Al-Qaeda to Canada: Get Out of Afghanistan or Else


Al-Qaeda has issued a warning to Canada, get out of Afghanistan or else they will infict a 9/11 style attack on the country. The threat is interpreted by most experts to manipulate the strong anti war factions in Canadian politics and public opinion.

The threat, attributed to a member of the al-Qaeda information and strategy committee, condemns Prime Minister Stephen Harper for refusing to pull out of Afghanistan.
It also refers to Canada’s “fanatic adherence to Christianity” as well as its purported attempts to “damage the Muslims” and its support for the “Christian Crusade” against al-Qaeda.
“Despite the strong, increasing opposition to spread its forces in the fire of South Afghanistan, it seems that they will not learn the lesson easily,” Hossam Abdul Raouf writes. via the National Post

Canada has a very liberal immigration policy that has allowed many terrorists into their country. My guess is that the assets are already in place by Al-Qaeda if they want to attack Canada, they are just waiting for the word. Now the question is, Does Canada have the intestinal fortitude to take on Al-Qaeda or will they roll over?

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    25 Responses to “Al-Qaeda to Canada: Get Out of Afghanistan or Else”

    1. Frank on October 28th, 2006 11:55 am

      What a funny rhetorical question, does Canada have the intestinal fortitude…

      About as much as Arubans.

      Ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you.

    2. Janet on October 28th, 2006 1:00 pm

      I am praying that our new adminstration under Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make a stand and not cave in to Islamic threats.

      The democracies of the free world are being held for ramson from within because of their liberal, politically correct, immigration policies.

      I fear that one day these democracies are going to wake up but it will be too late …. Islam will be in control. Hey, maybe, just maybe, Islam is already in control … but we are all in denial.

      The issue regarding the Islamic threat is not part of either the Demoratic or Republican platforum in regards to the upcoming American election …. WHY?

      A Proud Canadian

    3. Janet on October 28th, 2006 1:33 pm

      “Does Canada have the intestinal fortitude to take on Al-Qaeda or will they roll over?”

      The fact that the Islamic threat is not an election issue in regards to either the Democratic or Republic platform … indicates to me that the greatest democracy on the face of the earth …. The United States of America … has already “rolled over” and …. that scares the dickens out of me.

      A Proud Canadian

    4. Ramlady on October 28th, 2006 5:28 pm

      #2, 3; Janet: Not sure what the heck you are talking about saying the Islamic threat is not an election issue in the U.S. What media have you been reading/watching?? It is MOST DEFINITELY an issue. In most polls I have seen, the war on terror and Iraq rank at or near the top of the list of things that Americans are concerned about in the upcoming elections. There are fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats as to what the best way to fight the war on terror is. Many Democrats are under the impression (incorrectly IMO) that Iraq is not part of the war on terror. I think it is true that if it is not in your face everyday, people tend to forget how important it is for us to stand up to the threat of radical Islam. And yes, there are still those clueless people out there who believe there is no threat. Ridiculous. I am glad to know that you understand the threat, and I hope the rest of your fellow Canadians do as well.

    5. Kat_Gram on October 28th, 2006 5:47 pm

      Frank, what is your issue with Canada ?
      I am a Canadian and I do not usually comment on American politics and I wish you would do the same in your comments about Canada.
      You opinion is just that, YOUR opinion.
      And not worth very much.

    6. Dana on October 28th, 2006 6:18 pm

      Im hoping Frank meant the govenment rather than the people.
      A liberal dominated past government up here has stripped and slashed the military. Once a froce to reckon with in WW2 and Korea the Canadian military is now a shell of its once famous self.
      At least the new Conservative government up here has started to rebuild Canada’s fighting force. Its just too bad they dont have a majority in the house and have to put up with so many roadblocks.


    7. Joanne on October 28th, 2006 8:47 pm

      I have to respond to some of this. Although not a Canadian nationalist by any stretch of the imagination, I would like to point out a few things.

