as a Dolphin fan bleeding aqua/orange, But I will never again put ANY money into the NoFanLeague.

      Oh yeah, I’ve got 2 empty rooms in my house if anyone still needs a place to stay for the stupid bowl. Only $2500/night

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