Tourism & Tourists: The Greatest Power Against the Caribbean … $$$’s


For those Caribbean countries that are so dependent upon the three S’s: “sun, sand and sea” Caribbean_map5… tourism and tourists have more power than they have ever believed. According to the WTO the Caribbean is the most dependent upon tourism which makes the short sighted and myopic views of Aruba most puzzling. Risking all in an effort to cover up a crime and not want to do all they could in the initial stages to put the disappearance of Natalee Holloway to bed so their tourism would not be affected. Instead, they foolishly thought the matter would just go away. What do they think now?

There are other Caribbean islands with much greater crime rates than Aruba that are prospering. The Caribbean is actually experiencing tourism growth. The people have a powerful way of voicing their opinions and dissatisfaction. Tourists voice it with their wallets and pocketbooks. Individual choice to right a wrong. There is no marketing campaign that can combat people’s opinions.

When will Aruba understand that perception is everything and it is not so much the crime that was committed against Natalee Holloway that they are being punished. It is the overt and conscious cover up to protect those with friends in high places. In this case, it was not the crime that destroyed Aruba’s tourism, but the cover up.

Fifteen million of those travelers, mainly from North America, head for the Caribbean, which is by far the most tourist-dependent region of the world. On smaller islands like St. Lucia, tourism’s contribution to the economy exceeds 70 percent, and the annual number of visitors far exceeds the resident population: Antigua’s 64,000 residents put out the welcome mat for 231,000 visitors one recent year.

On Caribbean tourist islands there has always been a sharp distinction between tourism and how locals view tourists. None more evident as in Jamaica as pointed out by the International Herald Tribune.


Nonetheless, the literature on Caribbean tourism is surprisingly critical. Foreign anthropologists complain about the “tourist gaze” and the distortion of local cultures; local chauvinists declaim that “tourism is whorism.” These criticisms are largely puerile. In Jamaica, it’s the locals who do the gazing while the tourists are busy baking themselves behind the high walls of all-inclusive hotels. If anything, tourism enhances residents’ awareness of indigenous cultures, and it supports large numbers of entertainers. Reggae artists have no problem singing dated versions of Harry Belafonte’s “Day-oh! Day da light an’ me wan’ go ‘ome” if it allows them to get nasty and ragamuffin the next night in the thriving dance hall music culture.

The other fact is that Jamaica has a terrible crime rate, yet tourism is flourishing. Why? Because tourists are going to the all-inclusive, gated communities where they are provided the feeling of safety. If one looked at all-inclusives in a simple manner, they would say that they are bad for the local economy. However, that is not the case. All-inclusives are a part of the economies of Caribbean Islands.

Jamaica has terrible crime rates, but that has little effect on tourism because travelers know they are safe inside the all-inclusives. Furthermore, the all-inclusives draw substantially on local suppliers. Overall, Jamaica, with a high ratio of local ownership and management, has relatively lower leakage. All-inclusives are actually a nimble adaptation to a volatile social environment. Jamaica’s socioeconomic failures cannot be linked to tourism, without which it would be in even more dire straits.

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    97 Responses to “Tourism & Tourists: The Greatest Power Against the Caribbean … $$$’s”

    1. LilPuma on January 3rd, 2007 10:52 am

      The coverup. Treating the family badly, no matter how desparate, aggressive or difficult they were. Threatening to stop the investigation if they criticized the investigation. Citizens of Durham and Boulder are not protesting the media because they are making someone look bad. We are looking for justice and competence. Arubans protested Nancy Grace for being unjustly critical and the US media for making them look bad. Criticism of the investigation was always countered with criticism of America and Americans. Natalee was blamed for being wild, drinking, getting into the car with three boys who claim they did her no harm. I never once heard an Aruban criticize the local boys who, even under age, go out to bars, casinos looking to pick up tourist girls for sex. The boys admit that. They say Aruba sees American girls as being “easy” and the burden of proof that they aren’t is on the girls once they get off the plane in Aruba. They covered up a crime. They showed Americans what they think of them. They showed tourists how they will be treated if “something bad happens.” I used to travel extensively to Mexico and the Caribbean. In the past few years, I’ve stayed within the States and will continue to do so. Amelia Island, Orlando, Wine Country, the Rockies, New England, Hawaii. Maybe I’ll head north to see the beautiful Canadian cities and landscapes. No need to travel anywhere where US$$ are wanted, but not US citizens.

    2. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 11:12 am

      Who needs Aruba? American tourists surely don’t.

      We have our own sun, sand, and beautiful beaches. We have Hawaii and Florida, for crying out loud! (just to name a few sunny states)

      Important point: ALE arrested the security guards while ALE knew that J2K had lied about the HI dropoff. NO police force is that STUPID.


    3. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 11:16 am

      Just got back from a US Airways flight.

      In the complimentary magazine, there was an ad for Aruba.
      I crossed it out and wrote the word “boycott.”

      Then I put it back for the next passenger.

    4. vicki on January 3rd, 2007 11:41 am

      you know Nelson, are you sorry you said to hide this crime from the media and the US? arent you sorry that you let down the ppl of aruba? dont you wish you could go back in time and just squash those nats that started this whole mess? and tacojoe, does every one still LOVE the sporter? give me a break…

    5. cat on January 3rd, 2007 11:51 am

      You Reap What You Sow.The soil in aruba is 15% arable.Where the people be fed from,the good enslaved people.cast off your yokes,aruba and arise.Joe Hill will be there for you.

    6. Minnesota Dad on January 3rd, 2007 12:06 pm

      Did anyone read this???

      Man, this guy should be forced to 1) get the facts straight, and 2) publish an apology to the family.

      This case is a major league cover-up for Paulus and we got guys writing articles like this in the US…..

      Aren’t the Goettenboes living in Georgia these days? One has to wonder why someone would publish something like this…other than they are 1) a clueless tool, or 2) they are trying to attack the family of Natalee Holloway.

      Perhaps he should take on the family of Amy Bradley next. md

    7. dkpen on January 3rd, 2007 12:43 pm

      Aruba stayed true to their words…..

      “No tourism, no Natalee”.

      Karen Janseen told Beth to back off or she’d stop the investigation. Guess she meant it. Sorry corrupted Prosecutor, but she did just what she said she’d do. Saddly!

      God bless you Natalee! May God’s wrath be swift.

    8. Patti on January 3rd, 2007 1:03 pm

      Minnesota Dad:

      I agree. After reading that article, it makes me even more aware that there are still people out there that know nothing about what is going on with the Natalee Holloway case, much less the world. How could anyone, ever, give him a forum through which he can spread lies and gossip?

