Bruce Willis … Looks Like there may be a sequal to Armageddon (Land on Killer Asteroid?)


The Guardian is reporting that “the US space agency is drawing up plans to land an astronaut BruceWillison an asteroid hurtling through space at more than 30,000 mph”. Amazing how life imitates art imitates life.

It wants to know whether humans could master techniques needed to deflect such a doomsday object when it is eventually identified. The proposals are at an early stage, and a spacecraft needed just to send an astronaut that far into space exists only on the drawing board, but they are deadly serious. A smallish asteroid called Apophis has already been identified as a possible threat to Earth in 2036.

Didn’t Bruce Willis, Harry Stamper, already save the world back in 1998 in Armageddon? Why don’t they just watch the trailer and follow Stamper’s lead. However, this time can we have Ben Affleck stay on the asteroid and push the button?

Plot Summary:  An asteroid the size of Texas is heading directly toward earth 22,000 MPH. NASA’s executive director, Dan Truman, has only one option – to send up a crew to destroy the asteroid. He enlists the help of Harry S. Stamper (Bruce Willis) – the world’s foremost deep core oil driller – and Stamper’s roughneck team of drillers to land on the asteroid, drill into its surface, and drop a nuclear device into the core. On this heroic journey, they face the most physically and emotionally challenging conditions ever encountered … to save the world and prevent Armageddon.

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