Melinda Duckett … Chai Chen … Could there have been a conspiracy in Disappearance of Trenton?


Marion County, Florida investigators are looking into any possible involvement that Melinda Duckett conspired to give missing 2 year old Trenton Duckett to another individual. The other individual being looked at as a “person of interest” is 25 year old Chai Chen.

Read the possible conspiracy or bizarre coincidence at Missing & Exploited.


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Missing Persons | one comment

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    One Response to “Melinda Duckett … Chai Chen … Could there have been a conspiracy in Disappearance of Trenton?”

    1. Brenda T. on December 4th, 2006 9:57 am

      I hope that Trenton is still alive. With the amazing ending of the Elizabeth Smart abduction, there IS hope!

      My only fear is that the person Trenton was handed to became scared and did something with him after the fact that may not allow a happy ending.

      Time (hopefully) will tell.

      Does anyone know if Melinda’s family ever started cooperating with authorities???

      I have been playing around in my head with a theory that Melinda MAY have planned the suicide along with the fake abduction. Why? To frame her husband for both the murder and the kidnapping. She was a master of manipulation and a law enforcement student, so she’d have more knowledge than most of how an investigation would be handled, and how to eliminate evidence (physical and otherwise).

      She obviously hated her husband for whatever reason and had a hugh chip on her shoulder about life. I cannot imagine what Trenton is going through if still alive. He would be confused and scared. I also wonder if Melinda’s adoptive parents DO know where he is. Would explain their refusal…at least up until now…to cooperate or join the search effort. How in the name of God could a grandparent not want to be involved in a search for their own grandchild? Just another piece of this distrubing puzzle.


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