      1) We’re fighting in the worst part of Afghanistan, a country that should have been secured by now and quite possibly would have had the United States and Britain not decided to go hunting for phantom WMD’s in Iraq. The highways that should have been built in this country early on were built to Baghdad instead, although no one apparently can safely drive on them.

      2) When hurrican Katrina hit, Canada sent first responders from Vancouver, British Columbia who arrived within 2 days and were the first rescue workers hundreds of New Orleans citizens encountered while FEMA was still trying to get its maps out the desk. Canadians saved literally hundreds of New Orleans citizens while the Louisiana and federal government dithered. We also immediately dispatched a naval force to the Gulf.

      3) On 9/11, when the U.S. was understandably fearful of admitting foreign air traffic into its airspace and shutting down, Canada agreed to let these planes land in our country. We were just as uncertain as to who might be on board and their intentions, but we certainly had the intestinal fortitude to run the risk of allowing them to land. They were entering airspace at both ends of the country at the rate of 2 per minute. About 45,000 foreign travellers, the vast majority of them American, were landed in Canada where they remained sheltered and fed by the Canadian people until they could return home.

      4) Yes Canada opposed the war in Iraq. The UN weapons inspectors had turned up nothing. There was no pressing need to invade on March 19, 2003. Perhaps the US and Britain should have considered that in every war in which they had fought together, Canada had fought along side them. Maybe our reluctance should have been a subtle message to those countries to reconsider their impulsive actions. Instead, they chose to invade in the face of warnings from allies as to the potential for disaster and now that the disaster has come to pass many in the United States (who love to trumpet personal responsibility) blame Canada or France or the Democrats.

      So we have the intestinal fortitude to do what has to be done to protect our country and yours. We also, I submit, have the brains.

    8. Maggie on October 28th, 2006 8:49 pm

      I certainly don’t wish a 9/11 on the people of Canada.

      These people do nothing, but bring heartache wherever they go. I can think of nothing good they contribute to society. They want to rule the world the same way.

    9. Janet on October 28th, 2006 9:06 pm

      Ramlady … I was referring to the Islamic threat from within American borders ….. the rhetoric that is preached in mosques …. universities …. convention centers …. private schools … condeming all that is not Islamic. Neither political party even whispers about it in their election platforms.

      Hey … I believe that all the democracies of the free world are being intimidated into a politically correct appeasment when it comes to Islam.

      The cartoon incident where Mohammand was disrespectfully depicted …. the Prime Minister made a public announcement to commend the Islamic community in Canada for not resorting to violence as a means of protest. That very same week … Rolling Stones magazine disrespectfully depicted Jesus Christ on it front cover. The Prime Minister did not appear publicly to commend Christians for their restraint.

      Why is peaceful forms of protest expected by Christians who are offened but …. a public appreciation is given to offended Muslims.

      I believe the politically correct double standard is a sign of weakness …. a sign that the Islamic agenda is working … the democracies of the free world are bowing to Islam.

      A Proud Canadian

    10. Tanya on October 28th, 2006 11:08 pm

      I am not rolling over for them…….
      Canada rocks Stephen Harper rocks and the clown liberals can go to hell!!!!!

    11. dennisintn on October 29th, 2006 12:13 am

      i think the terrorists have just made a seriously fatal tactical error in making those statements. they must have thought they were addressing aruban govt. officials.
      dennisintn foot in mouth disease is sometimes fatal.

