Aruba’s new tourist slogan: Enjoy Aruba by Firelight as long as we don’t burn it down


Coming soon to a travel office near you Aruba’s new marketing strategy, “Come to Aruba … see it by firelight, if you can see it through the smoke.” Or is it just … “burn baby burn?”

Aruba fire

 What must tourists think when they see such a sight. To make matters even worse, they meant to do this. As according to Amigoe, “Many Fires burned during the Saint John Celebration”.

Come up with your own new travel slogan, they are going to need one. Could someone please explain why someone would purposely start a fire on an island that has a natural trade wind all the time?

ARUBA – There was this orange glow and penetrating smell of burning over Aruba during the celebration of Saint John.  The fire brigade had her hands full with several fires.  There was this huge fire near the bridge of Santa Cruz.  It attracted this many spectators that it caused a traffic jam.  The police finally closed the road in order to give the fire brigade the chance to get to the location and put the fire out.  A second fire across of Marathon Video in Santa Cruz caused a dangerous situation, because it spread fast and became a danger for the surrounding buildings.  But the fire brigade was there fast and had the situation under control.   Many people burned their trash and sometimes even had to grab the hose in order to keep the fire under control

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