      This is the reason that I like SCARED MONKEYS:

      It’s not about finger pointing, it’s about truth.

      We ALL need to do our part on, both, educating ourselves; and, in turn, educating others.

      This article is a reminder for all of us, there is still alot of work to do.

    9. vicki on January 3rd, 2007 1:09 pm

      md- I for one am appalled by that stupid idiotic article. what an a$$. doesnt even have his facts straight. I wish Beth and Dave sue him for slannder. How dare he.
      I just wrote to the editor of the paper… as everyone should. disgusting.
      I called the state dept and spoke with a man who said he will look into scaredmonkeys and BFN to look into all the murders that LIERUBA has been hiding and passing off as suicides[sp] and there may be a PUBLIC ANNOUCEMENT not to travel to the DEVILS ISLAND[my words not his]. I told him that he can email Tom{i hope that was ok Tom] if he needs further help. I told him about poor PITBULL who probably was gonna clear his conscious but was kiled before that could happen… I pray to God that this Kind Man keeps his word and HELPS…oh man I feel so good…Please God hear our prayers.

    10. Patti on January 3rd, 2007 1:34 pm


      You go, girl!

    11. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 1:37 pm

      We are invited to respond.

      Let’s submit the facts and show how inaccurate the article is.
      The writer did not do his homework!

    12. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 1:58 pm

      I cranked out a quick, but to-the-point response:

      Dear Editor in Chief,

      Amateur writers make a publication look unprofessional.

      Phil Chroniger is an amateur writer who did not do his homework before writing his current article about Natalee Holloway. Phil is stating a small -minded opinion not backed up by facts.

      There are pictures available of Natalee Holloway about thirty minutes before she left the bar. She was clear-eyed and was dancing.

      Any writer who implies that a smart and decent young woman left with three guys to act in a wild manner is just a guy having a male fantasy.
      Phil’s implications show that he is indeed a little, little man.

      Joran VDS is DUTCH not Swedish. Hello!

      And the wrongful death suit is to get depositions and answers.
      Phil’s moronic attitude only shows that he has no idea what he is writing about.

      Next time, do your publication a favor and hire a professional writer, one who fact-checks.

    13. Carpe Noctem on January 3rd, 2007 2:03 pm

      Karin Jaansen is a DO-NOTHING, bon Bon eatin’ …,

      John Deere Tractor driving,

      low down DIRTY, fetid pile of super

      gamy uber sh-tinkus.

      I wish she’d get DISAPPEARED. * Aruba style.

      Karin please, for the sake of everyone else on

      this great planet. I beg of you,

      Go shut your

      head in the over door… Ya ole’ ornery wombat!

      “She is just simpllllly DREADFULLL” -Simon Cowell


    14. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 2:16 pm

      Hey vicki!

      That is Great News!


      As far as that article MD mentioned above it really ticks me off that a-hole’s like that want to throw Natalee’s name about like that. Lucky for this loser he’s never had a loved one ripped out of his life. I bet this is one of the jerks who whined about how much the media was focusing on Natalee but pulls her off the shelf when it suits whatever stupid point they are trying make.

      Lets shoot off an email to this beotch!

    15. IndyDan on January 3rd, 2007 2:30 pm

      My take is the guy is clueless. The fact that he suggests that the suit was filed out of racism because the “swedish boy” wasn’t sued tells me he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    16. LilPuma on January 3rd, 2007 2:33 pm

      #6. Minnestota Dad

      I followed your link, read the article and clicked on their response e-mail link at the end of the article. This was my e-mail to them.
      While I agree with many points made in the 12-26-06 article written by Mr. Chroniger, he doesn’t have some facts straight about the Natallee Holloway case. First, she went to Aruba with more than 100 of her classmates, male and female. Second, the Kalpoe brothers, who are suing Dr. Phil, are natives of Suriname, not Aruba. While this Kalpoe v. McGraw case has not gone to trial, you have stated the accusations in the case as fact. Third, you mention the Swedish guy and I can only say “What Swedish guy?” A cab driver claims Natalee’s friends said she was in love with a blue-eyed blonde guy. (My friends would tell you I’m in love with George Clooney.) There were rumors that some blue-eyed Dutch boy had spent time with her, a fact denied by her female and male friends from the trip. Finally, the interest in the case is in large part because the perpetrators seemed to have been slipped a Get Out of Jail Free card by friends of the main suspect’s father, who has worked in Aruba’s judicial system for many years and was a Judge In Training until March of 2005.

      Happy to help you get your facts straight.

    17. Gunslinger on January 3rd, 2007 2:40 pm

      Carpe, please don’t insult my John Deere tractor like that! lol

    18. dennisintn on January 3rd, 2007 2:45 pm

      this guy is even dumber than youass. there isn’t a single thing that he used as “fact” correct except that natalee is female and there is a lawsuit.

    19. Steve Holloway on January 3rd, 2007 3:00 pm

      Thanks to everyone that has supported our family. In the begining the true was very hard to see, but now we have a clearer picture of what happen to Natalee. Aruba can’t hide or cover this up any longer. The true is the true and will no longer remain covered. This is Aruba’s burden to bare and they will not heal until they correct it from within. God has been in this every step of the way carrying us when we could not walk. Holding our hearts together when they would fall apart. He was there when we cryed a river of tears and longed for an answer that would not come. Aruba has hurt our family beyond what words can say. Shame on you. Please never do this to anyone again that needs your help like we did and still do. I hope and pray to God this will end soon, IN JESUS name amen.

    20. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 3:19 pm

      Natalee did not “vanish’ on Aruba.

      But JUSTICE surely did.

      We monkeys are here to fight for Natalee’s long overdue and rightfully deserved JUSTICE.


    21. vicki on January 3rd, 2007 3:42 pm

      Oh my goodness Mr Holloway..where would we be without our faith in the Lord. My heart breaks for your total family and not a day goes by that Im not thinking of ways to help. God bless you and yours and take comfort that we have a good God and so we are truely blessed, unlike the selfish lonely ppl that passes themselves off as human beings that dont know the lord. Justice will come and I pray it will be soon.

    22. jackson80 on January 3rd, 2007 3:54 pm

      thank you Monkeys for keeping the pressure up. the column in the Augusta, Georgia newspaper was sickening. I hope Aruba tourism goes to zero.

    23. Carpe Noctem on January 3rd, 2007 3:58 pm

      Karin Jaansen:

      I do not like Karin in a box.
      I do not like her, that SKANK has pox!

      I do not like her at home or WORK.
      I do not like her, b1tch is a jerk!

      I do not like her here or there.
      I’ll bet you she wears holie underwear!?! :shock:

      I do not like that Karin Jaanen BOOB.
      That slack A$$ prosecutor from A-RUBE.



