Joran I wouldn’t Get too Comfortable, You are Still a Suspect … and there seems to be a monkey on your back.


It would appear that  Joran Van der Sloot, Koen and company were back to “Livin’ La Vita Loca” at the Club Bahia on July 15, 2006. Just a reminder Joran, you are still a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway if you have forgot. I do not think I would be all that comfortable just yet … as you are still a suspect. Seems you still have a monkey on your back.

Joran BahiaMonkey

(Hat tip: Klaas pics)

By the way Joran, just how was it that you were able to go to a bar one half hour before closing, have a conversation with a girl that you had never met before, buy her a 151 shot, do jelly shots then leave with her in a car that Deepak was already waiting in with the engine running. Sounds a little premeditated doesn’t it?

Looks like a regular Pimp reunion at the Club Bahia. Koen, we thought you were back in Holland. Why didn’t you ever talk to the ALE? Seems that you have come a long way from how Art Wood described you acted when you thought you were going to be interviewed. Must be nice to have daddy save you.

Also had solid evidence, that Koen was ready to crack. He was afraid of being arrested, slept with mother as afraid. Koen’s father who got a lawyer and Koen was not interviewed. (Art Wood, C-Band talk Radio)


Glad to see you are all getting on with your lives, I do not believe that Natalee Holloway is so fortunate now is she?

At some point something or someone will come forward. Last night Tim Miller stated on C-Band Talk radio with Dana Prezter that he was confident that Natalee’s body could be found and that if anywhere she was out in the ocean 3–5 miles. Clint van Zandt also interview on C-Band Talk radio stated as well he believed the case was solvable.

Things always come to the surface at the most unusual moments in time. The truth does come out in the end. There is only so long that Aruba is going to be able to deal with a 18% drop in tourism and remain silent. If things can be covered up so easily, I would think that the converse is true as well.

It is rather ironic to see a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee, that is responsible for the economic nightmare that Aruba is presently in gallivanting around have a grand old time while so many Arubans are affected adversely by the lack of tourism caused by said suspects.

Ironic in deed.


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      [...] Joran, we told you back on July 21, 2006 not to get too comfortable and that you were still a suspect. You and yours just did not want to listen.  It appears something may still be on your back. [...]

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