Beth Twitty,Mother Of Natalee Holloway ‘Crushed’ By N.Y. Case Dismissal


According to the  Boston Herald, Beth Twitty took the news of the dismissal by the Beth twitty 1NYC judge rather badly. That is  to be expected. Even though Beth and Dave knew that this attempt to bring Joran and Paulus Van der Sloot to justice was a long shot, the fact of the matter is everything has been an obstacle and long shot for this poor family who just want answers. “That was our only and last shot for justice,” said Beth Twitty, mother of Natalee Holloway.

Twitty said she knew the case filed in New York State Supreme Court against Joran van der Sloot was a long shot, but the family took a chance.

“Until you hear that door closed you hang onto hope,” Twitty said.

It is obvious that this is a set back for the family, but hardly their last option. The Holloway’s and Twitty’s stunned by the ruling as  the Van der Sloot attorney, Joe Tacopina, was doing his best spinning and misrepresentation of what the NYC judge actually stated. Attorney Tacopina, this was a procedural ruling and you know it. Guilt or innocence or the fact of the case were not decided upon.

“We were never afraid of the facts in this case,” Tacopina said Thursday when the case was dismissed. “He did nothing to this girl. … He’s trying to get on with his life.”

Get on with his life? You mean like Natalee Holloway will be doing? Or how about Imette St Guillen, Attorney Tacopina? Will she be getting on with her life either? Exactly how are you defending the St. Guillen family when you and your staff have made contradictory statements questioning Natalee Holloway that fateful night she left Carlos N’ Chariles? I spoke with Beth Twitty briefly today as well to discuss the decision and what some of the next moves would be. Obviously she was still upset from yesterdays ruling, but doing better today. I said to Beth that if it was any consolation just remember that this was strictly a procedural ruling and any thinking person could see it could have gone either way. It had nothing to do with innocence, guilt or taking Joran off the suspect list, no matter what Joe Tacopina may rant.

Joran Van der Sloot is still a primary suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. That is why Tacopina protests so much. He knows the truth, even though he spins quite a different tale on the cable shows. It is obvious that Team Tacopina fear the facts as they would squelch procedurally any type of trial held in the United States.

If Attorney Tacopina really wanted to show his clients innocence he would have no issue exposing his client to discovery or depositions. Better than that if Joe Tacopina really wanted to help Natalee’s family find their daughter or what happened as he claimed he did on Greta Van Susteren last night, he would turn over a full copy of his file. The fact of the matter is that Team Tacopina fears any case that would be held in the US. What if Alabama agreed to be a venue through “long arm jurisdiction.What would Tacopina object to then? Would the Van der Sloots even show? Hardly.

We also learned last night that John Q Kelly will be going back to Aruba to talk with Karen Janssen. Also  John Q Kelly will team up with an international attorney from that area. As previously stated yesterdays ruling was only procedural and without prejudice. The fact of the matter is that NYC Judge Barbara Kapnick stated the case should not be filed in NYC due to:

  • She rejected an argument that if the case were filed in Aruba
  • it would prompt a media frenzy that could interfere with the investigation.
  • Kapnick said taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for a case “when their interest in the suit … is so ephemeral.”

I guess the judge has missed the previous 15 months of media coverage of the Natalee Holloway investigation. Media frenzy? As opposed to what? I bet the good people of Alabama would have no issue that their tax dollars go to a case against Joran Van der Sloot. This has not ended in the least. Â  

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    One Response to “Beth Twitty,Mother Of Natalee Holloway ‘Crushed’ By N.Y. Case Dismissal”

    1. Alexandra on September 11th, 2009 12:26 am

      Dearest Beth and Natale’s family, We lost my niece to a tragic death by her boyfriend (a shooting) Sep 10, 2001 (8 years ago today). It was a horrible tragedy much like Natalee’s. I have watched the television show based on Natalee’s death and have actually seen the man who brought out the truth on television with the boy who had something to do with her death and missing body. I am so very sorry for you. It is a great shame to lose a family member, but even more to not be able to finish it and bury them and have closure. You will never have that, but in your hearts, you must know that she is with God and can no longer feel pain and suffering at the hands of anyone forever more. I know that is never enough, but I have prayed for justice for you and your family and friends of Natalee. Stephanie got justice and rests in peace with God next to my mother now who died of cancer almost 2 years ago. Natalee will always know love and your feelings for her. Remember her with love and the knowledge that no matter what has happened she is safe now. I am not saying give up on justice, I would never say that…. EVER! But, have peace in your hearts for her. Pray for justice in these countries that do let the criminals run free just because they “know” people with power. These “people” are not powerful, they are cowards and should be brought to justice. They will face God some day and justice will be done if not on this earth. Keep the faith and never give up, I don’t and anyone with a conscience shouldn’t. Shame on those who let this happen and for those who covered it up! Sincerely, Alex

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