      Write ‘Boycott Aruba’ on
      your cash today! It makes for
      one helluva billboard.



    24. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 4:08 pm

      Dompig admits: enough evidence to put J2k away for 8 years

      Dompig admits: enough evidence to put J2k away for 8 years

      Dompig admits: enough evidence to put J2k away for 8 years

    25. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 4:34 pm

      Mr. Holloway

      You are so very welcome Sir, you and the whole family will have our unrelenting support no matter how long it takes for the total & complete TRUTH is told by Aruba. We are working tirelessly to shut that little third world island down & won’t stop til we do.


    26. sirensong on January 3rd, 2007 4:37 pm

      I, too was outraged by that article and sent and email to the publisher. What an idiot loser.

      Congrats Viki! Way to go!

      To Steve-God bless. Your family is in my prayers every day and night. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I truly admire Beth, Dave and the entire family for your courage, strength and perseverance. Love to you all.

    27. vicki on January 3rd, 2007 4:50 pm

      well put mayan..i wish i had your elegance with words. thank you

    28. Patti on January 3rd, 2007 5:25 pm

      Mr. Holloway:

      God bless you and keep you. May he carry you, in all his strength, to the end.

      Thank you for your kind words and you can bet that we will do what we can to see that Natalee get the respect that she, so greatly, deserves. You raised a beautiful daughter… one that has touched our hearts in so many ways.

      You have been right, all along, about so many things. There were angels, all around helping you; and, now, the truth shall be told.

    29. Tibrogargan on January 3rd, 2007 5:51 pm

      #6 – This columnist is an idiot. At least he could have done a little research and got his facts correct. Makes it look like the K2 idiots lawsuit is in answer to the Holloways not the other way around. The fact is that all SM readers know the truth of the matter but unfortunately there are still some feeble minded people who would read this trash and believe it to be true. The publication should be forced to print a retraction and also an apology to Natalee’s family at the very least. I have fired off an email to them to this effect also.
      Natalee’s story is known here in Australia and some young friends of mine were planning to backpack through South America and the Caribbean Islands until I showed them some of the articles here on SM and they have cancelled their trip and are going elsewhere where they will feel safer. Not much but 4 more non-Aruban tourists.
      As it is said “God moves in mysterious ways” and I can see His hand in all that is befalling this patch of rubble of an island. Love and prayers for all of Natalee’s family and know that many people all over the world share your pain and determination to bring these perverts and their protectors to justice.

    30. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 5:57 pm

      Thank you vicki but you must know i so enjoy reading your posts, you are a passionate advocate for Natalee & have quite a way with words yourself! I couldn’t help but chuckle when ya told Dezeree on the Bread thread that its
      flour not flower.

    31. Page on January 3rd, 2007 6:11 pm

      I am shocked at this article. Has everyone read what this guy wrote? Its copied below from$41084

      Year-end thoughts

      Now at the Podium

      Phil Chroniger

      The Augusta Free Press

      I will make this a short article this week, as most of you are still recovering from Christmas, preparing for New Year’s, and are not in any condition for a full-force rant from my keyboard.

      This holiday season has been a joyous one for me. I’ve noticed that people are rejecting the inclusionist way of celebrating the holidays as one big mass of religious fervor, and celebrating the holidays as their own individual hearts desired.

      I had a conversation with a Jewish man who told me that he doesn’t find “Merry Christmas” offensive at all. He believes it is a good thing to have the blessings of one person’s culture extended to him, even though he is not part of the culture. I believe the same way. If someone said “Happy Hanukkah” to me, I would feel that they were extending the good tidings of their own beliefs to me.

      So why dampen it with the non-offensive “Happy Holidays”?

      As I walked out of Wal-Mart the other night after doing some Christmas shopping, I was greeting by two employees, who warmly said “Merry Christmas” (instead of the colder, less-endearing “Happy Holidays”). To hear this lack of so-called “political correctness” touched me, because it was celebrating the holiday that was coming upon us.

      I want to wish a belated “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year” to the various airline employees at SeaTac, who didn’t allow the threat of a lawsuit to keep them from celebrating the holiday of their choice. It is this celebration of the season that defines what the holidays are about.

      I’m tired of lawsuits dominating our news. I’m tired of people always resorting to “I’m going to sue you” to get their point across or to save face.

      For example, the parents of Natalee Holloway. These are two people who have managed to redefine the term “damage control.”

      They send their 18-year-old daughter with a group of guys her age to a foreign country for a graduation present. If anyone here honestly thinks that this was a good idea, you may proceed to define yourself as “naive” and “overly trusting.”

      She was down there doing what many teen-age girls do without parental control – she was prancing around with the kinds of morals that high-profile women like Paris Hilton and Tara Conner live by. Booze, sex, drugs – I’m sure at least two of the three were taking place on a daily basis down in sunny Aruba. I’m not so far removed from my golden years of high school and college life to know exactly what was going on.

      I’m 100 percent positive that precious little Natalee, a “model student and daughter,” as she has been portrayed, was down there doing the types of things that keep many upper-class suburban parents awake at night, but can never believe their child would do. The fact that this girl was last seen with three guys should already give you an idea of what she was doing.

      The media fails to mention this; instead they sanctify her as they provide coverage that is more comprehensive than the coverage of the election of the new pope last year.

      Now, Miss Holloway’s parents are pursuing a wrongful-death lawsuit against the brothers (natives of Aruba, if I’m not mistaken) who were last seen with Natalie. Strangely enough, they do not mention a word about the Swedish guy who was with her, as well. Racism, anyone? The brothers, in turn, are suing Dr. Phil and NBC/Universal for doctoring an interview they had with Dr. Phil, saying that they spliced the reponses to cast them in a negative light.

      ‘Tis a Merry Christmas indeed for the pockets of at least some of the lawyers involved, as someone will be getting very rich off of the death of a girl that received much more attention simply because of the fact that she was a rich girl from a nice, quiet house in American suburbia (white liberal heaven, mind you) – where things are supposed to be safe and sterile. That sterility was tainted, and the media jumped on it like sharks to blood in the water.

      Thousands of guys and girls her age are murdered each year, with no reason behind it, and no press coverage at all.

      Allow me to end this on a high note, as this will be my last article of 2006.

      In the coming year, I plan on continuing to make you, the reader, think. Whether through combative writing, metaphorical speak, or straight facts, I will attempt to provoke thought. You may not agree with me, you may never agree with me, but I’m fine with that. As long as I make you think, I’ve done my job.

      ‘Til then, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and that includes you, Erik Curren and W.R. Marshall.

