Favoritism & Privilege Alive & Well on Aruba; Nearly 5000 Government Employees … what other privileges are provided?


Mike Eman, leader of AVP, is on the attack again. This is almost hard to believe. According to an AP Digital article, Aruba Government is reaching almost 5000 employees, while the Federal and Island Governments in the Netherlands Antilles have only 4300. 5% of the population in Aruba is a government employee. Aruba only has a population fluctuation around 100,000.

Of course Mr. Eman it would have been more beneficial to your party if such comments were forcefully made prior to the last election.

With the recent drop in tourism and the lower tax revenues gained because of the decline, there best be some concern from many of these government employees as to where their next  pay check is going to come from. The real question is, how and why  does an island have so many governmental employees? I am sure favoritism and political influence have nothing to do with it.

With this illustration Eman wishes to point out the ridiculous administration of the Aruban Government.

“Between 1,500 and 2000 people have been employed by the Aruban Government in 5 years. Not to improve education; not to improve public health; not to improve social assistance in this country; but to benefit and privilege of Mr. Nelson Obuber and his family; Mr. Rudy Croes … not to the benefit of this country”.

AM Digital Aruba Govt Empl

(AM Digital: click on article to enlarge)

With all of these political appointments made for favors and influence, one wonders just why those in Aruba have kept so quiet as to tips and what really happened to Natalee Holloway. Or do we?


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