Only in America do you get Judges who block laws against Illegal Activities … Federal judge James Munley blocks PA town crackdown on illegal immigrants



If you do not think elections do not matter …For all those that think midterm elections don’t matter and those that think staying home some how teaches those Republicans a lesson. Take one good guess who appointed and got confirmed Judge Munley? If your answer was William Clinton, you would be correct.

James M. Munley (Scranton) (nominated by William J. Clinton in 1998);


(Why? If people are not considered illegal why would substances or weapons be?)

Take a good look at what this Federal judge did in blocking the city of Hazleton from enforcing a pair of ordinances targeting illegal immigrants. Key word here would be “illegal”.

U.S. District Judge James Munley ruled that landlords, tenants and businesses that cater to Hispanics faced “irreparable harm” from the laws and issued a temporary restraining order blocking their enforcement. (Yahoo News)

Are you kidding me? I guess drug dealers and Pimps would face “irreparable harm” as well will laws against the selling of illegal drugs and prostitution as well. Why don’t you allow those businesses to go ahead as well?


So now we have “judicial activism” determining what illegal activity is ok and which is not. Why do we have laws at all? Which laws are ok to break and which one require jail time? Under this same twisted logic, then a liquor store that makes a living selling alcohol to minors would be allowed to continue this practice as if they were told to not sell to minors then their business would face “”irreparable harm”.

The underlying premise is that the individuals that are being protected are illegal. Try over-staying your visa in another country and see what happens to you. They certainly would not be discussing amnesty for you.

For: Hispanic groups and the ACLU sued Hazleton on Monday, contending that the laws trample on the federal government’s exclusive power to regulate immigration.

Against: Mayor Lou Barletta, who spearheaded the crackdown, has argued that illegal immigrants have brought an increase in drugs, crime and gangs to the city. The city’s lawyers on Tuesday cited a 10 percent increase in crime between 2004 and 2005 as a reason why the ordinances should be enforced.

Talk about legislating from the bench.

Munley, however, wrote that the city “offers only vague generalizations about the crime allegedly caused by illegal immigrants, but has nothing concrete to back up these claims.” The city also failed to provide statistics on the number of illegal immigrants living in Hazleton, he wrote.



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    10 Responses to “Only in America do you get Judges who block laws against Illegal Activities … Federal judge James Munley blocks PA town crackdown on illegal immigrants”

    1. MIss-Underestimated on November 1st, 2006 4:03 pm

      Does anyone think there is a conspiracy to topple the US LAWS from the inside out? We really not only have to worry about foriegn obstructors, now American judical….?


    2. Patti on November 1st, 2006 7:55 pm

      Now THAT’s the ol’ American vision of capitalism at work in
      the most disgusting way… the ol’ supply and demand trick?

      What is wrong with these people, and this guy was a federal
      judge? What if we gave the people EVERYTHING that they
      wanted, as long as they could afford it??? Case and point:
      What about the REAL way these illegals are treated in our
      country? The judge failed to tell us that the landlords
      are simply people that own an orchard and the apartment
      consists of a tarp strung tight between two trees.

      See, I told you the Northerners wouldn’t approve of an illegal immigrant “knock out”…. their economy depends on them.

    3. Patti on November 1st, 2006 8:39 pm

      These guys are not elected, they’re appointed. Which makes
      Miss-Underestimated’s comment even more powerful.

      And the point that you make about the prostitution activity,
      you are sooooo right. Speaking for San Fran, where those
      types of activities is not only legal, but is a thriving
      business; everybody knows that most of the men and women
      involved ARE illegals… people that believED in the
      American dream, before their dreams became nightmares
      because of those like Mr. Earl (Stefanson)… and to
      imagine that some of us think that it’s just a few good,
      ol’ boys having fun on their bicycles…

      The land of schemes doesn’t want those illegal immigration
      blockades put in place either. Afterall, where are we
      going to get our girls for the touchy-feely rooms?!$$$!!!!

      The ol’ supply and demand trick, how far does it go???!!!!!

    4. dennisintn on November 2nd, 2006 5:00 pm

      if i’m not mistaken, this judge was appointed by clinton, so what would you expect?

    5. sandy leiva on November 3rd, 2006 5:16 pm

      As far as the ignorance with which people are commenting on I advise you to look further into the reasons why Judge Munly blocked that ordinance. Firstly the city failed to prove that illegals were the reason for an increase in crime in thier city. Secondly the city also failed to get numbers on the amount of proven illegals in thier city when directed to do so by the judge. Most importantly the majority of immigrants come here to earn a better living and are good hardworking productive people not pimps,druggys prostitutes or criminals as some have painted the immigrants to be. There also seems to be a movement against all nationalities of hispanics only. Well howcome the pakistanis, russians, polish, chinese, lebanese ect are not being targeted in that city. Or south africans or cape Verdeans for that matter. How about legal children of illegal immigrant parents? Do you throw them out of the country and force them to live in foster homes of legal people? Come on people the issues are more difficult that just targeting hispanics in Hazelton or Scranton and will take time to come to a fair decision. I believe everyone should follow the laws of the USA immigrant or citizen, but since our goverment allowed this to go on for so many years unchecked it will take some time to sort out. In the mean time we need to get along with eachother as productive responcible decent people. After all even Mayor Lou Barlettas family were immigrants at one time, as were many others. The USA is a melting pot of all nationalities. It is much esier to spread hate than love for your fellow man….just my honest opinion.