      Catch you in 2007, as Chris Graham and the AFP columnists welcome you to experience The New Dominion.

      Phil Chroniger is a regular contributor to The Augusta Free Press.

      The views expressed by op-ed writers do not necessarily reflect those of management of The Augusta Free Press.

      What do you think? Share your thoughts on this story at

    32. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 6:17 pm

      Hey Tibrogargan!

      I’m glad you’re friends had you to tell them how Aruba treats its guests & that they have decided to go elsewhere.

      “4 less people going to Aruba”

      4 less people Aruba locals can victimize

    33. Tibrogargan on January 3rd, 2007 6:44 pm

      Hey mayan_moons!
      Yes it sure felt good! Have also checked out the local travel agents but people here mostly travel to Asia where they also have much the same attitude to tourists – Gimme your money and then buzz off! There is always an undercurrent of hostility to the “wealthy” tourists, even though we have mostly worked our butts off sometimes for years to afford to travel. No respect for any women and drugs everywhere and getting worse. Would not trust their law enforcements either. If I ever travel outside my own beautiful country again it will be to an English speaking and well governed country but plenty of variety here and beautiful scenery. And friendly people who care about tourists. Come to Australia guys!
      Hope you and Pedro enjoyed your New Year. 2007 must bring answers for Natalee’s family.

    34. Mortella on January 3rd, 2007 6:46 pm

      The Augusta Free Press owes the family and friends of Natalee Holloway an apology and a retraction for the factual errors in this article.

      Please one and all write to this editor and see that this is corrected. Not just a retraction will do but an apology and at least double the print space!

      Yes, this guy is trying to live in some adolescent male fantasy! He is flatly lying about Natalee but even worse, he is saying that if a female drinks and does drugs or has sex, it’s OK to make her disappear?? What planet is this caveman from? He needs to go back wherever it is.

      I hope I can avoid contact in life not only with people like J2K but this jerk as well. No telling what he might just feel entitled to do to someone if he suspected they might drink, etc. on vacation.

      What a small and hate filled excuse for a man! Bet those pretty, happy girls drinking and dancing (horrors!!) have rejected him a few times, too. That may well be his problem instead of anything Natalee Holloway did.

      Well, guess what? No matter what a young female does, no one has the right to even so much as touch one hair of her head let alone make her disappear from the face of the earth with total impunity.

      This person has no business spreading his misogynistic hate for women in a newspaper in a major city, least of all Augusta which already has a bad rep with women for not allowing females in the club that holds the Masters Golf Tournament and until recent years did not allow blacks. They had to correct all that just in time for Tiger Woods, too. This is more prejudicial bigotry, last thing that city needs. Tell this editor about it, too.

      Send letters from all over the country, Monkeys! State where you are writing from and let these people know that once again the eyes of the world are on Augusta and we don’t like what we see! If this inaccurate opinion piece speaks for the whole City or even this whole newspaper, like Aruba, they are just asking for it. This is so wrong at so many levels!

    35. Tibrogargan on January 3rd, 2007 7:18 pm

      There is some discussion in the cage about collective noun for a group of monkeys and I trust someone will pick this up and carry in there! Have emailed Red to join the cage but no answer yet. I know he is busy so am waiting patiently. Anyway groups of monkeys can be known as : A cartload, tribe, troop or wilderness. The one I like best and what I believe fits SM best is a Mission of Monkeys.

    36. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 7:31 pm

      Yeah Mortella!

      All that tripe he’s spewing most definite screams *REJECT*.

      He’s 1005 Certain Precious little Natalee was off doing naughty stuff like dancing & drinking??????

      This man is talking about a young girl who is believed to be dead and he’s talking about her this way??? Add another scumbag to the ranks.

      This reads like a transplanted dimwit Aruban wrote it.

    37. Dayhiker on January 3rd, 2007 7:57 pm

      Augusta Free Press

      To the Editor:

      I just have to say your Phil Chroniger is the most misinformed idiot I have ever read in a newspaper. His comments on the Natalee Holloway case were not only out of line, but poorly researched. If he had done his homework he would have known that one of the main suspects in the case, Joran Van Der Sloot, is Dutch and not Swedish. Might I suggest you edit him more closely?

      FYI, Natalee’s mother Beth Twitty has been traveling the country for the past year informing sutdents at high schools and colleges of the dangers of foreign travel through her Safe Travels Foundation. In my estimation she is doing the world a heck of a lot more good than your ignorant, insensitive, and ill-willed Mr. Chroniger.

    38. Carpe Noctem on January 3rd, 2007 8:04 pm

      ROFL #17 Gunslinger

      I know,right? A John Deere is too good for her…

      I should have selected a Dihatsu Wizco Super Cut 3000 from
      Sears or something. I apologize for dragging JD’s
      good name through the mud like that. ha!

    39. mayan_moons on January 3rd, 2007 8:25 pm

      lol Wizoo!

      i see that skank in a gremlin (p yeller)

    40. JusticeforNatalee on January 3rd, 2007 8:49 pm

      We can turn this idiotic article situation around
      and make it work for us.

      Let’s insist upon a retraction and ANOTHER article about Natalee–this time with the FACTS.

      I just sent my second e-mail to the editor in chief.

      Let’s TELL the editor what we want to see in print.

    41. IndyDan on January 3rd, 2007 9:01 pm

      Thinking this thru, the backlash in all this rebuttal to this misinformed idiot might just cause an undo raise in his pursuit of attention. He’s generated a bunch of publicity for this pub and now all of a sudden in his own goofy world he’s a Howard Stern (sorry Howard).
      Do any of you remember johnm?

    42. katablog on January 3rd, 2007 9:21 pm

      #6 – that’s the most despicable piece of garbage I’ve seen yet. Wonder if it was written by the Kalpoes or their Lawyers.

      My reply to the editor:

      If one is to call the garbage Chroniger wrote about Natalee Holloway and her family “journalism” then we will know journalism is truly dead. The guy simply didn’t bother to get his facts straight and instead slandered both Natalee Holloway and her family. Your “paper” should be positively ashamed for printing this piece of dirt.

      “They send their 18-year-old daughter with a group of guys her age to a foreign country for a graduation present. ”

      No, they allowed their 18 year old daughter (of legal age) to go with her male AND female classmates to a foreign country where many other high school students have gone before.

      “She was down there doing what many teen-age girls do without parental control – she was prancing around with the kinds of morals that high-profile women like Paris Hilton and Tara Conner live by. Booze, sex, drugs – I’m sure at least two of the three were taking place on a daily basis down in sunny Aruba. ”

      Really? Was Chroniger there? Or is this merely his assumption rather than a true fact? You know just because Chroniger admits he did these things doesn’t mean everyone of that age does. We do know that Natalee was drinking, friends with her say so. The rest of it is pure speculation based ONLY on what some Arubans say in order to protect their cover-up.

