TN Rep & Wannabe Senator Harold Ford Jr is a Lawyer … NOT (It all depends on what is … is)


So Tennessee US Representative and wannabe US Senator says he’s a lawyer, huh? Seems that Harold Ford Jr has been busted, not once but twice. By the way Harold Ford Jr … you are a law school graduate, not a lawyer. One usually needs to pass the state bar … just a helpful hint for you in the future. However, what does it matter what the truth is … I guess one is a lawyer because one says they are? I guess once again from a Southern Democrat … “it all depends on what is, is”?

If one can’t get this simple fact straight, what else can’t you get straight with the good people of Tennessee?

 “I’m a lawyer. You would expect all of those who are interviewed to be truthful and candid and forthcoming.”

Great job by the Gateway Pundit  finding not one, but two instances of Harold Ford Jr claiming to be a lawyer. The amazing part is he states it without batting an eyelash.

Seems that the Chattanooga Times has reported on this as well (Video). Wake up Tennessee, these polls are far too close for a state as “Red” as Tennessee is supposed to be.

Michael Powell, senior adviser to the Ford campaign, said U.S. Rep. Ford took the Tennessee bar exam in February 1997 and failed. He said that was the only time Rep. Ford has taken the test. Rep. Ford, of Memphis, got his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1996, according to his congressional Web site. (Chattanooga Times)

A question to the voters of Tennessee … Have you forgotten about Harold’s uncle, Tennessee State Senator John Ford and Operation Tennessee Waltz?

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    12 Responses to “TN Rep & Wannabe Senator Harold Ford Jr is a Lawyer … NOT (It all depends on what is … is)”

    1. dancinbare on October 8th, 2006 2:14 pm

      I am not suprised.dancingbare

    2. Scrapiron on October 8th, 2006 6:06 pm

      A lawyer in the Ford family. Heavens be, the entire family is a historical crime wave in its self so they need more than one lawyer.

    3. Scared Monkeys on October 8th, 2006 10:47 pm

      The good voters of TN best well understand that a vote for Harold Ford Jr is a vote for Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the rest of the Northest Liberal Democrats.

      A Democrat is the south cannot even remotely comprehend what Northesters liberalism is like.

    4. Ramlady on October 9th, 2006 5:24 am

      I agree SM. The Corker campaign needs to GET GOING…like right now!! Ford’s slick campaign ads have been effective so far, and I believe it has caught the Corker campaign off-guard. There have been some shakeups in the Corker staff to try to play catch-up at the last minute. It is not being played up much by Corker’s people, but I think it is important to note that the overwhelming majority of contributions to Corker have come from within the state of TN while 75% of contributions (the last I heard) have come from OUT-OF-STATE, mostly from the Hollywood crowd who adores Ford. He ran one campaign ad showing him inside of a church talking about moral values and how he has them and Corker does not. This is the same Ford who dates Hollywood actresses and hangs out at the Playboy mansion with Hefner. It seems he is quite a charmer and a real ladies man. IMO, Corker has not been effective thus far at exposing Ford for the liberal that he is. Outside of Memphis, most Tennesseans do not know who Harold Ford, Jr. is. If Corker’s people don’t make some changes in a hurry, the people of TN are going to soon learn who his best friends are in Washington: the Clintons, Kennedys, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Not a pleasant thought IMO.

    5. slamkitty on October 10th, 2006 10:18 am

      A lawyer is a lawyer when one graduates from law school. The question is whether one is licensed to practice law. That license is acquired by taking the bar exam in the particular state that one would like to practice. If for some reason (malpractice, un-ethical behavior) one is dis-barred, one is still a lawyer, just a lawyer unable to practice. Thank you for the opportunity to blog this. I am sure that you all can find something else to oppose Rep. Ford with, but this is a non-issue.

    6. Ramlady on October 10th, 2006 10:54 am

      #5; all the definitions of the word “lawyer” that I have found, including Webster’s, define “lawyer” as one whose profession is to provide legal advice and counsel and possessing the license to do so. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Ford possesses a law degree but not a license to practice law.

    7. fuzzieQ on October 12th, 2006 10:55 pm

      Oh, so Mr. Ford dates and is a ladies man! My God, the scoundrel — Does his wife know about those hollywood actresses he dates. You got any names. Ain’t many Black ones in Hollywood, you know. You got any names — so they must be white — we can’t have that can we?

    8. Ramlady on October 13th, 2006 8:43 am

      #7; no fuzzie wuzzie, I don’t have any names. Do you work for his campaign, or are you just one of those New York or Hollywood liberal elitists who are smitten by his charms and feel he is the perfect candidate to represent the values of most Tennesseans? How interesting that it was you who injected racism into my comment when I mentioned nothing about Ford’s race. Most of us in TN are no strangers to the Ford family tradition of falling back on the race card when caught in a scandal or when opposed by another candidate. In typical elitist fashion, you jumped straight to the race issue and missed the entire point of my comment that Ford has little in common with the average TN voter. He was the son of TN U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, Sr. and much like Al Gore, Jr., he grew up in Washington and has lived there most of his life. He and Al Jr. even attended the same private prep school in D.C., and both were groomed from an early age to follow in their father’s footsteps. It is no secret that Ford is adored by the Hollywood crowd, and 75% of his campaign contributions have come from outside of TN. As you may or may not know, many black voters in TN are not thrilled with Ford because they feel he has been cow-towing to the moderate white voters in TN to get elected. They have also accused him of being an elitist and not being liberal enough on some issues. Just for the record, if Condi Rice would run for President, I would gladly vote for her.

