Craig Roger Gregerson; How do these people walk among us? They belong in the 7th Circle of Hell


Some people should just be sent to Dante’s 7th Circle of Hell, no questions asked. Dante's Inferno Circles

The Destiny Norton case is tragic in so many ways. Long before we heard the details of Destiny’s death, we were all saddened by the fact that an innocent and adorable 5 year old girl was first missing then murdered.

What Craig Roger Gregerson did to Destiny defies understanding and comprehension as we live in a world with laws, morals and humanity. Obviously Gregerson did not.

How are such people able and allowed to live and walk among us until the commit the unspeakable? Like in the horrible assault and murder of Jessica Lunsford, the accused John Couey did things so shocking like burying her alive that is it any wonder that the Judge could find no jury capable of impartiality?

Craig gregerson mug

Such will be the case with Craig Roger Gregerson. The fact of the matter is one would have to be the same type of sociopath as Couey or Gregerson to admit they have not formulated an opinion. Either that or they pay no attention to anything, just crawled out from underneath a rock, just came out of a coma or are lying through their teeth to get on the jury.

We are supposed to formulate opinions against vicious criminals that would bury a young girl alive or attempt to have sex with a 5 year old who is already dead. We are supposed to be impartial against such monsters.  If we do start to not judging such immoral acts, we will lose our humanity ourselves.

Monsters like this that would perpetrate such a crime against humanity is supposed to get a trial by a jury of his peers, they are not entitled to be without judgment and opinions against them.

Read the full story and court documents at Missing & Exploited. We cannot come up with a punishment that is worthily of the crime. Some things shock us even though we are exposed to so many cases every day.

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