Joe Lieberman Playing Both Ends Against The Middle … Call Me a Democrat … Maybe a Republican


US Senate Independent Joe Lieberman from Connecticut is certainly making his ex-fellow JoementumUS Senate Democrats sweat these days. First he says he will caucus with Senate Democrats, then he says, “call him a Democrat”, now he states on NBC;s “Meet the Press” he is not ruling out switching parties to become a Republican. Joe an “Elephant”?

It is hard to imagine that Joe Lieberman would switch parties, but he certainly is sticking it to the Democratic Party for abandoning him after all his years of loyalty.  Lieberman is now making the Democrats sweat and pretty much leveraging his win in the midterms as an Independent. Nothing like a nice shot across Harry Reid’s, Kerry’s and Dodd’s bow for their lack of support and a friendly “do not screw with me anymore.” to make your point. Smart political move for Lieberman and CT. If Lieberman did switch to a Republican he would get any chair position of his choice and swing power back across the aisle. Talk about being in the cat bird’s seat.

Sen. Joe Lieberman on Sunday repeated his pledge to caucus with Senate Democrats when the 110th Congress convenes in January, but refused to slam the door on possibly moving to the Republican side of the aisle.

“I’m not ruling it out but I hope I don’t get to that point,” he said. “And I must say — and with all respect to the Republicans who supported me in Connecticut — nobody ever said, ‘We’re doing this because we want you to switch over. We want you to do what you think is right and good for our state and country,’ and I appreciate that.” (Boston Globe)

UPDATE (11/13/06): Call me an Independent Democrat … So how did Lieberman win by 10% points over Lamont? It wasn’t due to any help of Democrats, that is for sure. We might be calling him and Independent Republican if the Democrats give him much more grief.

In a state where Democrats, Republicans and Independents are pretty much equally split, 38–29–39, respectively … its was not the Democrats who overwhelmingly voted for Joe Lieberman in his 2006 win over Democrat Ned Lamont, 50–40%.


(CNN: Politics)

70% of registered republicans and 54% of Independents voted for Lieberman, while only 33% of Democrats voted for Joe in the 2006 midterms. It is obvious, if it were not for Republicans in CT, Lieberman may not be heading back to the Senate in January. Republicans overwhelmingly votes for Lieberman as well as Independents.

Remember following the Democratic primaries when Joe Lieberman was referred to as “Sore Loserman”? We begin to see a major flaw in heavily partisan primaries. Imagine if Joe Lieberman did not decide to run as an independent. All of the voters of the Nutmeg State would not have had an opportunity to vote in a general election who the majority of the State of Connecticut really thought was the best person for the job and for them.

The dirty little secret that the Democratic leadership does not want to tell America  is that Joe Lieberman’s re-election in CT is more what “independent” minded people really want. Lieberman obviously votes with the Democratic party a majority of the time, one would have expected him to in the past … he was a Democrat. However, Joe Lieberman does realize how his bread is buttered and who elected him. He is a pro-war Democrat and in fact is an American first and a politician second. I thought that is what Democrats have been whining about; the Republican rubber stamp Republican Congress?

So why does the Democratic leadership have such a problem with a fellow Democrat who will not be a “rubber stamp” for Democrats?

Why was Joe Lieberman re-elected by such a wide margin? Maybe because of rational comments like this. They refer to him as a “wild card”. How about just a sensible thinking American who want to win the war on terror and protect his country more than he does winning elections. If Joe Lieberman is a “wild card” than they Senate and House needs more wild cards voted in.

“We’re not going to fix this and succeed in Iraq without working across party lines,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” (Washington Post)

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    11 Responses to “Joe Lieberman Playing Both Ends Against The Middle … Call Me a Democrat … Maybe a Republican”

    1. Houston on November 12th, 2006 9:02 pm

      Good luck Joe, you are special. Against all odds you did it. Amazing win. Big Ed in Texas

    2. Wil Morat on November 12th, 2006 10:07 pm

      Why Democrats think they won the Senate while counting Lieberman’s seat is beyond me. It looks to me that Republicans still control the senate.

    3. Scared Monkeys on November 12th, 2006 10:42 pm

      Joe certainly comes as one of the biggest winners of the 2006 elections. He has both parties guessing.

      Alot of Republicans helped and gave money to Joe during his race. Many Democratic Senators bad mouthed him including fellow Ct Senator Dodd.

      Lieberman is a pro-war candidate. Hard to imagine how Dems could count on that vote. He is liberal in many other aspects.

      One thing is for certain … he can call his shot that is for sure.

    4. molly on November 12th, 2006 11:03 pm

      I would vote for Lieberman if he was an Iranian Muslim.
      Thars how much I love him. He stuck it to the Connecticut
      Demos. What a bunch of idiots.

    5. dennisintn on November 13th, 2006 10:12 am

      lieberman is definitely a man who owns his own soul. too bad most politicians can’t be that way.

    6. Brenda T. on November 13th, 2006 10:29 am

      Joe has something rare in the leadership of the Democratic Party these days…integrity and honor. He has NEVER shouted the anti-war babble of his constituents and bravely shown support to the troups and war effort.

      I would vote for him too if I viewed him as a better candidate than the GOP he was running against. He has my respect.

      There are more “Joes” out there. Sadly, I think most are disenfranchised and not voting or voicing their opinions due to the hell that they will be served by daring to vear to the right.

      I pray more “Joes” pop out of the woodwork and bring the Democratic Party of old back to life as it was when the majority of the US population had strong moral values.

      We need that! Today, many Dems in office lean toward socialism. If you don’t believe me, read up on what true socialism is as opposed to true democracy within a republic. (Yes, we are a republic.)


    7. Mortella on November 13th, 2006 10:54 am

      It would serve the DNC right if Joe were to switch parties completely, giving the majority back to the Republicans. After the shabby treatment he received from the Dems, no one could blame him, either.

      That would truly be a hilarious turn of events considering all the bragging and chest-pounding from the left. And someone for sure needs to teach that party a loyalty lesson.

      Don’t think Joe will do it, however, he has been a Democrat too many years but just saying it would in fact be worthy of more than just a chuckle.

    8. Brenda T. on November 13th, 2006 12:42 pm


      Good point.

      More of my thoughts (worth a penny anyway).

      Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is messed up! I am afraid for our world if the Dems get back into the White House (never mind just the trouble it will bring the USA). They are the real turn-coats…they’ve turned away from the values our country was founded on. As well as the fact they would submit to the enemy if pushed between a rock and a hard place.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If we don’t fight terrorism now when there is a chance to defeat it (over time), we will be fighting when we know we are going to loose anyway.

      American Indians fought to the death KNOWING they were against all odds in the early days of our country. They were brave, stong, and faithful to their own people. Remember Custer’s Last Stands? Many American Indians who were previously enemies stood side-by-side to fight the common enemy. Dems could take a lesson from that day.

      Our founding fathers took over a beautiful country and gave a world hope for freedom and truth. We cannot afford to “loose” America as we know it because there will never be another one. Trust me. Where would we go to start over??!!


    9. Brenda T. on November 13th, 2006 12:45 pm

      The liberal babble has now infected my wonderful South-western Virginia! Read this horrendous article by some liberal in our local paper. It’s everywhere…


    10. dennisintn on November 13th, 2006 3:08 pm

      brenda, at least he didn’t condone sexual predators and killers having free rein. wonder if that’s next week’s speech?

    11. Brenda T. on November 14th, 2006 12:12 pm

      Dennis…God only knows what will leap from their lips next.


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