      “I’m 100 percent positive that precious little Natalee, a “model student and daughter,” as she has been portrayed, was down there doing the types of things that keep many upper-class suburban parents awake at night, but can never believe their child would do. The fact that this girl was last seen with three guys should already give you an idea of what she was doing.”

      Straight liable unless Mr. Chroniger can prove he was there and actually witnessed this accused behavior. Chroniger doesn’t mention that “this girl” (her name is Natalee) may indeed have been drugged by at least one of these three boys (who have admitted doing this 20 times before) causing her
      to do something (leave with them) that was totally out of character for her.

      The AugustaFreePress and Mr. Chroniger owe the Holloway family a HUGE apology and then cross your fingers that they don’t sue you, because they really should.

      Oh, BTW, Chroniger also got his facts wrong about who sued who first and why Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were sued (AFTER they sued Dr. Phil) and why Joran van der Sloot (a DUTCH boy, not Swedish) was not included in the Holloway’s suit (lack of jurisdiction) and even WHY the Holloway’s sued
      these two boys.

      I could take another week to correct all the inaccuracies of the article. It’s totally a piece of garbage!

      Peggie Brown

    43. yoyo muffintop on January 3rd, 2007 10:09 pm

      katablog – none of the boys admitted drugging anyone 20x before and you know that. This article is a prime example of stating rumor as fact – which you have done yourself.

    44. LilPuma on January 3rd, 2007 10:16 pm

      #33: I want to reiterate something you recommend, which is vacation in Australia. Or New Zealand. Or Canada and the U.S. Try the United Kingdom. We need to send the message that corrupt officials and citizens who care about our money but not us will not get us or our money.

    45. Allan K on January 3rd, 2007 10:39 pm

      yoyo aruba muftop ?

      Well what did they do 20 times before you bigot? You think you know so much!

    46. Carpe Noctem on January 3rd, 2007 11:09 pm

      #31 – Page, also JFN:


      I just blew in my response!

      Just in case his boss turns out to be a wimp…

      I also cc’d every other dept. in the building that

      I coud get my meat hooks on.

      Maybe he can be tormented by co-workers in advertising, accting, receptionist …et al

      Here is another link to the story
      for anyone who missed it from


      Below are the additional email addys I sent to,



      Note – It said
      Crystal & Chris were
      the SR Editors, I believe.


      I said bottomline, these lies should be fully corrected ASAP.

      …also, perhaps DILBERT “What’s His Butt”" should be made
      to write a sincere apology to Natalee’s family for being
      such a bonehead.


      He called Joran Van der Sloot – Swedish for crying out loud!!!

      Hell, Phil needs to apologize to the Swiss too!


      Dear Aruban and Dutch friends tuning in, cheer up!

      Stupidity is NOT strictly a local
      phenomena. There are some jackasses
      in Aruba, Netherlands, USA, Russia,
      Africa… bleh blah bleh blehhhh…

      Dumbasses are are a
      lot like a VISA CARD…

      They’re EVERYWHERE
      you want to be!


    47. Bob on January 3rd, 2007 11:11 pm

      When I was a young man studying Economics, Finance and Investment Banking years ago at Wharton, a professor warned us how to profit in the future with a simple sentance that I never forgot. I think it applies to American Tourism and vacation dollars: “Spend your money where it is treated best.”

      I don’t currently believe my money is treated best by spending it in Aruba. As a consequence, they will do without it until the Natalee Holloway travesty is rectified, and I urge all others to act accordingly. There is power in the people, and at some point in the future, Arubans will have had enough, and bring the powers that be to task for both their disgraceful actions and unconscionable inactions.

    48. Mortella on January 3rd, 2007 11:14 pm

      A monkey is in the forum screaming that it is Augusta, VIRGINIA and not Augusta, Georgia. So the Masters is not held there. Odd two bigoted locations with same name, must be a bad name to give a city. Don’t know about Augusta, Maine, and other Augustas, however. They may be very nice places.

      So in your letters, no need to mention Masters but it basically changes nothing. One forum poster counted four factual errors in one paragraph so loaded is this piece of crap.

      yo-yo, just what was it Joran meant when he said they had done this twenty times before and nothing bad happened? Doesn’t sound like he just meant pick up girls for what bad should happen as a result of that unless they are pulling off some sort of dangerous activity creating a climate in which something could go bad?

      Little slip of the tongue on the part of your hero Joran but nonetheless, he said it. No one is making that up. You can’t make up the stuff that has been said by the suspects in this case. Anything one might invent is never as bad as what they will actually say if give a chance and most especially Joran.

    49. Molly on January 4th, 2007 12:18 am

      Oh, boy, the Chroniger clown really overstepped his bounds when he compared Natalee to Paris Hilton. I DON’T THINK SO! Natalee had been working hard to improve her life, not going around to every party in Hollywood and Vegas, showing herself. And “if I’m not mistaken”, the people involved are from Aruba and Sweden? He pronounced his own judgement. He is mistaken! Totally wrong and stupid. Basic elements of this case and the people involved are totally missed by this guy. Only people who read the Enquirer and the Globe will believe this stuff.I hope his last article for 2006 IS his last article.

      molly (in Houston)

    50. Carpe Noctem on January 4th, 2007 1:15 am

      Some new slides added:




      -Justice 4 Natalee

    51. Jasmine on January 4th, 2007 1:21 am

      Molly – even the Enquirer and the Globe have been more accurate that this bozo!

    52. nychic on January 4th, 2007 1:31 am

      you can also let Mr. Chroniger know
      what you think about him or his articles here:

    53. Carpe Noctem on January 4th, 2007 1:45 am

      Bare gaphic – No guidlines in the way.

      #38 bodies


      Yeah Dill-Pak, Sangria, and Hoe-Ronnnn,
      you were right!!!!

      When we find the girl WE WILL see that $hit.

      …and when you go to church this Sunday with your mommies…

      you might just want

      to pray about that $hit!


    54. Richard on January 4th, 2007 6:44 am

      Great work, Vicki and Tibrogargan. As to that Augusta idiot, what is at stake here? Even the Arubans said the Mountain Brook kids were well-behaved … and the issue is not what they did, but WHAT HAPPENED TO NATALEE?

      If his wife and/or daughter were raped, I wonder how receptive he’d be to the argument that it was their fault because they dressed provocatively, or some such crap?

      But this guy sounds like the Steve Yuhas type … write something outrageous and then revel in the letters from irate readers. Even so, it’s a good idea to let the publisher know that we insist on some accuracy and some standards. Yours truly will be tackling this ere long.

