Aruba Travel Ads Getting Desperate … Begging Agents to Book to Aruba … What Will They Give Away Next?


So this is what an Aruban vacation has been reduced to? Solicitation (begging) of travel agents to please … please … book vacations to Aruba. The following was sent to a travel agent to market Aruba. They are going to have to do better than this. Say … Get Justice for Natalee.

Book now and receive
“One Cool Aruba” promotion extras!

Look at the lovely incentives for One Cool Family Vacation.

  • Breakfast FREE from kids menu in hotel restaurant
  • FREE Daily Kids activities
  • and a family gift. 

What’s the family gift? The fact that you actually get to leave Aruba with your entire family that you came with?


15% commissions huh? Guess the  normal 10% commissions were getting any vacations to Aruba sold. 10, 15, 20 percent, its makes no difference. People who just recently came back from Aruba stated it was vacant. As we were told by an expert in the travel industry, travel agents are not booking Aruba. Aruba want to know why your tourism is down? Get to know what your target market thinks.

Yes all agents get this, normal commission is 10%.  However, the agents I speak too, are not booking Aruba, because of safety, and lack of respect for the visitors shown.  It’s sad that those who don’t follow the Holloway case have forgotten about Natalee, but still say Aruba is not safe, and the locals have no respect for their tourist. 

Aruba beach cam empty

(This is beginning to look like a typical day at the Aruban beach)


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    One Response to “Aruba Travel Ads Getting Desperate … Begging Agents to Book to Aruba … What Will They Give Away Next?”

    1. Joe on December 9th, 2007 4:43 am

      It is not safe to travel to Aruba. I don’t want to be kidnapped or killed like Miss Holloway. Shame on you for selling travel to Aruba.

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