State of New Jersey: Closed … Shut Down … What a Disgrace


As of today and over the weekend and for the un-foreseeable future, they state of Atlantic city closedNew Jersey is closed for the season. Democratic Governor Jon Corzine said on Saturday he had shut all but the most vital parts of the state government and furloughed some 45,000 workers. All this because a Democratic governor in a state that is completely controlled in the state legislature by a Democratic House & Senate could not reach an agreement to balance the budget.

This is the first time New Jersey’s government has even partly shut down because a budget was not enacted by the fiscal year’s end on June 30.

Gilfillan said the state lottery would stop selling tickets at 8 p.m. State racetracks said they will close two hours earlier, though a spokesman for the state agency that runs them was not immediately available to say whether they will follow the lead of the casinos and ask a court for a stay.

Atlantic City 3

Last year July was Atlantic City’s most profitable month. Nice time to shut the doors.

Last year, July was Atlantic City’s highest-grossing month ever, and the resort’s casino industry took in $16.3 million per day, on average.

No Dice: Atlantic City Casinos Shut DownAtlantic City 2

In the first mass closure in the 28-year history of Atlantic City’s legalized gambling trade, all 12 casinos were under state orders to lock up.

Atlantic City’s casinos are lucrative for New Jersey. They have a $1.1 billion payroll, and the state takes an 8 percent cut – an estimated $1.3 million a day. But as a stalemate over the state budget entered its fifth day Wednesday with no deal in sight, even they had to shut down.

(AP News)

Governor Corzine wants to increase the NJ state sales tax by 1%. In a state that already has a high sales tax and one of the worst property taxes in the country. GOVERNOR … EVER HEARD OF A BUDGET CUT??? No, I guess not. Instead you would rather NJ Close Up Shop.

The dispute between the governor and his fellow Democrats who control the Legislature centers on his plan to increase the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent to help overcome a $4.5 billion budget deficit in his $31 billion spending plan. Experts say the proposal would cost the average New Jersey family $275 per year.

But what’s $275.00 to multi-millionaire Gov Jon Corzine? Wasn’t it the Democrats that were supposed to look after the middle class?

Jersey Impasse Closes Atlantic City Casinos

Imagine be the poor individual whose job is being held hostage by this nonsense? Or the casino owner who is out millions as each passing hour does by?

Atlantic City casinos were forced to close their doors Wednesday morning as part of an overall shutdown of nonessential government services in New Jersey.

The closures took effect at 8 a.m. EDT Wednesday because New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and state Assembly leaders remain deadlocked on a new budget.

(The Street)

Atlantic City casino losses seen at $20 mln a day

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Atlantic City casinos could lose more than $20 million a day in revenue and cut thousands of jobs, an industry executive said on Wednesday, as a New Jersey budget impasse forced operators to close shop.

The casinos, which generate millions of dollars in taxes for New Jersey, must have state-employed regulators in place to operate. A state appellate court on Monday rejected a plea by casinos to stay open.

So here we are in the dead of summer, the children are out of school, families are vacationing and you close the NJ State Parks down.

The lingering impasse has shut down the state’s government, and starting today Atlantic City casinos will be closed, along with state parks.

 Park closings

The following is a list of state parks in the Morris County area that will close today. State police will be patrolling the parks.
• Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Warren County.
• Farny State Park in Rockaway Township.
• Hacklebarney State Park in Chester Township.
• High Point State Park in Sussex.
• Hopatcong State Park in Landing.
• Kittatinny Valley State Park in Andover.
• Stephens State Park in Warren County.

NJ Gov. Calls Shutdown ‘Deplorable’

Yes it is Gov. Corzine and you are a part of the deplorable action. Maybe you can explain to the people of NJ why everything must be a tax increase instead of a budget cut? Your property taxes are insane in NJ. So the answer is to raise taxes. All of your fellow Democrats do not seem to keen on that idea with mid-term elections coming up in November do they?

Gov. John Corzine addressed the Legislature at the Statehouse Wednesday morning, defending his position as a stalemate over the state budget entered its fifth day with no deal in sight. He said he had no choice but to halt state services since lawmakers missed their budget deadline, and he urged the Legislature to do something about it quickly.

“It is deplorable that the people of this state are left in such a painful position,” Corzine said. “The people of New Jersey have every right to be angry.


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