Diario Editorial: Natalee’s Case Is Raising Its Head Again! (Aruba: Why not Sue the three Suspects)


Last night Jossy Mansur was interviewed on C-Band Talk radio by Dana Pretzer. Jossy gave his opinions and the mood of Aruba as to the aftermath of the Natalee Holloway civil case being dismissed in NYC and whether the family of Natalee Holloway had a “snowballs chance in Aruba” of ever being dealt with fairly.

This morning Jossy Mansur has a great editorial in Diario, entitled … Natalee’s Case Is Raising Its Head Again!


The completely unequal sums again fired up emotions that in Aruba there is a justice of class; that if you are a Dutch person born in the Netherlands, all doors are open to you, but if you are a Dutch born in Aruba or in whichever other island, doors are hermetically sealed in the passageways of justice! Fair or not, those thoughts are still alive, instead of disappearing together with the colonial era that is behind us.

Jossy Mansur brings up some very compelling facts that Joran Van der Sloot stated during his interrogations. Ones that clearly show that it is hard to believe that they came from a boy who lied because he was scared.

In an interesting twist, Jossy Mansur brings up unique questions and poses in to the Aruba Government … why don’t you file a case against the three suspects and Paulus van der Sloot for all the damage that they caused Aruba?

Read the full translation here.

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    One Response to “Diario Editorial: Natalee’s Case Is Raising Its Head Again! (Aruba: Why not Sue the three Suspects)”

    1. namesideburns on February 8th, 2008 1:09 am

      what on earth does it take to get these peoples attention joran admitted to throwing the poor girl off a boat in the middle of the ocean not knowing if she was dead or alive more than likely drugged by joran in his attempt to steal yet one more girls virginity and didnot dare take her for help because the drugs he used on her would be found in her system then in his residence. The whole island is haven of drug dealers and thugs making money off gullible tourists all hapless victims like flys in a spiders web wating to die or al the least sukerd out of thier moneyas well as the young girls who become sacrificial lambs to be eaten alive by sex depraved young men of Aruba all with the same thoughts and urges of yoran vandersloot.

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