An Aruban Controlled Air Space … That is a scary proposition.


Aruba controlling their own airspace? Not feasible … more like not a good idea. These people cant handle an investigation of a tourist that disappeared on their island … now they want to handle their air space and the safety of airplanes and passengers. That will be good for tourism.

Air traffic control cartoon

Minister Briesen furthermore said that the radar is not working because when the Department of Civil Aviation requested funds to upgrade their personnel in order to operate the radar, the funds were not available. Even if the radar is made operational, the department does not have any qualified personnel to operate it.

Lack of qualified personnel … sounds like a reoccurring situation on Aruba, doesn’t it?

AM Digital Control Air space

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

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    One Response to “An Aruban Controlled Air Space … That is a scary proposition.”

    1. Stuart on March 15th, 2008 4:27 pm

      . . . and they can barely control the airport and tower effectively and that was before the controllers began their present “Work to rule”. The standard of air traffic control is seriously inadequate and the Aruba Directorate of Aviation who is responsible has their head stuck in the sand since they too are understaffed by inadequate and underqualifed persons. In fact aviationi in Aruba is just a MESS ! being made worse by the present work to rule. I wish all international airlines would boycott the place for a week and see the reaction! I understand ICAO are planning an audit of the aviation authority in April and I have it on good authority that the top man is shxtting his pants !

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