    12. Ramlady on October 29th, 2006 4:07 am

      #9; Janet: I suppose the reason why we are not hearing candidates in either party during an election year talk about the threat of radical Islam within our borders is because, for the most part, there is general agreement among those in both parties on the need to detect and eliminate the threat. The Bush administration and most Republicans believe the measures contained in the Patriot Act are the best way to deal with this, but liberal Democrats start screaming about violation of civil liberties of those who want to kill us. Basically, Republicans are for a proactive approach while liberals prefer a reactive approach. IMO, the measures the Bush administration have been implementing since 9/11 are the main reasons we have not had another attack on our country. It is my belief that repealing these measures, which many Democrats would like to do, would leave ourselves open for more terrorist attacks on our soil. I agree with you 100% that we are not talking about it enough. People need to be reminded, especially at election time, what is at stake. Like you, I and many other Americans are fed up with the politically correct stance on many issues, not just terrorism. Our leaders, no matter which party they belong to, are overly concerned with hurting someone’s feelings rather than stating the obvious. For example, Bush always goes out of his way in speeches to say that Islam is a peaceful religion. I’m sorry, maybe most of them are, but why is it we never see them stand up and speak out against those who have “hijacked their religion?” Bush even caught hell from some Democrats here for referring to Islamic terrorists as fascists. It seems the more we bend over backwards to avoid offending anybody, the more some will cry foul. The sad fact is there is nobody in a position of power in either party, probably not in your country either, who has the guts to say, “These radical Islamic terrorists want to kill you, me, and our children, and we must kill them before they kill us.” That would be political suicide. You are also 100% correct about the growing lack of respect for Christianity. We bend over backwards to show respect for other religions, but when someone disrespects Christianity, we’re supposed to turn the other cheek and just get over it. I read a comment from another poster on SM a while back concerning the differences in Christianity and Islam that I thought summed up the differences better than anything I had ever heard: In Islam, a person can strap a bomb on their back and blow themselves up along with everybody around them and believe they are going to Heaven. Christianity teaches sacrificing oneself to save others, while Islam teaches sacrificing oneself to kill others.

    13. Ramlady on October 29th, 2006 5:03 am

      #7; Joanne: Good for you; I hope you do. I would also like to respond to your four points:

      1) Yes you are, and America thanks you and all other countries who are fighting there with the U.S. We ARE still there too. For the most part, that country IS secure regardles of sporadic attacks by the enemy. Our military experts agree there is no chance of the Taliban regaining control. As for those “phantom WMDs” in Iraq, if you will recall, it was not just the U.S. and Great Britain who said they were there. France even thought they had them. Saddam had told his own generals he had them.

      2) Yes, and thank you again. You may be interested to know that many New Orleans residents were first rescued by Louisiana Wildlife officers (they had boats). You may also be interested to know, or maybe you already do, that there were hundreds of school buses sitting idle in a flooded parking lot that were never used to get the residents out of town BEFORE the hurricane as the mayor’s plan called for. It was also the mayor who failed to stress to the residents to get out of the city before the hurricane, and it was the governor of Louisiana who rejected Bush’s offer to federalize the National Guard troops before the hurricane. If this offer had been accepted, troops could have been put in the city BEFORE the hurricane. Instead, they were trapped by the flood waters OUTSIDE the city after the hurricane.

      3) Many, many, many THANKS!!!

      4) Saddam violated how many U.N. mandates? I believe it was SEVENTEEN. Again, we were not the only country to believe he had WMDs. He certainly had them when he used them on the Kurds in his own country. Also, many of those countries who were adamant about not going in with us, such as France and Russia, were secretly doing business with Saddam behind our backs (the oil-for-food scandal) so, naturally, they were against an invasion and never would have been convinced to go along. And as far as the U.S. blaming Canada and France for the current situation in Iraq, I don’t know where you are getting that. I have heard no one in the Bush administration or any Republican say that. As for the Democrats, the only thing I have heard was that their constant harping on Bush and calling the war in Iraq a failure is harmful to the morale of our troops over there, which, by the way, remains very high. They believe in their mission to bring freedom to the Iraqi people, and when they come home, many of them do not understand why all you see in the media is about the few places in Iraq that are still unsecure. You almost never see any of the good that we have accomplished there. Many of them re-enlist when their tour is up. Many of the injured troops want to go back and continue serving. They see the tremendous respect and admiration President Bush has for them, and they, in turn, have great respect for him. His popularity rating among the troops is far higher than it is among the general American public.

      I also respectfully remind you that our Air Force always stands ready to protect your country and assist your military in the event of an attack on your soil. And lastly, I am personally glad to see Canadians elect a more conservative leader than you had the last time around. Some of us still have not forgotten the extremely disrespectful booing of our athletes by some Canadians while our national anthem was being played during a hockey game there a couple years ago at the height of your anti-Bush, anti-American, anti-Iraq war sentiment. Your teams have never been treated with such disrespect in America.

