Duke University Invites Two Duke Lacrosse Players Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann back to Class


According to reports, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann, two of the three suspended Duke Lacrosse Duke lacrossplayers have been invited back to Duke University to attend classes. The reinstatement did not apply to Dave Evans, the third of the accused as he has already graduated from Duke.

Duke University has invited two of the lacrosse players accused of sexual assault to return to school as students in good standing, a defense attorney said Wednesday.

Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann had been barred from attending class during the fall semester while their case made its way through court. The third player charged in the case, Dave Evans, graduated in May, the day before he was charged with raping a stripper at a team party in March. (KABC)

The recent events that have taken place in the Duke Lacrosse rape case have obviously made those at Duke rethink that of which had been previously done to the three accused Duke Lacrosse player. DA Nifong had earlier dropped the rape charges against the lacrosse player; however, upheld the sexual assault and kidnapping charges.


(Reinstated Duke Lacrosse players)

Statement from Duke University:

“As circumstances have evolved in this extraordinary case, we have attempted to balance recognition of the gravity of legal charges with the presumption of your innocence,” Larry Moneta, Duke’s vice president for student affairs said in a letter to Seligmann dated Jan. 2.

“Now with the approach of a new term, we believe that circumstances warrant that we strike this balance differently. At this point, continued extension of the administrative leave would do unwarranted harm to your educational progress.” Seligmann’s attorney, James P. Cooney III, said Finnerty received the same offer.

Comments from the family of Reade Seligmann:

“We are … glad that Duke University has now made it clear that Reade is welcome to return to the university and look forward to the day that he can continue living a normal life and continuing his education as a full-time student.” (WVEC)

This case has become a complete fiasco as the North Carolina State bar has filed ethics charges against Mike Nifong and he has been asked to step down from this case. At this point stepping down is the least that Nifong can do.

What a complete disaster. DA Mike Nifong has successfully messed up future rape cases for victims and accused alike. What evidence did he ever have to go forward? What interrogations had he ever done? Nifong has successfully messed up future “legitimate” rape cases as defense attorneys will use the “prosecutorial witch-hunt” card.

Duke Invite Seligmann, Finnerty to Return

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    12 Responses to “Duke University Invites Two Duke Lacrosse Players Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann back to Class”

    1. Richard on January 3rd, 2007 4:47 pm

      Something here seems very weird to me. If these guys still are being charged with sex offenses and kidnapping, those charges in itself, I would think, justify their continued exclusion from campus.

      Are we to infer that the university is satisfied that these charges also are bogus? They seem serious to me in their own right, even if the rape charge has been dropped.

      But were I in the position of these guys, I probably would tell the university to stuff it. I wonder if some kind of financial compensation is involved … seems to be the case in everything these days.

    2. Scared Monkeys on January 3rd, 2007 5:45 pm

      I would agree with your accessment Richard.

      If Duke was to take the “innocent until proven guilty” tact, then why did they suspend them in the first place?

      This is part of the craziness of what has now been created.

      Was there a crime? If so what? If there was then is Duke putting students at risk? If there is not, what is the DA doing?


    3. jhawks on January 3rd, 2007 8:44 pm

      Mike Nifong gave D.A. a whole new meaning … Dumb@ss!

    4. hammer on January 3rd, 2007 9:49 pm

      These kids were railroaded by an incompetent DA, and Duke will pay the price.

      Early Acceptance applications are down over 30% at Duke in Fall ’06, and I guarantee you that high-achieving kids from the Northeast just put Duke on their “safety list”.

      Hello Boston College. Goodbye Duke.

      You can bet on it.

      I thought that the same small town mentality permeated the place — Duke — when I was accepted there over 20 years ago (and declined).

      My parents were right (again).


    5. Miss-Underestimated on January 4th, 2007 8:50 am

      My question to the those who may know, could these two guys bring charges against Duke for the unwarranted suspension?

      We have a Mayor who suspended some cops with , based on allegations, the cops took the village to court and were awarded tons of money, that now the taxpayers have to belly up, ( the village attorney or mayor should pay this award and not the taxpayers) but anyway, could the two students go back to Duke for damages? Actually, they should go after Pingpongs retirement fund.

    6. Brenda on January 4th, 2007 10:01 am

      Hate to say it, but I feel it is much worse than incompetence on the DA’s part. It’s a refusal to admit they were wrong. Ego, pride, lack of morals…. DA had no problem ruining the lives of those students over the lies of (what I consider) a prostitute full of hate towards life and men in general.

      Now maybe those boys understand what “guilty by association” means, and why parents tell their kids to steer away from such peer pressure and unhealthy activity. Look what kind of people you draw to yourself?

      I am certain the boys threw racial slurs at the accuser, which was wrong…but what does a girl expect when cavorting half-naked before a couple dozen drunk college students? Did she expect to be treated as a lady?! Hard life lesson for the students too. Be careful where you “step”. When you walk through the cow pasture, you will probably step in sh1t and ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes!


    7. Big Lou on January 4th, 2007 11:17 am

      Brenda, Yes she expected to be treated like a lady. Every man should treat every woman as a lady. There are no excuses not to. Even if the students are drunk that doesn’t give them any rights to treat her bad. Don’t blame the woman.

