Ten Most Common Passwords in the UK


There is a good reason for the technical people to be constantly carping at users to change their passwords. A study coming out of Britian shows the most common passwords over there and it is downright scary how common they are.

If you are using a common password, change it now. If not, your chances for getting hacked go up exponentially.

Top 10 Most Common Passwords in the UK (with percentages)

  1. ’123′ (3.784‰)
  2. ‘password’ (3.780‰)
  3. ‘liverpool’ (1.82‰)
  4. ‘letmein’ (1.76‰)
  5. ’123456′ (1.63‰)
  6. ‘qwerty’ (1.41‰)
  7. ‘charlie’ (1.39‰)
  8. monkey‘ (1.33‰)
  9. ‘arsenal’ (1.11‰)
  10. ‘thomas’ (0.99‰) (via modernliferubbish)

It is nice to see monkey come in at number 8 though, we must have fans across the pond.

Now, go change your password to something more secure. There are many bad people out there and if 19 percent of the users in the United Kingdom use one of 10 passwords, you may be a sitting target if you have a very generic password.

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