Aruba at odds with Another Hotel; This Time the Radisson Renovations

At What Point do these Hotels Just throw their hands up in disgust?

AM Digital Radisson WM

(AM Digital: click on article to enlarge)

There comes a point where a government that draws tax dollars from hotel revenues needs to stop being so myopic. Over-regulation of hotel practices and renovation on an island with a slumping economy and declining over-night guests leads to hotels leaving the island for greener pastures.



A Monkey Wrench in the Aruban Tourism and Economic Works

Is it any wonder why the Aruban Tourism machine is not working properly?

Vanderbilt Monkeywrench

(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

Normally Vanderbilt – ‘06 provides us with their great artwork and we provide the words to go a long. This one is all Vanderbilt including the comments and we thank Vanderbilt – ‘06 for the kind words.


SM has made a huge contribution to the continuance of the Natalee Holloway investigation. Now it appears that a“monkeys’ wrench” may be fouling up the source of funds keeping the Island of Aruba from going under financially.How many ways must the real reason for their demise be explained before common sense kicks in? Hunger may loosen some lips and alter the direction of the downward swirl. The truth will set the people free.


Former Police Officer John Futrell of the North Hollywood Shoot out & Jossy Mansur will be on C-Band Talk Radio

Tonight on C-Band Talk Radio   

John Futrell and Jossy Mansur


(Click on Icon to listen to podcast)

North Hollywood Shootout   North Hollywood SO pic

GENERAL INFO (Back Ground) This case is also known as Matasareanu v. Gates, et al. It was tried in February and March, 2000 in United States District Court. Bradley Gage represented Police Officer John Futrell. His photograph in the Los Angeles Times won the Pulitzer Prize. The case revolved around the February, 1997 Bank of America Robbery in North Hollywood California where 17 police officers and citizens were shot and injured. Two alleged robbers died. One of the suspects family members sued claiming the LAPD allowed him to bleed to death.

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS The attorney for the alleged bank robber’s family agreed to dismiss the action with a waiver of malicious prosecution. This means the lawsuit is over. The City of Los Angeles paid $50,000 for John Futrell and our firm in handling this matter. There is a pending book and movie on this case. Please watch this site for developments in the future. SilverCreek Entertainment is assisting with the book and movie deals.

SETTLEMENT INFO This matter settled, even though John Futrell was a defendant, he received $50,000 through payments by the City, and thousands of dollars more thanks to your generous contributions. The John Futrell Legal Defense Fund thanks all of its supporters. We couldn’t have won this case without your help!  

Posted July 30, 2006 by
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Royal Caribbean Strikes Again: 230 people aboard a cruise ship Mariner of the Seas

First it was Royal Caribbean passenger, Elizabeth Kay Galeana, reported missing. Now nearly 230 cruise ship passengers are reported ill aboard Royal Caribbeans cruise ship, the Mariner of the Seas.

Nearly 230 people aboard a cruise ship fell ill with a gastrointestinal illness during a weeklong Caribbean voyage, the cruise line said Saturday.

The illness, believed to be a norovirus brought onto the Mariner of the Seas by a passenger, struck 221 of the ship’s 3,660 passengers and six of its 1,202 crew members, said Royal Caribbean spokesman Michael Sheehan.

This is the second time an outbreak of the norovirus has been reported  aboard the Mariner of the Seas this year.

This is the second outbreak aboard the Mariner of the Seas this year. In January, the ship reported a norovirus that sickened 276 passengers and 27 crew members.

Noroviruses affect about 23 million Americans annually, and 16 incidents of the illness have been reported on cruise ships so far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

(Orlando Sentinel)

Katie Couric Pulls Strings and Delays Delta Shuttle flight out of Washington, D.C

In the words of Katie Couric and all like her who think for some reason they are privileged and more important than they rest of us, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Katie Couric delayed fellow passengers aboard a New York-bound jet from Washington, DC as their plane was about to taxi to the runway. After the airplane door was closed, she got out of her seat and begged the pilot to allow one of her late-arriving producers to board. Nothing like preferential treatment. Hmm … and I thought such practices were illegal and against Homeland Security guidelines after 9-11. Wonder what would happen to you or I if we tried such a stunt.

“It was like, ‘Who the hell does she think she is?’ ” fumed one passenger who observed Couric’s diva-like antics. “If you or I attempted something like this, we’d be cooling our heels at Guantanamo.”

“One flight attendant rolled her eyes and told me, ‘This is only the second time I’ve ever seen this happen – the other time was a sick passenger,’ “ the witness said.

(New York Post)

UPDATE: Greta, with all due respect, spare us the violins. Amazing how those in the media defend their own. Greta, maybe you defend this because you would have done the same thing. Those of us common people are not allowed those same opportunities. I cannot believe that you would actually defend this action that goes against “homeland security” guidelines because Katie is one of your own.

From GretaWire, Aug. 1, 2006

By the way, did you see the articles about Katie Couric holding up a Delta flight for her producer? She got slapped around by the media for it. Don’t forget that Katie Couric also did the unthinkable on the shuttle to NYC awhile back  she gave up her aisle seat to someone and took a middle seat! That gesture is also unthinkable  unthinkably nice  no one wants a middle seat. As we get ready for the Couric roll out, we might think about cutting her some slack  she is there because she has staying power and has beaten out everyone else. I don’t know her (never met her), but I am willing to tip my hat to someone achieving great success rather than wanting to take her down a few notches because of jealousy.

Maybe Greta will add to her “GretaWire” the fact that I and many others who do not have the name Katie have given up their seats, including first class, to military personnel.

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