    9. TennMom on October 20th, 2006 6:32 pm

      I understand how easily Republicans let lies slip past their lips. After all, their fearless leader is guilty of more dishonesty than all of the previous presidents combined. However, it really is assinine to post lies that are easily debunked. The lawyer/no lawyer question is decidedly a non-factor. While one can find varying definitions of the word “lawyer”, if Harold Ford lied about it, then President Bush did, too:

      Perhaps #4 needs to do some fact checking for truthful information instead of relying on Corker ads. There is absolutely no truth to the Hollywood actress story but, even if there were, who cares? Ford is a single man who has the right to date anyone, anywhere. Further, the Super Bowl party to which you refer was not at Hefner’s mansion. It was in Jacksonville and was attended by hundreds.

      Exactly what are Tennessee values? Must one must be born, raised, and educated here to qualify? Bill Frist went to Princeton and then to Harvard, so is he devoid of Tennessee values? Both Ford and Gore were raised in D.C. because that is where their fathers worked. Would it have reflected Tennessee values if the elder Gore and Ford had left their families behind in Tennessee? My Tennessee values say good parents don’t abandon their children for the sake of a job.

      I don’t think you are concerned with values at all. If you were, you wouldn’t use rumors and lies to support a candidate who has a few veracity problems himself.


      SM: All the good people of TN need to do is take a long hard look at the track record of the Ford family out in Memphis way to get a look to the future as to what they will be electing. Yes, I too can cherry pick the internet for favorable or damning articles of Ford as well. Things so easily debunked … guess you must be referring to Hillary Clinton spreading the lie for years that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Mean like that?

      I don’t care whether he is single or married, don’t really think the Playboy mansion is a place a government official should be hanging out. IMO

      Good people of TN … when you elect Harold Ford Jr. as a Senator you are casting a vote for the following:

      Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Pat Lahey, Christoper Dodd, Harry Reid … etc

      Yeah, these are all people who share the views of a majority  Tennesseans … whether they be Republican or Democrats.

    10. Ramlady on October 21st, 2006 2:07 am

      #9; Well, TennMom, I find it interesting, but typical of the left, that the facts only seem to matter when it concerns a Republican, while when a Democrat says something, it’s always open to interpretation: it depends on what the definition of “is” is, it depends on what the definition of “lawyer” is, etc., etc., etc. And as for our “fearless leader,” could you sight one example of his dishonesty, or shall I assume you are falling back on that old tired, predictable habit of calling Bush a liar because there were no WMDs in Iraq? Need I remind you that our own intelligence sources, British and other foreign intelligence sources, and even Saddam’s own generals said he had WMDs? Oh, and let’s not forget Clinton said he had them, Al Gore said he had them, John Kerry said he had them, Tony Blair said he had them, and countless other world leaders said he had them. So if Bush is a liar, I suppose all these people are liars as well? Before you call Republicans liars, maybe you should examine who invented and perfected the fine art of modern-day political spin. As for Bill Frist, regardless of where he was educated, he has lived most of his life in TN and has made his living in TN. I don’t really care where he went to school. It is laughable that you would accuse me of sighting rumors and lies to support a Republican candidate when the sources you reference are not exactly unbiased. Here’s an idea TennMom: I will cast my vote (early in fact) for my candidate, and you are free to cast your vote for your candidate. How about that? Come election day, we will see who wins and who loses. Whatever the result, I will live with it, and life will go on.

    11. TNman on October 25th, 2006 9:38 am

      Well I am a Tennessee man, white even. I have a normal Tennessee family, wife , 2 kids and we go to church. I was raised in a Republican family, was a young Republican in college and graduated from the University of Tennessee. So I am about as Tennessee as you can be.
      I am no longer a Republican, nor is my family. You know what Bush and Karl Rove call conservative Republican’s with good Tennessee values? Those crazy people. The truth of the matter is they use you to pad the pockets of their corrupt corporate bosses. The Iraq war was not about terrorism or weapons of mass destruction , it was about money. Wake up!!!
      Keep voting for them, your kids will thank you for the loss of civil freedoms, the collapse of social programs, 7 dollar an hour wages, and mangled limbs in foreign wars.
      Your ignorance is what they are counting on. They laugh at you and scare you with their ads, and frightening stories of Playmates. Also isn’t it strange how gas prices have dropped almost a dollar right before the election? You think it will go up right after Nov 7th? They will tell you it is because of winter heating costs or a new crisis and you will believe them. Because they represent your values. LOL.
      I don’t think much of Democrats either trust me, but they scare me less than this bunch we have in Washington now.

    12. Ramlady on October 26th, 2006 10:12 am

      #11; That’s right…it’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy. ROFLMAO. Apparently you never took an economics class while at UT. If you did, you should demand your money back. Go ahead and vote Democrat. Your kids will thank you for crippling social security taxes, crippling income taxes, crippling death taxes, and any other tax they can use to soak the public dry. They will thank you for terrorists who become emboldened to strike one of our major cities perhaps with a suitcase nuke or dirty bomb. They will thank you if they want to have an abortion when they are 13 and don’t want you to know about it. They will thank you when the America they will live in as adults sinks into third-world socialist mediocrity. That minimum wage may look pretty good to them then. At least they will be fit from pedaling a bicycle everywhere they go.

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