      Too bad that we couldn’t get a group petition to the non-Aruba governments in the Caribbean, pointing out that it is to their interest to DEMAND that Aruba provide answers. After all, their tourism and reputation must be seeing at least an indirect effect as well.

      And, of course, if they are seen as concerned about Americans, and Aruba is not … where do you think people will want to go?

    55. vicki on January 4th, 2007 7:34 am

      Richard, or carpe, Klaas? maybe one of you could email me…I dont want to give out this mans name just yet… but maybe one of you can call him and give him more info. I sometimes get so upset that I either get so mad or I start crying. He seemed very nice and promised me that he would look into what I was saying…but I dont want the ball dropped…

    56. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 9:07 am

      Chroniger…..slander and lies…..
      We will be waiting for a retraction.

    57. chris on January 4th, 2007 9:57 am

      Hi Richard, good to see you back. Let me say once more that I’m a not so young lady, not too familiar with what to do with my computer.
      You talk about a petition. I have had 2 last year via email and each had about 5M signatures when it got to me. Of course, if we were to do that, it would open all of us up to getting sued by Taco. Tom has my email address as do Jossy and Michelle and I’m not really worried about giving it out. Just a thought……chris

    58. truthbetold on January 4th, 2007 10:04 am

      All I know is that my friend Katherine told me the island was packed during christmas-new years so im not sure this boycott is at full speed…..

    59. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 10:25 am

      I don’t know where you people get all this pointless negativity… I’ve noticed that (nearly) all of you are walking in circles…The same 30 people, the same negative comments all the time…

      Aruba is by the way doing great… Hotels are full in December… Construction is booming… All in all the Natalee Holloway incident did not have the “catastrophic” consequences you people were hoping it had…Many hotels were in renovation and/or construction…A lot of Americans are still coming to Aruba…

      I think you people need to get your facts straight…And stop walking and thinking in circles, stop having false hopes… Not even the Dr. Phil tirade could have broken Aruba… If you people are to be believed, All the negative publicity by Dr. Phil and Beth only had an overall effect of 6%…. That is very very very low…

      Maybe it is time that you come up with something bigger…Because all this negative publicity is definitely not working optimally…

      Keep op the hope in 2007…Aruba will be coming on very STRONG in 2007 !!!

      Happy New Year to you Circle Walkers….

    60. yoyo muffintop on January 4th, 2007 10:54 am

      Joran (Greta interview): And you’re like, you know, what, you know what are you doing? Because it was… it was a normal… it was a normal thing for us to do, you know, go to our friends, go to the beach, talk to American tourists, you know, then go out with them and have a good time and, you know, nothing… nothing ever bad has ever happened. I mean it’s happened probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong.

      Allan K & Mortella – clearly means hooking up with tourists.

    61. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 10:55 am

      B.t.w. have you all circle walkers seen the new RIU hotel towers ??

      This hotel will be BIG and Beautiful…

      Aruba Ariba Always !!!!

    62. vicki on January 4th, 2007 10:56 am

      Rumba, you may think that your little Island is doing so well. Ive got to tell you, if Satans Island is full, than its full of the type of ppl that I dont want to be around. Hopefully word has gotten out that EVIL pure and simple is what your place is all about so thats what you have coming there. Sick, evil and cheap ppl.So bask in your glory. It may be your child next…or MOTHER. PPL like you make me sick. I dont want any part of your freakin DEVILS island. Keep all the perverts and sickos with you. Enjoy…Evil breeds EVIL.
      To show you just how EVIL and Sick you are..did you not read up above STEVE HOLLOWAYS post? How can you be so callous to post her about “the NAtalee Holloway thing” like it was a show? You Stupid PIG.Go away…

    63. Page on January 4th, 2007 10:57 am

      Phil Chroniger
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Phillip Andrew “Phil” Chroniger is an American op-ed columnist and sociopolitical commentator. He generally writes about politics and social issues, with minor focus on pop-culture and entertainment. He is most noted for his series of columns entitled “Now at the Podium”.
      e calls them) are very anti-liberal and anti-mass media. Some have speculated that Chroniger is more Chroniger himself states “I’m not so much ‘pro-Republican’, as I am ‘anti-Democrat’.” Chroniger has made statements that espouse the belief that most of the American media is pro-liberal, and that they intentionally slant news reporting to promote their ideals.

      Chroniger resides in Strasburg, Virginia with his wife, Amanda, and his son, Benjamin. Besides writing, Chroniger works for a large financial holding company and has expressed interest in campaigning for political office at a local or regional level within the next few years.

      He is an avid Washington Redskins and Maryland Terrapins fan. Some suspect his support for the University of Maryland’s athletics program will lead to banter between himself and the editors of the Augusta Free Press, whose sports coverage is very much in-favor of the rival University of Virginia Cavaliers.
      External links

      * – Chroniger’s “Your Daily Mental Floss” blog archives
      * – Augusta Free Press, where Chroniger’s “Now at the Podium” columns from 2006 are archived.
      * – The New Dominion website, the re-branded version of the Augusta Free Press where Chroniger’s column is now posted weekly.

    64. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 11:11 am


      They’ve come here to inflame us. It hasn’t and won’t work.
      The people who protect the liars on that island are just as guilty as the perps. If Aruba had a big turn out new years eve, it prolly was all those free trips they had to give away.

      Aruba, perfuming your pig (s)
      BTW Dompig, what did Michael REALLY mean? Let your son be a man and say what he meant.

    65. Mortella on January 4th, 2007 11:14 am

      It is not we who say the hotels are running at 74% occupancy but their own report. I just wonder how it is that you know better than the hotels themselves how they are doing?

      Please cite your sources for this information for it is contrary to the latest reports filed by the members of the tourist industry in Aruba.

      And since Aruba is so booming, you won’t mind one bit if we all double our efforts on the boycott? Just remember you gave us encouragement to do so with your posts.

    66. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 11:14 am

      Chroniger, blogging his feelings, what’s sa matta, got no-one to talk to, WHO’D LISTEN TO YA.

    67. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 11:18 am


      Well, not even Dr. Phil could have destroyed the Aruban economy….Do you think that this website can ?? I definitely doubt that… This websites doesn’t have the reach that you people think it has…

      Keep on trying and do your best… But with all things negative on this website I doubt it that something could be effective…

    68. dennisintn on January 4th, 2007 11:22 am

      #59, roflmfao, dream on. you took the words right out of oduber’s mouth. you should get out of the house more and look around you. do your own thinking. read some of your own main bank’s facts and figures. if we haven’t learned anything else in the last l9 mos., it’s that the aruban govt. is incapable of telling the truth about anything.
      last summer, the aruban businessman who advised beth last summer to “just shut up, go home, and get over it” didn’t happen then, and it won’t happen now. his little temper fit only hardened our hearts and strengthened our resolve to stay the course and get both natalee back home, and justice for her. the days of americans disappearing on the vile isle and just being written off and forgotten without anything being done about it are over.