    14. Mike on October 29th, 2006 7:34 am

      Canadians are, on average, a bit better educated. The fact that Iraq turned out just as we said it would, and were calling a certain someone a “moron” 5 years before they came to that realization themselves, should be proof enough. No?

      We go where we are needed, and fight wars for peace, not to stave off impending recession (or, at least we used to). We also seem to be smart enough to ignore politically motivated media and make our own decisions.

      Most Canadians feel that our presence in Afganistan is pure pandering to Bush by our Prime Minister (a lover of Capitalism), we have no business there, and worry that we will be viewed by the world as agressors instead of international peace-keepers, and thus grouped with our neighbours of lesser… latitude.

      A Proud Canadian

    15. Sharon Chicago on October 29th, 2006 9:19 am

      These idiots do not want peace with their religious comments against the Christians… They are filled with hatred and want to destroy all Christians and expect countries to do what they say.

      Those Islamic leaders who are not terrorists need to step up to the podem and let the world know over and over again that they are not part of this crazed Islamic belief system

      OTHERWISE…The world is going to end up HATING ALL ISLAMIC GROUPS PERIOD…

    16. dutchhog on October 29th, 2006 1:02 pm

      if you see a man or woman of the islamic faith you immediately assume they’re terrorists,INTERESTING! what about that freedom of religion crap i’ve been hearing about!you know written on that piece of paper a lot of people been BRANDISHING(lol)on this site!you know! the same piece of paper that gives you the right to bear arms ‘n stuff! and uuuh they don’t have to immigrate to commit terrorist acts,they can come over as tourists or whatever! last time i checked it wasn’t easy to immigrate into canada at all eey! so that liberal immigration crap uuuh not really eey! all they have to do is come on “vacation” and don’t check out or oot whatever the case may be eey!and don’t get cought with an expired visa!EEY….. SHARON CHICACO IS RIGHT!!THE ISLAMIC LEADERS AND IMANS SHOULD SPEAK OUT MORE AGAINST TERRORISM!(they won’t but they should!)(they’re more scared than you and me,believe me!)

    17. Janet on October 29th, 2006 3:04 pm

      16. Dutchhog

      Then I am assuming you are implying that radical Islam has won ….

      Moderate Islam is afraid to speak out and condemn the threat of Radical Islam and … the democracies of the free world are intimidated into a politically correct silence/appeasement/tolerance despite the threat that exists from within their borders.

      Radical Islam has got the principle right …. strength/fear equate respect/power. The proof is evident …. the weak are bowing.

      A Proud Canadian

    18. dutchhog on October 29th, 2006 4:24 pm

      they’re not weak,but scared and rightfully so!they will get shot or get they’re throat cut!not mabey! for sure! here in holland we had a director/talkshowhost who got his throat cut by just speaking his mind.when he brought his kids to school,he shot him cut his throat and put the knife in his chest with a letter!HE was very,let’s say NOT WEAK!but he is also very,very dead!on a lot of levels radical islam THE TERRORISTS have won!everybody’s affraid of them!and that was exactly what they where going for!and we all can see what happens when FEAR RUNS THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE!they lash out!and even to innocent muslims,WHO GET SCARED ON THERE TURN!and lash out!and so on and so on!OUR REACTION TO THE ISLAMIC FAITH WILL CREATE OR DIMINISH TERRORISM!

    19. Ramlady on October 29th, 2006 5:17 pm

      14; Mike: Wow, I thought you said you were educated! Well, I guess not. Apparently you are one of those who never learned the lesson that appeasement does not work. It didn’t work in Europe when Hitler ran roughshod over countries who had previously felt he was not a threat to them. And another thing, work on that smug, superiority complex you have. It is very unattractive and annoying.

