Joran Van der Sloot, business as usual … You are Still a Suspect … What’s Good for JVDS is bad for Aruba


Aruba loses another tourist … Another unsatisfied customer … Why would they be when they are insulted told they did something illegal. Isn’t that priceless coming from Aruba.

If Aruba ever wondered why its economy and tourism are down the drain, they need to look no further than the following pictures.

We would really like to know what the hell the Marriott was thinking. Do you honestly think the other paying guests want a suspect in a disappearance of an American girl hanging around pool side? Do you think this is why people pay money, what few do, to come to Aruba? Aruba, you have no one to blame but yourselves for the lack of tourism. This is the way you handled the matter? So much for catering to the tourists.


(Special thanks to Celeste Prince for the exclusive internet  use of these photos. Please note they are the property of Celeste Prince and are not to be used for resale.)


(Property of Celeste Prince)

The Marriott had ever right and obligation to ask Joran Van der Sloot to leave their premises, its private property. This is what the Aruba Hotels think of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. They could care less. Joran Van der Sloot is treated like a normal individual, not the suspect that he is.


(Property of Celeste Prince)


(Property of Celeste Prince)


(Property of Celeste Prince)



(Property of Celeste Prince)

It is an amazing concept that the Marriott Hotel would act as if nothing happened on 5/29/05. Does it ever dawn at the hotel that people are appalled at the fact that Joran Van der Sloot can just walk freely among the paying guests. Does Aruba really not want tourism? KEEP IT UP FOLKS.

We wondered how Celeste Prince felt when she saw this going on at the hotel that she paid to come to. Does Aruba understand the concept of keeping people away from the paying guests so that they feel comfortable?


We asked Celeste what her reactions was when she spotted Joran Van der Sloot pool-side.

Our first reaction upon seeing him was disbelief.   As far as I knew, he was back in The Netherlands attending college.  Ã‚  Myself, along with  most of the other guests at the pool  were shocked to  see him  at our hotel, and the fact that he was outwardly making out with a young, blonde girl was startling.   It was obvious these two were not family and were more than friends.   We first saw them there on the second day of our trip (July 10) and  it looked as though the girl and her family were staying  at the hotel (Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino).  Ã‚  They were walking along the  beach  together, walking around the  pool area and  Joran didn’t seem to  care that people were staring or taking pictures.   He almost even seemed a little proud.   I was thinking that whether or not he is guilty of any crime in the Natalee Holloway case, it was quite brazen of him to parade around the pool and beach area of the same hotel he  says he  last left Natalee with a new young girl who looked very similar to  Natalee.  Ã‚  What went through my mind was Natalee’s family and how much of  a slap in the face this is to them.   I know that if  what happened to Natalee had happened to someone in  my family, I would be devastated to see  someone who may know what happened to her doing this.   He lives in Aruba, he  could have easily taken his  girlfriend to his house, or  anywhere else.   There was no reason for him to spend the week with her at that hotel.  

To make matters worse, the following events are just mind boggling. Even after Natalee Holloway went missing and the Aruban authorities botched the investigation, either purposely or through incompetence, Celeste went to Aruba. One would think that Aruba would cherish such an individual. Not the case. On Court TV Celeste was called out by Julia Renfro was being star struck, etc. Check out the email exchange that took place between Julia Renfro and Celeste Prince.

It is an amazing concept that these people will go to the ends of the earth to defend someone who has lied every inch of the way during the investigation. Aruba better figure out pretty soon, “What’s good for Joran Van der Sloot, is terrible for Aruba and its citizens.”

Email from Celeste:

Dear Julia,
I am the “tourist” who took the photos of Joran at the Marriott who you referred to today on our Court TV.   I think that as  a journalist, who you claim to be, you should first investigate who you are speaking about.   I was in no way, as you put it, “star-struck”.   Joran is if anything “infamous”.   I would call what you said about me slanderous and would hope that you would put yourself in my position for 1 minute. I was in your country on vacation (although I was advised to NOT go by US authorities and various entities due to the lack of justice and security).   I took all of the ill-advised thoughts with a grain of salt and went anyway, with my husband and my parents.   It was all-in-all a family vacation/getaway.  
We paid quite a bit to stay at the Marriott…not sure if you understand the monetary value of such a stay.  We observed Joran at our pool and beach the first day we were there.  Ã‚  It wasn’t only myself who noticed and took pictures, it was a bevy of people (NOT star-struck as you put it).  Ã‚   We were simply appalled at the fact that this kid would have the nerve to spend an entire week at our hotel parading around with this new young girl.   It wasn’t until about the 4th day that I decided to pull out my camera.   He loves the attention and I think it’s idiots like you who encourage it.   According to a hotel rep that I spoke to, they had MANY complaints from guests.
Check your facts before slandering a “tourist” in the future. As it is, you aren’t going to be having many more.  
-Celeste Prince
The response she received:

Dear Celeste,
There are approximately 75 members of the press here on Aruba, and not one followed this young man around with a camera. He has every right to be on the beaches of Aruba and enjoy his summer vacation with his friend, who was also a paying guest at the Marriott. There is absolutely no evidence against Joran van der Sloot that he harmed Natalee in anyway other than being the last known person to be with her on the beach.
We believe in the justice system of Aruba, and I also know that the Aruban Authorities not only beat this kid in an effort to get him to “confess” to harming Natalee, but they unlawfully arrested his father and many of his friends to pressure him into signing a confession. Joran spent 90 days in Jail with threats that he would spend the rest of his life there unless he confessed to what he did to Natalee.
I understand that the US media has portrayed him to be a predator, rapist, etc…Â   There is absolutely nothing to substantiate those claims and if there was he would still be in Jail.
Taking pictures of Joran and selling or giving them to the media without his permission is illegal in Aruba.
Sorry that I offended you.
Julia Renfro
God Bless Natalee and I can assure you that Aruba is still working hard to find the answers for her family.

What was just accomplished by Aruba? You lost another tourist forever to your island. She will also tell others never to visit Aruba. Aruba, you are not supposed to insult your guests and call them criminals. What irony that Celeste would be accused of a crime, yet Joran Van der Sloot is defended and treated like royalty. Do you really wonder why no one goes to Aruba?
So what was the end result of the personal attack of a tourist to Aruba? Add another one Aruba to the long growing list of people that will never return. Who’s fault is it?
As beautiful as that island was, I will never go back there.   I will also try convincing anyone I know to never go there.   There are many other beautiful islands to visit.

Yeah, I found it odd that she would attack me that way, but I started reading some of the  threads and noticed that it was a pattern with her.  Ã‚  The more I am reading about this case, the more I am convinced of how corrupt Aruba actually is.   It’s rather frightening.  

The ATA may want to rethink their friendliness strategy toward tourists.



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    One Response to “Joran Van der Sloot, business as usual … You are Still a Suspect … What’s Good for JVDS is bad for Aruba”

    1. ed on June 13th, 2010 6:07 am

      “It is an amazing concept that the Marriott Hotel would act as if nothing happened on 5/29/05. Does it ever dawn at the hotel that people are appalled at the fact that Joran Van der Sloot can just walk freely among the paying guests. Does Aruba really not want tourism? KEEP IT UP FOLKS.”

      Why would the Marriott do anything against Joran? At that time he was not convicted (still isn’t) and even if he would be convuicted, are you telling me that criminals in the USA do not visit hotels or are expelled from there if they do??

      Ofcourse Aruba cares for Tourism and tourism from the USA has not declined. Young tourists go there for one reason only, rather than going to say the american virgin islands: the legal age of drinking.

      And surely: hasn’t there ever disappeared a young girl in the USA, in Alabama even?

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