    69. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 11:38 am

      Hey Rumba, do you have Anita’s camera?
      Her camera is missing from the search that never happened. Well, anyway, if you do have her camera, can you go take some pictures of your empty beaches? The same places where your web cams are, that are showing the only thing shaking and moving are the trees and the waves on the beach.

    70. dennisintn on January 4th, 2007 11:39 am

      how nice to know that chroniger is thinking about running for a political office. just what we need in politics. another real humanist. just full of heart and a terrific sense of justice. let’s remember this fool’s name and remind his constituents of this letter when he makes his political debut.

    71. IndyDan on January 4th, 2007 11:42 am

      On Dana’s podcast, Red reported that Scared Monkeys had 27 million hits last year. Not much of a reach huh?

    72. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 11:43 am

      Hey Rumba

      Like Mama Kalpos says they all lie.,2933,159252,00.html

    73. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 11:53 am

      To all the wishful thinking and one-sided negative monkeys…:

      All in all, all this negativity that was displayed by you in 2006 has had little to no effect and has been very unproductive for the whole of the Natalee Holloway cause…

      Desperation will only lead to very desperate measures by these people and desperate wishful thinking….

    74. SUPER DAVE on January 4th, 2007 12:16 pm


    75. JusticeforNatalee on January 4th, 2007 12:24 pm

      Rumba Aruba is WRONG and just trying to discourage.

      Skip over posts and continue fighting for Natalee.

    76. Molly on January 4th, 2007 12:36 pm

      Ya, skip it. Just a waste of good internet space.

      molly (in Houston)

    77. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 12:38 pm


      I hope that you could contain your anger and hate against Arubans when you see how Aruba will progress in 2007…

      Keep the faith !!! Don’t be too desperate…

    78. Quinne on January 4th, 2007 12:55 pm

      My first post of 2007 on SM’s… Glad to see the support of the boycott and JUSTICE for NATALLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will get answers!!!

    79. mayan_moons on January 4th, 2007 1:07 pm

      Hey Dumba!

      Aruban’s like you could have their head on fire & still claim they smell no smoke. You and the island are a joke.
      We laugh in you’re stupid face.

    80. sevendays on January 4th, 2007 4:48 pm

      Hey Everyone!

      Rumba Aruba:

      We just returned from a perfect vacation at the Riu Aruba Grand! The 100 foot pool is the best we have ever seen, the beach is gorgeous- We never had a problem getting a beach “hut” as long as one of us went down to reserve it by 8:30.
      Our room on the 7th floor was beautiful- clean and commfortable and spacious. Loved the sleep-number bed! We had a lovely view of the water and the sunset was magnificent!!
      The bathroom floors were covered with lovely marbled tiles.
      Excellent maid service (twice a day if you want)
      Concierge was very belpful and pleasant, as were most of the other “help”.
      Located on Palm Beach with a larger-than-average beachfront!! Close to restaurants and shops.
      We will definitely return soon!!

      Definitely try to get a room on one of the top 2 floors-They are the ones which have been so beautifuly renovated.


      SM:   You must have posted this in the wrong forum.   Didn’t you mean to post it at (klaasend)

    81. Steve Holloway on January 4th, 2007 5:00 pm

      Just in case you didn’t know, I am Dave Holloway’s older brother. I am one of many of Natalee’s Uncles. What happen to her in Aruba should not happen to any human being, even if someone went to Aruba to get drunk, use drugs or have sex. To say it is ok that they come up missing if they were doing such things is insane. That kind of person only wants attention. Most of my family members are Christians. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died on the cross to save us from our sins. If you don’t know about Jesus, please read the bible for yourself. This is how we get the strength to go another day or face our problems in life. Jesus will carry you to the other side if need be, but the promise that He makes is He will never leave us or forsake us. This is the strength of our faith in God. And when death knocks on our door WE as Christians will GO to heaven forever. One other thing that is very hard to do. If you do not forgive others God will not forgive you. I do not want to see HELL. Forgiving someone is something I have to work at, but can forgive the ones in Aruba for what they did. If they do not ask forgiveness from God and die before becoming a Christian, they will be in HELL forever. I do not want them to be in HELL. Forgiving them doesn’t mean they do not have to face the laws of the land or the wrath of GOD. About the law suit….it is only about getting answers, nothing more. God Bless you for your prayers and support.

    82. windy city on January 4th, 2007 5:15 pm

      sevendays. Are you having a flashback from two years ago? Steve Holloway, God bless you!

    83. samuelkdoe on January 4th, 2007 5:20 pm

      Hello Steve,

      I am truly sorry for your loss.I know it must be very difficult and commend you for your comments.

    84. Carpe Noctem on January 4th, 2007 6:02 pm

      Hey Rum Balls,

      If your island’s so busy,you should
      be out working, no?

      Not trying to salute
      the Aruban flag to the drugging, murdering,
      raping Van der sloot – Kalpoe
      Oranjestad Murder Squad!

      In country who could stand behind those
      flea bag criminals has a open t
      hrottle death wish.

      Your island is an embarrassment.
      That is why people are not coming anymore.

      PUH-LEEZE about that sh$t about it being filled
      up in December, okayyyy? We have eyeballs and ears
      on the island…we know if Rudy Croes farted
      before you read it in print.

      Most of the numbers about the Aruban economy posted
      around here, have been put together and agreed
      upon by YOUR VERY OWN banks on the island.

      You can nor be any more FAIR than that! Those
      are YOUR numbers.

      As far as building more hotels goes:

      Anyone who took a basic economics class in
      Junior High School knows that if the
      demand is not there, you do not KEEP
      ON making Widgets!

      In short, to keep building & remodeling more and
      more hotels…

      WHEN NOBODY is coming to fill them up…

      Well, I just don’t know of a nice way to put. Its
      fricken stupidity PLUS.

      Maybe that was what your sot of a criminal
      Prime Minister was talking about in his
      latest speech.

      A lot of stupid asses run the island, so please be more tolerant of the fact that they’re dumber than
      a sack of hammers.

      We don’t have to kill off Aruba! When your
      enemy is self-destructing right before your very eyes,
      …it is wise to just step aside and let nature
      run its course. -J4N

    85. Carpe Noctem on January 4th, 2007 6:06 pm

      ****Excellent maid service (twice a day if you want)****

      Yessss, we heard Nelsey Oduber
      loves those maids A BUNCH!

