The Dana Pretzer Show – Tonight at 9 PM – Special Guests Mike McIntyre and Drew Kesse


The Dana Pretzer Show will aired at 9 PM Eastern on the Scared Monkeys Radio Network. Special Guests:

  • Mike McIntyre of Mike on Crime Fame – Mike and Dana will discuss the Adam DePrisco case which is capturing the hearts and minds of Canada. For those not familiar with this case, go here. There is a major dispute in how Adam DePrisco died. The Mexican authorities are saying a “hit & run”, while the family believes Adam may have been beaten to death. DePrisco’s room was robbed as well. Once again a story from a tourist haven with so many questions unanswered.
  • Drew Kesse – Drew is the father of missing Jennifer Kesse who went missing nearly a year ago. He will give us an update on her disappearance. Jennifer Kesse Website.

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    6 Responses to “The Dana Pretzer Show – Tonight at 9 PM – Special Guests Mike McIntyre and Drew Kesse”

    1. Scared Monkeys on January 17th, 2007 5:40 pm

      If you all are not familiar with this case, SM did a post on it and has been doing updates as well.

      Its a Canadian family’s frustration with dealing with the Mexican government over the death of their son.

      Read Here

    2. LilPuma on January 17th, 2007 9:54 pm

      I thought I read that Adam’s hotel room had been broken into also. I didn’t hear Mike or Dana mention it, but if true, I have to wonder if these young men were targeted for some reason. Perhaps someone knows if this break-in is fact or rumor.

      I just went to site. At a time when many are traveling to Orlando, perhaps this “person of interest” picture should be on the front page. Sure would be nice if Greta or Nancy would also show this picture as well as Jennifer’s. Maybe a few e-mails to them would help. I’ll do it now, before I forget.

      My prayers will include these two families.

    3. Maggie on January 17th, 2007 10:47 pm

      I didn’t get to hear the first half, but did hear Drew. I think of her often just as I do Natalee Holloway and Tara Grinsted. I hope and pray they find the answers they deserve to know where their child is. God Bless you Mr. & Mrs. Kesse.

    4. Scared Monkeys on January 17th, 2007 11:00 pm

      You can go back and listen to it now, the podcast is up.


    5. just moma on January 18th, 2007 3:18 am

      Missed it live; will pick it up in the archive. Thanks, keep up the good work, Dana! and Red, too

    6. LilPuma on January 18th, 2007 5:20 pm

      Since this is not getting in the US news, I do hope someone will keep us updated on this case.

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