Fidel Castro cedes power to Brother Prior to Surgery


Cuban president Fidel Castro makes just a little bit of news with the announcement of relinquishing power due to his heath problem prior to surgery. Spontaneous celebration among Cuban exiles in South Florida’s Little Havana. What blockades, embargoes and boycotts could not do, old age and health issues may just be the answer.

The Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin  have a great round up of events and a whole lot of dancing in the streets.

Castro’s Condition Unknown After Surgery

The surprise announcement that Castro had been operated on to repair a “sharp intestinal crisis with sustained bleeding” stunned Cubans on the island and in exile, and marked the first time that Castro, two weeks away from 80th birthday, had relinquished power in 47 years of rule.

Castro handover sparks Cuban celebrations in Miami“We are seeing the end of this 50-year-old, almost 50-year-old, terrorist regime,” U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Miami Republican of Cuban descent, told Miami television station WSVN. “It could be hours, it could be days, it could be months, but it’s on the way out.”


Comments from President George W. Bush:

On Monday, before Castro’s illness was announced, President Bush was in Miami and spoke of the island’s future.

“If Fidel Castro were to move on because of natural causes, we’ve got a plan in place to help the people of Cuba understand there’s a better way than the system in which they’ve been living under,” he told WAQI- AM Radio Mambi, a Spanish-language radio station. “No one knows when Fidel Castro will move on. In my judgment, that’s the work of the Almighty.”




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