    8. Brenda on January 4th, 2007 1:21 pm

      I’m a woman (last time I checked) and I blame her for offering herself as a whore. Sorry. My opinion and it ain’t changing.

      They didn’t hire a dancer because they wanted to watch a “lady”. Sorry…guess we should have treated Saddam as a “true gentleman”…right?


    9. Scared Monkeys on January 4th, 2007 3:25 pm

      Technically the Duke Lacrosse team should have gotten into a world of hurt with the University just in the fact that they hired strippers for a party.

      Prior to this sad event Duke Lacrosse was already known for its bending of the rules. Why does anyone think that the Lacrosse coach got out of Dodge so fast? Before there was even a ruling or verdict he bolted. Shows how much confidence in his players he had.

      When athletes receive scholarships to play sports there is a “good conduct” clause that they have to abide by. There have been female athletes who have been suspended and scholarships rescinded because they worked at a Hooters.

      At the very least, Duke had a right to take action against these guys from the fact that they hired strippers.

      I am sure Coach K, who espouses a clean athletic program is none too happy with the Duke Lacrosse mess.

      Hey Duke … make up your mind and stop the PC BS. Either these guys broke rules or they did not. Either there is a presumption of innocence or there is not. Or is it just that some boosters and heavy money alumni are calling the shots?

    10. Leo on January 4th, 2007 5:35 pm

      I thought the girl’s story was bogus from the beginning. I don’t feel like I was clairvoyant or anything – I suspect most people felt the same way.

      That being said I don’t understand all the hyperventilating going on with a lot of people over the “poor boys lives being ruined”. In a legal sense nothing has been done to them. They haven’t been convicted or imprisoned. They haven’t even gone to trial. If you think their lives have been ruined just because they have been investigated then the same goes for everybody who have been arrested and taken to trial. These are a bunch of rich brats and they have access to better lawyers than you or I could ever hope for if we get in trouble. The chances are nil they will be wrongly convicted. The chances are much better they actually did something wrong and will get away with it.

      The reason I say this is because there are people in prison right now who are totally innocent of the crimes they have been charged with. Right here in North carolina a young man was put on death row for a murder he obvioulsy didn’t have anything to do with. Steven Laroque and Walter Jones didn’t make a peep about that case. i wonder why they keep beating this one to death?

    11. Big Lou on January 4th, 2007 9:29 pm

      Brenda: So do you believe that a woman who is cavorting half naked in front of some drunk students is asking for it and it is alright to be RAPED?

    12. Brenda on January 5th, 2007 8:55 am

      Nincompoop (Lou)….she wasn’t raped at the party. I like the way you tried to twist my statement and make me appear as if I enjoy seeing any person experience bodily harm. So, although your question has nothing to do with my statement, I will answer.

      Do I believe she as “asking” for anything…no…not asking. But please have enough brains to see that if one chooses to play russian roulette, the chances are they may loose one day and should understand that simple fact going into it. I said I BLAMED her. What for you ask? For (1) putting herself in that position, (2)lying about what happened, (3)allowing her lies to continue to perpetuate the situation rather than come forward with the truth, (4)making it more difficult for women who are REALLY raped to want to come forward, (5)costing that town tons of tax dollars over nothing to (6)satisfy her wish to cause pain and suffering for others…should I continue??

      I will agree with Red that YES, the boys must have been allowed to party WAY outside of the rules. That sends a good bit of the blame there way as they too put themselves in a bad situation knowing better. Yet they did not lie as the accuser did. THAT is why I’m on the side of the boys and not the hooker/dancer.

      Here’s a story for you…

      In England they just caught a serial killer who was murdering “ladies of the night”. (Since you view all women as “ladies”, I’ll call them that.) Police asked the local prostitutes via newspapers, TV, and even right there on the streets asking they STOP working while the killer was on the loose. Know what? ALL VICTIMS TAKEN AFTER THE FIRST HAD REFUSED TO STOP WORKING.

      Do I think they “asked for it” or “deserved it”? Hell no! Do I think they are to blame for putting themselves in a dangerous position even after being warned. YES! They knew a killer was out there and went with men anyway. (In russian roulette it’s, “I’ll pull the trigger and it won’t fire…you’ll see!”)

      Lou…there is no spin you can come up with to prove they didn’t contribute to their own deaths! Nor is there any proof your “lady” accuser was raped. Only proof she is a liar and paid prostitute herself with a nasty chip on her shoulder and a dishonest nature.

      I find it sooo interesting that you condemn the boys behavior, but not the accuser’s. Why is that? You saying women cannot control themselves from acting out as whores? Or are you trying to say we are “inferior” and the men must be soooo strong in the face of it? You are so 2 faced. Pretending to be full of values and really full of crap.

      Truly, all three sides (DA too) screwed up. But that accuser was the central point of the whole mess and enjoyed watching what her lies did to all involved rather than come out with the honest truth. When did the players lie? Show me! They admitted to the partying, the stripper, the booze…gave DNA samples, took lie detector tests (which I understand the accuser refused), and one wasn’t even at the house anymore when the “pseudo-attack” took place.

      Well, take your “lady” theory and shove it. God help America with men who have your mindset running around.


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