    20. Lasher on October 29th, 2006 7:14 pm

      Not only is it actually easy to immigrate to Canada, it is simple ABC’s. One needs little to no understanding of the most common spoken language, the laws or customs. In most cases ignorance is deemed a good excuse for a foreigner. I am a descendant of one of the first pioneer French families in Canada and have lived here all my life. This honor bestows absolutely nothing to me. I struggle to maintain work and receive no relief or benefits. I have watched in the past 3 decades as Canada became a Carousel of Nations. One needs only walk downtown any major city to see whom the minority is. It is the white race. Yet there are many segregated schools and churches and community organizations for Lebanese, Chinese, Hispanics, Islamists, etc etc. When my daughters job application was refused to even be taken by a Chinese restaurant because she was not Chinese, I was angry. I am a church going Christian and in our church and any Christian church, we allow ANYBODY. Even homeless individuals. One of our newest members was turned away at the doors of a Muslim church and the reason was that his heritage was not one of Muslim origin. It seems abominable to turn any one away from a religion. Not only is it easy to become a citizen but they come with more rights. City housing and welfare is set up and paid for. School registration fees are paid for. Educational funds are set aside. Government grants to open businesses are easily obtained and very little background checks are performed. All clinical expenses are paid not only for the immigrant but for immediate family members still residing in the homeland. And to top it off, all legal fees are covered by the tax payers. It gets better…if you find a job or employer where the majority of workers are white, they HAVE to hire a specific amount of non-white citizens. It doesn’t even matter if they have the qualifications for the job, they get it over the more qualified. And if this becomes a problem for the employer, they better watch out how they handle it because the Human Rights commission can sue them, or shut them down altogether. If you are a Pakastani and want to be an RCMP officer, you get to wear your turbin and carry a dagger. One Muslim group became offended 4 years ago by a display on a hospital lawn. This was a nativity display that had been on the lawn every year since the hospital was erected in 1904. For the last 4 years this was not displayed. Now that is power.

    21. Ramlady on October 29th, 2006 9:36 pm

      #20; Lasher: Sounds very familiar….. political correctness run amok. I have heard of a very similar situation in Great Britain also. Begs the question many of us Americans have been asking here for a long time, “Whose country is it anyway???” The politically correct among us will disagree vehemently, but I blame liberalism for the decline in western society.

    22. kenn on October 30th, 2006 6:36 pm

      Canadians “deserve” their own 9/11, a clear threat to their survival, so they can decide what to do with their political correctness.

      Growing up near the gathering ground of the Jannisaries where 9/11 1680 (the last assault on Vennia)
      was planned, I often saw General Ismet Inonu, Ottoman commander of Syria when the last survivors of the Armenian trail of tears were worked to death on the Hadjaz railway by the Germans.

      The real world doesn’t have patience with the naive who
      live in a fantasy world & fail to defend or avenge themselves.

    23. Ramlady on October 30th, 2006 8:35 pm

      #22; Very powerful statement Kenn, and SO TRUE….from one who has experienced evil firsthand. Because of political correctness telling us not to be judgmental toward others, many of us are so incapable of recognizing who the real enemy is today. People….are you listening??? George Bush and America ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES!! Wake up please…

    24. Gingersnaps on October 31st, 2006 7:12 pm

      Canada ‘deserves’ a 9/11???? What the hell was that? Are you educated and if you are do you have intelligence to go with it? I live in New York about an hours drive from the site of devastation. I have seen and felt the terror firsthand. Your statement would be like saying WE deserved the attack. I pray no ill or harm on any nation whether Canada, Iraq or any Muslim country. This is what separates normal people from creeps like yourself.

    25. dutchhog on November 1st, 2006 10:45 pm

      when somebody imigrates to canada ,you need proof of employment,a sponsor(somebody who cosigns a morgage or loans)or like in my case a lot of money,from for example the sale of my house in holland(+500.000usd),therefore i don’t believe that somebody can imigrate and go on wellfare and get everything payed for like housing and scholing from the start!but i give you this, the average muslim is poorly educated and it is a retarded culture stuck in the stoneage,their atitude against woman and lack of respect towards other religions is proof of that!(thats what he said #18)lets educate them that everything their leaders say stands open for debate and critisism,so they will not follow them blindly!let’s pull them into the 21 century!

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