Illegal Immigration: Dallas Hospital plans to bill Mexico for healthcare costs


A Dallas, TX hospital, Parkland Memorial Hospital plans to bill Mexico and other countries to help cover the costs of health care for indigents. File this one under the category of “good luck” or “don’t further waste the hospital’s resources” on even trying.

Last year, hospital officials said, Dallas County spent $76.5 million to treat people from outside Dallas. Of that, almost $27 million was not reimbursed. 

Much of the cost was for treating patients from adjoining counties in Texas, which Dallas County officials claim is unfair to local taxpayers.

(The Washington Times)

Maybe these costs can be factored into the price of that infamous head of lettuce that people say will increase in price if illegal aliens do not perform this task?

Although I understand the symbolic nature of the attempt it is a kin to shovel sand against the tide.

“We owe it to taxpayers to at least try.”

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