Larry Sanger to create a new and Better Wiki … new version called “Citizendium”


Larry Sanger, one of the original creators of Wikipedia will be creating a new on line competitor … Citizendium. Sanger has become one of Wiki’s fiercest critics. Frankly, I do not blame him for the criticism. The partisan and subjective editing that takes place these days on Wiki makes it nothing more than a “club house” joke.


Wikipedia is available to and written by anyone on the internet. But its openness has also drawn charges of unreliability and left it vulnerable to disputes, particularly on politically sensitive topics.

In Mr Sanger’s version – called Citizendium – it will be open to submissions from anyone, but the power to authorize articles will be given to editors who can prove their expertise, as well as to volunteer “constables” who will keep the peace between warring interests. (Daily Mail)

We can only hope that Citizendium is less subjective in its editing and those that abuse editing rights are banned. These portals can be valuable resources when done right; however, to allow people who have nothing better to do than make nuisances of themselves the ability to edit and delete content for no reason or for their agenda is wrong. These practices have certainly relegated Wiki’s to rather insignificant sources on many certain subject matter.

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    One Response to “Larry Sanger to create a new and Better Wiki … new version called “Citizendium””

    1. dennisintn on October 17th, 2006 5:26 pm

      if you want to see the reason wikipedia is so vulnerable to competition, just check out the entries on natalee, jvds, and others we know on aruba. flagrant editing with an agenda in mind.

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