Pablo Cerda, 23, Fifth Firefighter Dies of Burn Injuries from the California Wild Fires

Another hero has passed. The sad news being reported is that Pablo Cerda, the fifth firefighter who received burns over 90% of his body from the California wild fires has died. Earlier this week four of his fellow fire fighters died battling the wild fires, now Pablo Cerda has passed as well. God bless your soul and rest in peace.

A fifth U.S. Forest Service firefighter died of burns suffered when an engine crew was overrun by a Southern California wildfire blamed on arson, authorities said late Tuesday.

Pablo Cerda, 23, of Fountain Valley, died at 5:08 p.m. at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, said Jeanne Wade Evans, the San Bernardino National Forest supervisor, at a press conference outside the hospital. (Fox News)


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One Happy Island … Man caught with 5 kilos of Cocaine in Aruba

Just another case of One Happy Island. So who in Aruba is smuggling 5 kilos back to The CocainepacsNetherlands? Did the ATA say Aruba was known for its white sandy beaches or white powdery substances?

Amigoe, October 31, 2006: Man caught with 5 kilos drugs

ORANJESTAD – Customs officials have run in a man yesterday that tried to smuggle 5 kilos cocaine on a flight to the Netherlands. The 61-year old S.A.H. had put the drugs in 13 packages that he taped on his belly, buttocks, and thighs. H. was discovered when a sniffle dog started to bark on him during the passengers control in the departure hall. The man was handed over to the organized crime department. H. declared that he was in Aruba on vacation and that he was talked into smuggling the drugs.

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Missing Persons in New England … Several cases of Missing Persons in Water Accidents

What’s going on in the Great White North of New England? There has been a rash of missing persons stories lately. All involving water and with the water temperatures in the 50’s this time of year, that is never a good sign.

Richard Drouin, Jr., 38, Missing in Bath, ME … boat capsized.

Authorities Search Portsmouth, NH Harbor for Missing Person … fell off bridge.

James Sylvestre, 45, still Missing after Falling of MS Mt. Washington during Halloween Cruise

The body of a man who fell off a Halloween cruise during the weekend remained missing Monday as crews used a high-tech cameras to scan Lake Winnipesaukee. 

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Now We have the “Anti” Father of the Year … Alfredo Martinez uses 7 Year old Son as Designated Driver

The sad part is, truth is stranger than fiction. First we reported about a  loving, caring mother who killed her baby with cocaine. Not to be out-done, Alfredo Martinez, 37, used his 7 year old son as a designated driver.

Alfredo Martinez

As reported at The Smoking Gun, “Martinez directed the boy to drive him home because he was too drunk to do it himself.”

While the Nevada man should be saluted for knowing that he was too drunk to get behind the wheel last night, he probably should not have tabbed his seven-year-old son as his designated driver. Martinez, 37, was arrested after Reno cops spotted his car weaving across lanes and stopping suddenly.

Not so Fast Democrats … Black Democrats in MD Cross Party Lines To Back Steele for Senate

The Democrats and the MSM may wish they never have boasted of “The Blue Wave” that Steelewas going to sweep up the Republican Party on November 7. Now less than two weeks before the midterm elections the Democratic Party and MSM are getting a bit nervous. The “Blue Wave” may turn into Democrats feeling blue.

In Maryland the US Senate Race is getting interesting. In a state where Democrats out-number Republicans 2 to 1, Republican candidate “Black Democrats Cross Party Lines To Back Steele For U.S. Senate.” Michael S. Steele is gaining momentum.  

A coalition of black Democratic political leaders from Prince George’s County led by former county executive Wayne K. Curry endorsed Republican Michael S. Steele’s bid for the U.S. Senate yesterday.

The support from Curry, five County Council members and others barely a week before Election Day reflects their continued disappointment that the Democratic Party has no African American candidates at the top of the ticket and a sense that the county is being ignored, officials said.

Take a good listen Democratic Party to those that you have taken for granted far too long and merely have an expectation that Blacks will vote for you, just because.

“They show us a pie, but we never get a slice,” said Major F. Riddick Jr., a former aide to then-Gov. Parris N. Glendening and a former county executive candidate. “We are here today to say we’ve waited and we’ve waited and we’re waiting no longer.”

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