Isn’t This Special … Death Row Inmate’s Web Pages on … Just Call it “Conmunication”


Usually we are concerned about sexual predators on line and the issue of potential interactionMySpacePrison when children and teens are on MySpace. Even adults can be lured into terrible situations as well.  One never knows who they may be talking with on the social network.

Well this one goes one better. With all the worry of possible and potential criminal being on MySpace … now we have actual convicted criminals on the popular social networking internet site. Just how much interaction and knowledge of users on MySpace do these death row inamtes get passed to them?  

Texas death row inmates now have web-pages on MySpace. There comes a point in time where one needs to just say, ENOUGH! Although death row inmates do not have access to the internet, others are creating the pages for them. There is no way a death row inmate or any iamte should be allowed the same right. They forfeited those rights long ago. Unbelievable that this is the use and is actually allowed by MySpace.

Crime victim advocates are upset that at least 30 Texas death row inmates have had pages on the popular Internet site MySpace created for them.

“I think you ought to draw the line somewhere,” said Andy Kahan, director of the crime victims office for Houston Mayor Bill White.

Kahan recently sent an e-mail to MySpace, asking the site to reconsider having pages created and maintained for convicted criminals, particularly murderers.

“Is it within your policy to allow the glorification of killers by giving them a platform to influence young minds?” Kahan wrote. “Are there specific guidelines within MySpace that would prohibit giving convicted felons a platform for all the world to see?”

MySpace officials did not respond to Kahan’s e-mail and did not immediately return a telephone call from The Associated Press on Saturday. (Houston Chronicle)

When one commits an act so heinous that one winds up on death row, they should lose certain right. To inform people about your case as a form of information is drastically different that creating a social web page so that people will send you letters. The world as a whole does not care whether a death row inmate has a sense of humor, is lonely or is board. I can guarantee you the family of the person you killed to get your death row status is in a much worse position. MySpace needs to figure out what they wish to embrace and if MySpace has a conscious or a soul.

The inmates detail their personalities, likes and dislikes, just as others do on the Web site.

“I think I’m a pretty funny guy. I have a wacked sense of humor,” writes Randy Halprin, who was convicted in the 2000 shooting death of an Irving police officer. “I can be a big kid at heart. I’m a hopeless (and I mean HOPELESS) romatic (sic).”

Since no Texas inmate has Internet access, they send letters, journal entries or blog postings to friends and families who create the pages and post their writings for them

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    10 Responses to “Isn’t This Special … Death Row Inmate’s Web Pages on … Just Call it “Conmunication””

    1. dennisintn on November 11th, 2006 10:02 pm

      this is just too weird for words.

    2. Scared Monkeys on November 11th, 2006 10:22 pm

      just what this country needs … death row inmates with acces to social networks like MySpace … Geez.

      I realize that the inamtes do not have direct access to computers in prison to do this, although give the ACLU time.

      The idea that these people have any access to promote themsleves on a site thats sole purpose is networking is just frightful.

    3. Patti on November 12th, 2006 3:35 am

      The NETA’s strike again.

    4. Richard on November 12th, 2006 5:54 am

      So is it part of modern prison practice to make computers and their use available at will to convicts on Death Row? And if so, guess who pays for it … the Texas taxpayer, if not all of us.

      You and I are not ‘entitled’ to free computers or the use thereof … but I guess criminals are, in Texas at least.

      When is somebody going to speak out?

    5. peaches on November 12th, 2006 8:06 am

      Clearly, the inmates should be making license plates or training seeing eye dogs or SOMETHING ELSE!

    6. Tonya on November 12th, 2006 5:45 pm

      I think people should be able to do what they want, why are people so afraid of their stories getting heard, maybe something is wrong with justice system. Ever thought of that, I know I have.

    7. Miss-Underestimated on November 12th, 2006 7:37 pm

      So we the taxpayers are we paying for this crap?

    8. Betty on November 12th, 2006 11:44 pm

      People that are in prison should have no rights certainly not accesse to the internet or anything else like tv

    9. Gary on November 13th, 2006 9:00 am

      Just for the Record
      Jesus Christ was also a Deathrow Inmate

      These men are NO THREAT to society, many have been sentenced to DIE, so why don’t any of you who oppose inmates being on MySpace, use your time for something LOVING & KIND?

      Here is a newsflash for you. If you are not forgiving, you are not going to be forgiven and YOU have been sentenced to DIE. THAT makes YOU a deathrow inmate in the free world. So why don’t YOU get off MySpace? Try reading Matthew 25:31-46

    10. driving miss daisy on November 23rd, 2006 11:10 pm

      I think people should be able to do what they want, why are people so afraid of their stories getting heard, maybe something is wrong with justice system. Ever thought of that, I know I have.

      Yes, I have thought of it. There is something terribly wrong with our justice system when these death row inmates are not executed more expeditiously.

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