New David Zucker Commercial Takes On Taxation


David Zucker, know for as the creator of the Airplane movies, has come out with a new advertisement taking on the tax and spend prowess of the Democratic Party.

Be afraid, be very afraid.


Posted October 24, 2006 by
Politics | 8 comments

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    8 Responses to “New David Zucker Commercial Takes On Taxation”

    1. Scared Monkeys on October 24th, 2006 4:34 pm

      Taxing the little girl selling lemonade … OMG … too funny.


    2. dutchhog on October 24th, 2006 7:15 pm

      this is tooo funny!this isn’t serious is it?do you think there are americans who accually buy this comedy?as a foreigner,that would make it even more funny!like i said before,if the dollar keeps dropping like it is now we will be buying dollars for 50 eurocents!what does that mean?

    3. Scared Monkeys on October 24th, 2006 10:32 pm

      Now this is funny political humor … no hate … just a good purposeful and effective ribbing.

      That is something that needs to be learned … political humor on both sides is most effective …. WHEN IT IS FUNNY and not hateful.


    4. Paul on October 25th, 2006 9:27 am

      I can’t wait to see how the Democrats can dramatize the
      “borrow and spend” Republicans

    5. MyPetGloat on October 25th, 2006 1:00 pm

      ..Can’t wait for another Zucker masterpiece like Baseketball II.

      Be a wingnut, lose the talent. Just ask Dennis Miller.

    6. SB on October 26th, 2006 4:35 pm

      I like scared monkeys, primarily for the natalie holloway updates but I am not very happy about all the anti democrat articles posted on here. Why be a hater? It wasnt how I saw this website. Im a democrat and care about natalie but I dont like seeing my party bashed. Where is the balance or just forget it, I can learn about natalie in various places


      SB: Give me a break and get a sense of humor. Democrat bashing? You can’t be seroius. This ad is not mean spirited. Calling someone a racist, lying about their political record, going after their family, using people with diseases, claiming politicians want people to die and become ill … that is mean spirited.

      Of all the political ads that are out there that are as mean spirited as I have ever seen … we take this ad that actually provided humor in it and you think it bashing? Sorry, no way. We have pleanty of Democrats on this site and they have even laughed at it as well.

      The tone in the music is even light-hearted. This is actually what the problem is with politics today … people of opposing parties think nothing can be said about them or its considered mean spirited.

      This ad is hardly mean spirited … we looked far and wide for one’s that were not. Find me a Democratic ad that is funny and light hearted … that is your task and email it to me.

      If you can’t laugh at yourselves sometimes … who can you laugh at?


    7. blackbelt on October 28th, 2006 8:29 pm

      Ha, I just paid my quarterly tax bill here in NJ – had to cough up $4303.20 – yes you are reading correctly – that is PER QUARTER

    8. dutchhog on November 1st, 2006 1:19 am

      if you had to pay a lot of tax,you probably made a lot of money!!!it’s when you get refunds you’ve got to worry!!LOL!!

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