Gerold Dompig Officially Resigns From Aruban Police … ALE Suffers Brain Drain …


Commissioner Gerold Dompig is also abandoning ship know as the SS Aruban Police Force. Chief Commissioner Bernadina had earlier announced his plans to leave the ALE as well. Of course many of us that have been witnessing the lack of an investigation in the Natalee Holloway case had suspected that they may have quit sometime last summer. Now comes Dompig’s turn. First he was taken off the Holloway case and now out the door altogether.

It seems to be a pattern of all those who were in charge of the Holloway case are finding early retirement.

AM Digital Dompig Leaving

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

From this AM Digital article come some rather interesting and peculiar comments. First, which may have to be one of the more humorous comments of the article. Dompig 4-06Unless they were using sarcasm, that unfortunately I believe that was not the case.

We commented to Dompig that we are seeing a brain drain in the police force with the resignation of the Chief Commissioner and now his own.

With the investigation that was put forth and curious departure from normal police and investigative work with regards to Natalee … Aruba may wish to keep that drain open a bit longer.

What was even more interesting were the comments that Gerold Dompig made regarding the Chief of Police position presently held by the departing Bernadina. How much of the term “political” can be interchanged with “preferential treatment” or “cronyism”?

Dompig BD

“Unfortunately in Aruba to much politics is involved which makes it difficult for a Chief Commissioner to function as he wishes to.” (Did those very politics that Dompig refers to play into the lack of investigation 101 in the Natalee Holloway case?)

Who the new Chief Commissioner will be is unknown to Dompig but he hopes that the Government will not again bring in somebody from the outside. (One wonders how often Dompig’s strings were pulled during this investigation? All to often he would make a positive comment only to contradict it with nonsense like in the Vanity Fair article.)

“When will we mature? When will we trust our own people”?

Bringing in a Dutch Chief again will not contribute to the progress of the police force.

Think there is not an issue and a power struggle between Aruba and the Dutch? One wonders how they solve any problems when there is obviously a greater issue simmering below the surface. Think Arubans are tired and frustrated with the Dutch dominance? Seems that way, at least according to Dompig.


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