Borat … Borax … Humor or Exploitation? … You Make the Call


“We are poor people, but we are still people.”

The question that comes to mind is why is certain humor accepted and others not? I am sure that some are just looking to sue this movie because it made money, but there is a deeper issue. Borat makes fun of people with absolutely nothing, as poor as it gets. That’s funny?Yet, if he made a racial joke it would have been deemed insensitive, as it should. Then why is it OK to stereotype the poor? Its done in this country all the time. There is a cottage, acceptable industry in the US to make fun of the poor. Why is that?


(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

In the 40′s ‘Borax’ was the term for cheap furniture. The good stuff was
heavier and had quality. Cohen deals in vulgar, base, ‘toilet’ humor. Folks on the
street vote with their knuckles when it is foisted on them.

The irony is Borat made millions making fun of people who don’t have the proverbial pot or window to throw it out off. Is that humor or exploitation?

Check out the daily commentary on Borat and Kazakhstan

Borat may be #1 in the movie box office, but its about to find out the price of success. Many are accusing comedian Sacha Baron Cohen of misleading them and misrepresenting himself. What they don’t find his humor funny? Does not appear so.

Now Romanians Say ‘Borat’ Misled Them

Residents and local officials in the hardscrabble hamlet 85 miles northwest of Bucharest said Tuesday they were horrified and humiliated to learn their abject poverty and simple ways were ridiculed for a movie now raking in millions at box offices worldwide.


“We thought they came here to help us, not mock us,” said Dana Luca, 40,

Now offended villagers are threatening to sue the film’s producers for paying them a pittance to put farm animals in their homes and perform other crude antics. (Breitbart)

Doesn’t seem like everyone appreciates his humor, Borat punched in the face.

Borat Sued by Fraternity boys over drunken behavior

Fraternity boys suing over drunken behavior and doing things they would have not otherwise engaged in, that may be a tough one to prove in this day and age of out of control frats. Guess they will use the “Girls Gone Wild” precedent.

See & read the following Release Agreement and Cover Letter for movie:

Two fraternity boys want to make lawsuit against “Borat” over their drunken appearance in the hit movie.

The young men “engaged in behavior that they otherwise would not have engaged in,” the lawsuit says.

The film “made plaintiffs the object of ridicule, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community,” the lawsuit said. (Record on-line)

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    1. Maggie on November 15th, 2006 8:09 pm


    2. mojo on November 16th, 2006 5:48 am

      he has been there and done that…ali g, bruno — wake up, this is not about being poor


      SM: Intent is defined by those that are exploited, not by those who exploit.


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