Suspicious Liquid testing positive for explosives residue close down WV Airport


One week after the British foiled a potential terrorist attack aboard trans-Atlantic flights to the United States, a 28-year-old woman of Pakistani descent carried two bottles of liquid  on her  carry-on luggage that  twice tested positive for explosives residue.

“It looks like there were four items containing liquids,” said TSA spokeswoman Amy von Walter. “Two of those containers tested positive.”

A machine that security checkpoint screeners use to test for explosives registered positive, and a canine team also got a positive hit, von Walter said.

Larry Salyers, manager of Tri-State Airport, said the bottles would be moved by robot to a remote area of the airport where officials would attempt to detonate them. National Guard and State Police explosives experts will conduct chemical field tests to determine their contents, he said.

(AP News)

What’s worse? The fact that her luggage was not more scrutinized because of the fact that her carry-on luggage contained liquids or that she had purchased  a one way ticket. That would be  a red flag. Of course this incident coupled with the foolishness of U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit who ruled  that the government’s warrantless surveillance program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate end to it.

Read more and many updates of the West Virginia airport closing due to woman with liquid explosives/residue at The Jawa Report.

UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: Test Shows No Explosive Residue Inside Bottles

As of 9pm, Tri-State Airport in Wayne County resumed operations. Commercial flights will not resume until tomorrow. The airport had been evacuated since after 11 this morning.

The Transportation Security Administration reports that two containers of liquid in a passenger’s carry-on bag tested postive for explosive residue around 9:15 this morning. A second test was confirmed at 11:25. But a final test tonight showed that the liquid inside the bottle was not an explosive material. Captain Jack Chambers with the State Police Special Operations Unit says further tests will be conducted to determine the makeup of the residue from the outside of the bottles.


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