Harold Ford Jr. in Trouble in TN Senate Race … Will the Real Harold Ford Jr Please stand Up


The so-called Democratic blue wave was supposed to include US Representative Harold Ford Jr. becoming the new Democratic state Senator of TN. That does not look like it will happen. Personally, no matter what early polls stated, I did not think TN would elect Ford because of the Ford family political baggage and Harold Ford Jr was hardly what he was stating he was in the media. Operation Tennessee Waltz is not soon forgotten by the TN voters.

The latest from trusted pollster Scott Rasmussen, Corker 53 Harold Ford Jr. 45

 Harold Ford Jr. tough on terrorism??? Tennessee likes people who mean what they say, not what is politically expedient.

What has been most interesting is TN turned on Harold Ford Jr. when he pulled the now famous Memphis meltdown blunder. Tennesseans do not like when you try to pull these types of stunts, ITS BAD FORM. That may be the “inside the belt-way” way to do things, its not how Tennessee does it.

The Tennessee Senate seat will remain Repbublican.

Its funny how a Democrat who votes along party line suddenly becomes one of the South’s “favorite sons” when it comes time for an election.

Much more can be found at the Gateway Pundit

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    3 Responses to “Harold Ford Jr. in Trouble in TN Senate Race … Will the Real Harold Ford Jr Please stand Up”

    1. dennisintn on November 6th, 2006 11:30 am

      ford reminds me of aruban politicians we all know. each side of his mouth speaks a different position on any question. he’s also the best i’ve ever seen at using the “race card” to his advantage while deftly lying about his opponent’s use of the race card. masterful performances, and i wouldn’t trust him with a nickel of my money.

    2. Maurice B on November 6th, 2006 6:26 pm

      No, the real problem is race. It is a damn shame that in the year 2006 people are stuck in a time warp. Plenty of Republicans are this way. The republican party is trying to use scare tactics to get votes. Tennesse ought to be ashamed of itself of failing to have a major minority leader in the year 2006.

      The republican time warp has giving itself raises on a regular base. It has been 10 years since minimum wages have been increased. Many republicans are money hungry and live better than most Americans. This is a fact..

    3. Ramlady on November 6th, 2006 11:58 pm

      #2; NEWS FLASH Mr. Maurice: When Congress votes themselves a pay raise, it is the ONLY time BOTH parties ever agree on ANYTHING! Everybody in Congress gets the raise–Republicans AND Democrats. Their salaries are not dependent on which party they belong to. And you’ve got a lot of nerve calling Tennessee voters racists because they don’t want a senator with the second most liberal voting record in Congress. I do believe it was Ford himself who first brought up the race issue. BTW, do you know how many black senators New York and California have ever elected to the U.S. Senate? That’s right…….NONE!! If Tennessee voters are racists, I suppose that makes New York and California voters racists as well.

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