Aruba Adds Insult to Injury by sending Beth Twitty a Visitor Survey after Natalee Vanishes


Talk about adding insult to injury. Talk about bad form. Talk about not having a clue to take Beth Twitty’s name off a mailing list to ask how her stay in Aruba was. Aruba, have a heart. Exactly how do you not preempt this stock letter from going out to the mother who’s daughter went missing on your island? Are you people serious? We are beginning to wonder if there is anything you get right. It is astonishing that at this point and time, after all that has gone on, Aruba would further rub salt in the wounds. What a tourism PR department you people have.

Let us give you the short version of how this might be answered. I lost my daughter on Aruba  and you covered up a crime. Other than that, everything was fine … GEEZ.

Aruba Visitor Survey, fill out at your own risk.

Aruba Survey 1 SM

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Just how do you think Beth Twitty will answer these questions?

a. Overall great experience. Is there a category worse than poor seeing that Natalee Holloway went missing, was most likely sexually assaulted and the investigation was a cover up?

b. Has great beaches. You mean the great beaches that Joran Van der Sloot claimed to have left Natalee Holloway on and abandoned her? Or the beaches where the suspects have allegedly claimed to have buried her?

d. Is Safe and Secure. I guess we can guess  how Beth Twitty would answer this one. It would read, see Safe Travels.

f. Has friendly local people. Like those 3 friendly suspects that left with Natalee Holloway, sexually assaulted her, were last seen with her and lied about having ever dropped her off where she was staying.

l. Has great night life. Yes, Carlos n’ Charlie’s is a killer time.

Aruba Survey 2 SM

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