Daily Commentary – Tuesday October 24th, 2006


Dana Pretzer comments on these issues in the news in his daily podcast:

  • Midterm Election
  • Politicians Respect For the Process

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    One Response to “Daily Commentary – Tuesday October 24th, 2006”

    1. Mortella on October 24th, 2006 11:52 am

      Suddenly the MSM can talk of nothing but the war in Iraq, pretending it is something totally separate from the War on Terror which is ridiculous. There are plenty of terrorists involved in Iraq.

      But we hear nothing of the Stock Market being at an all time high. We hear nothing of the price of gasoline being so low again. We hear nothing of the low unemployment rates, it’s all blood and gore from Iraq all day all sources.

      Normally the above topics would take precedent and be the feature of the news but not with the election looming and a media that will stop at nothing including treason to advance their ultra liberal agenda. When Clinton was in office it was the economy, stupid! But suddenly that is a subject that no one in the media wants to talk about because it is favorable to the present administration.

      We have a media that thinks they are smarter than the average American and so should promote their own candidates and try to sway the election. Some of them like the New York Times should have criminal charges brought for publishing classified information in time of war.

      It is now very similar to the Soviet Bloc when it was under communism with the press so biased that we are getting nothing but a very skewed version of reality. They should just be reporting the news and stay out of politics. Just present the facts and let us decide and stick to the same standards of journalism that have always been. That would be covering all aspects of the news and not just that which is unfavorable to the GOP candidates which is happening now.

      I am not a gay illegal alien wanting an abortion who wants to cut and run in Iraq and pay higher taxes so I guess the left has nothing to offer me.

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