    6. Marie Starr on November 3rd, 2006 6:21 pm

      I can tell none of you live here in happy PA. Did you ever need to go out and buy a school desk, and pay for books not to mention changing your home around to make up a school room and keep up with dance lessons [for gym] and day planners, and filled trips w/others home schoolers just because now there’s too many foriegner’s here in your home town? I DID! And it’s not cheap.
      And Did your husband and basically everyone you know lose there job’s because of “Illegal immigrant’s” I’ve seen it first hand, and everytime you open your Stroemans bread your not putting your money where it should be going.Into a USA product. You should look around “Patty” and all of you judging us here in Pa. When you are running your own buss. and take your children to school for second grade and they tell you we no longer have room for your American child we need to take “them first”, Them! [The illigal immigrants] now you teach them. All because some dumb b****, that was mayor decided she would take exta money for our state inexchange for more foriegne’s to live here that happend in the late 80′s and 90′s Scranton is just starting to look good again along with half the state. Also when illigal immigrant’s have the right to our jobs, that we already had to begain with and took pride in, now your looking at severance pay and unemployment in what was the work force. Then the goverment gives them years off of paying income tax to get “ahead” you stop and think. Then you come down hard on your reps. I fought long and hard so now “our Pa children” have first bids on all the seat’s in Pa schools. So what if Pennsylvanians want to hang a sign to support” our citizens” I say thank god for our first amendment.

    7. Marie Starr on November 3rd, 2006 6:58 pm

      I forgot one very important thing. I am not saying Kick them out, I agree w/Sandy I dont Think this is the way to solve our problems. That’s why I fought for my child to be able to go to our schools around here. And It’s a situation that cant be solved over night. I personally think our biggest problem is getting better laws on these Bas****’s that keep hurting our children. My God I wish I could, or someone could figure out a way of stopping that crap. But there is alot of what they call “dis-placed workers’ in our city. And it really hurts when you dont know what your going to have one day to the next. I guess every place is the same way, but we live in the home of “Little League baseball” and we have people from around the world comming here. It’s great meeting them. But were just getting to cleaning up our city from all the “Influxe” that’s what I rather call them, from 15 years ago when all that happend. Take care.

    8. sandy leiva on November 5th, 2006 2:21 pm

      The laws of the USA states that all children under age 18 yrs living in the USA are entitled to an education. Therefore it would be illegal to prevent illegals children who live here from obtaining the same education American children recieve. It does not mean your children cannot have a spot in the school in place of an immigrants child. Nor does it mean that immigrants children are accepted into school before yours. That is a stupid argument fueled by ignorance and hysteria. Also people who want to work -find jobs. I have lived here all my life and have not ever heard or seen any American put out of a job and replaced by an illegal immigrant. Corporations with money may want to hire illegal immigrants at lower wages than they would have to pay Americans but that is another story. Americans who are the people who run our government should not play into corporations, nor allow sanctions for our corporations to do that very thing. That means that we as a people of our nation must get involved in change to preserve our jobs and prevent those sanctions that are allowing our jobs to go elsewhere. We need to do this legally. American and proud to be so but fairminded. Lets hope others can be as well.
      These statements reflect my opinions only.

    9. madinhazleton on March 22nd, 2007 10:13 pm

      I live in Hazleton. Before anyone can say that our Mayor is wrong, I invite that person to come to our city and drive our streets, let YOUR children walk the streets and go to our schools that are so over crowded that they are not getting the education they should. The Hispanic community demands our respect, but what about respecting us, the natives of HAZLETON? And guess what, when my great granny and great pop moved here, they HAD to learn ENGLISH, not the other way around. It’s just not fair, they (all who chose to) can say anything about whitey, and it’s OK, but as soon as whitey says something, its racism. Explain to me WHY?

    10. Drew on July 26th, 2007 3:29 pm

      “Secondly the city also failed to get numbers on the amount of proven illegals in thier city when directed to do so by the judge.”

      Earth to Sandy, hello? They are illegal meaning they are undocumented which pretty much means there is no way to get accurate numbers. That is like asking me to shoot a gun that is not even loaded. However if the ordinance were to stand, we might get a better grasp on the actual numbers.

      “Well howcome the pakistanis, russians, polish, chinese, lebanese ect are not being targeted in that city.”

      Another intellectually dishonost claim. Sandy the ordinance pertains to illegal immigrants. That would include anyone from any country that is here illegally. Just because the vast majority of illegals in Hazleton happen to be hispanic does not mean the law is only meant to target illegal immigrants of hispanic descent. The only way your claim would be justified was if the City of Hazleton deliberatly ignored illegal immigrants from non hispanic origin and only focused on hispanics.

      “After all even Mayor Lou Barlettas family were immigrants at one time, as were many others.”

      This is another disgusting tactic people of the open borders crowd use. Stop demonizing Barletta and the majority or reasonable Americans that recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Barletta is not anti immigrant, he is anti illegal immigrant.

      “Most importantly the majority of immigrants come here to earn a better living and are good hardworking productive people not pimps,druggys prostitutes or criminals as some have painted the immigrants to be.”

      Why does the separate category of illegal immigrants get thrown into the immigrant category? That is just intellectually dishonest. That is all well and good that they want to earn a better living but they broke the law to get here.

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