Calling Dr. Google … Calling Dr Google … Please Report to your PC


Dr. Google to the rescue … Now here’s a productive use of the internet. The way physicians have Dr_googlediagnosed recently, anything is welcome. Anything is a good thing as long as it’s reliable information. Let’s just hope the doctors don’t bring the PC into the operating room and start searching, “how to” operate on the heart.

Researchers found that almost six-in-10 difficult cases can be solved by using the world wide web as a diagnostic aid.

Misdiagnosis is still a common occurrence in the medical profession despite all the tools available such as the blood tests and state of the art scanning equipment. (Daily Mirror)

The only problem I see with this is actually teaching the doctor how to use the computer … speaking from experience, of course.

In the long run doctors are still ultimately responsible for making the diagnostic decision from experience and knowledge. Its good to know they have a new resource at their disposal.

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    One Response to “Calling Dr. Google … Calling Dr Google … Please Report to your PC”

    1. strayze on November 10th, 2006 7:34 pm

      Those trained in last 10 yr certainly use the internet with ease. They are actually used in the clinics of the best teaching hospitals. Hopefully, medicine by gross ignorance is on the way out, although it is still hanging on for another 10-20 yr- – in the outskirts. Hopefully, gone are the days where your doc does not understand the basics of diagnosis by standard procedures, or does not understand the terminology of the radiologist’s report on one’s chest X-Ray. Or the doc who does not know that women and men have different presentations of a heart attack in progress. Unfortunately such ignorance under the cloak of wisdom is what kills fast. Who would ever know. A simple check on the internet gets vital info quickly enough to save some lives, if some large egos can live with that.

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