      Wasn’t he the one that chased one
      down a hotel hallway butt-nekkid
      carrying nothing but a
      feather duster? ;-)

    86. Rumba Aruba on January 4th, 2007 7:35 pm

      Carpe Noctem:


      “We have eyeballs and ears on the island…”

      I think you are maybe suffering from an acute delusional episode…Poor Carpe Noctem…Keep on dreaming and try to make the supposedly “6% Boycott effect” bigger…Because it’s becoming smaller and smaller everyday….Just wait until RIU opens its doors…

      Westin is already renovated and open for business…Did you really think that Westin would invest in Aruba if the economy was so weak…???

      You need to go back to school !!!!


      SM: Maybe you should take some on-line accounting courses? Try Phoenix.

      The rest of the Caribbean is experiencing growth and Aruba is in the “Red”. Literally.

      The low hanging fruit is easy … its those high branches that Aruba can’t reach anymore. Why? Cuz they are off to other islands.

      Yes, a mega-corp would take a chance on any bad situation, happens all the time. At worst it becomes a bad debt write off and they move on.


    87. Patti on January 4th, 2007 8:59 pm

      Mr. Holloway:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you. I think that it is so thoughtful for you to come and remind us of the important things. We must, and we will forgive. For without forgiveness, there is no peace. I hope that we can learn to take the higher ground in our deep respect for you and your family. I also pray that the anger and hatred that many feel towards the ones that did this will, soon, be over; for it is that hatred that will truly devour us.

      We are to love, even, our enemies.

      Note: I am sorry for mistaking you for your brother yesterday.


    88. kay on January 4th, 2007 9:23 pm

      maybe we do love them but we’re boycotting them for their own good. i can forgive and still make sure nobdy i care about goes to aruba.

    89. kay on January 4th, 2007 9:34 pm

      arubans are not to smart or it would have never gotton this far.

    90. Patti on January 4th, 2007 9:38 pm


      Mr. Holloway:

      When you speak, everyone listens.

      God Bless You and Your Family.

    91. Carpe Noctem on January 4th, 2007 11:54 pm



    92. nychic on January 5th, 2007 2:21 am

      Hey Rumba

      Remember When You Were Posting Under One
      Of Your MANY Names And We Went Through
      This Drill About How Many Are Here At SM ???

      So Many Post Here And Even More Read Here
      On A Daily Basis –
      You Are Delusional For Thinking Otherwise

      I Am Sure That Everyone Here Has Friends And
      Family Who Traveled During The Holidays
      I Will Bet That Not One Person Out Of Thousands Spoken To
      Traveled To Aruba – Every Single Conversation I
      Have About Vacation Destinations I Give The Same Warning:
      “As Long As You Are Not Going To Aruba…”
      Every Single Person Replies NEVER !

    93. dennisintn on January 5th, 2007 9:20 am

      sm, check out this morning for comments on reactions to the chroniger garbage. scroll down, it’s not hard to find. as far as the flavor of this article is concerned, sounds like more garbage to me.

    94. dennisintn on January 5th, 2007 9:33 am

      #80, isn’t “sevendays” one of the girlfriends of the manager of the riu aruba grand? seems like i’ve seen that handle before. nothing like having your own live pr system going for you.

    95. Miss-Underestimated on January 5th, 2007 9:50 am

      Mr. Holloway,

      We stand behind your family to find justice for Natalee. You see the good posters here today and everyday, that will not rest until justice is served.

    96. page on January 5th, 2007 10:44 am

      Below is copied from

      Readers respond to Chroniger column

      By Chris Graham

      A blurb from Phil Chroniger’s year-end column published in The Augusta Free Press late last month on the subject of the Natalee Holloway disappearance showed that some people obviously can’t get enough of what at least Chroniger sees as being perhaps the most overplayed and overhyped media story of 2006.
      “I believe that before you allow Mr. Chroniger to contribute an article to your paper that you should be sure that he has the facts straight and is not just making them up as he goes,” wrote reader Jan Harbour. “It would have only taken a bit of research to rectify all of the errors that he made in reference to the Natalee Holloway case and Aruba. I counted six errors in one small paragraph.
      “He is entitled to his opinion; I am entitled to mine; My opinion is that he owes the family of Natalee Holloway a written apology,” Harbour wrote.
      Chroniger’s piece detailed his thoughts on how the media coverage has skimped on providing a look at how Holloway’s family has been able to manipulate public opinion to vilify a number of named suspects and the government of Aruba for its handling of Natalee’s case.
      Given the tone of the letters that we have been receiving in response to Chroniger’s column in recent days, it would seem that the family and the media have been quite effective in getting that message out.
      “If one is to call the garbage Chroniger wrote about Natalee Holloway and her family ‘journalism,’ then we will know journalism is truly dead,” reader Peggie Brown wrote. “The guy simply didn’t bother to get his facts straight, and instead slandered both Natalee Holloway and her family. Your paper should be positively ashamed for printing this piece of dirt.”
      Numerous other letters arrived detailing similar thoughts that Chroniger is an ogre and that the Holloway family is deserved an apology and the rest. A clue to their origin came from reader Don Cloyd, who indicated that he first read Chroniger’s column at, which from its appearances is a simple blog founded, according to a blurb on its front page, “by two guys who went to school together, and have been discussing politics and life for years.”
      From these humble beginnings, the blog has won over adherents who wrote to us en masse about how we should seek out the site for the “truth” about the Holloway case, as more than one reader related.
      Many contained threats that lawsuits should be in the offing – and one contained a vague personal threat directed against this editor
      On the flip side, we did get two letters – yes, two – from people who said that they appreciated that Chroniger dared to say what many Americans want to say about the Holloway case.
      “Many thanks and blessings to Phil Chroniger for speaking what so many Americans have been waiting to hear. Finally someone speaking out and calling the Natalee Holloway case for exactly what it is,” reader RoseMarie Hughes wrote.
      “Finally, a man who is not afraid to speak the truth with regard to the Natalee Holloway story. I am sick to death of this young girl (and I am sorry she is missing) being protrayed as the next Mother Theresa, and not one TV personality asking what were the parents thinking on sending their kids, to a foreign country no less, for this type of trip,” wrote another reader who submitted an anonymous letter.

      Chris Graham is the executive editor of The New Dominion.

    97. dennisintn on January 7th, 2007 12:51 pm

      anonymous reader my hind foot. another aruban apologist who lives on the vile isle or has a timeshare he’s trying to keep the bottom from falling out of.

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